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#10 BEAT MY TIME in TF2 General Discussion

fuck me i got 87:28. my brain is fried

posted about a year ago
#9 If Valve fully discontinued TF2.... in The Dumpster

what he's tryna say is what else should he do besides tf2

posted about a year ago
#17 Where can I actually play the game? in TF2 General Discussion
nunya_flickFaceit 6s coming soon to a video game near you

faceit is gonna bring pugs back to its former glory

posted about a year ago
#45 How did you get into TF2 and then TF2 comp? in TF2 General Discussion

i played tfc when i was 8 years old. tf2 came out when i was 14. i pubstomped for a couple months. a fellow tryhard pubstomper introduced me to and i started pugging everyday. i enjoyed 6v6 waaaaay more than pubbing and never wanted to pub again so i practiced a shit ton.

i tried finding a team but it was hard to find a team where i felt like the players were at my level. i did not have any positive influences irl so being a 15 year old immature troll with decent dm hindered my networking abilities.

i matured up a little bit and eventually found a team. we won cevo-a without dropping a single map, but it wasn't a big deal at the time since many pros were transitioning from cevo-p to esea-i. my team captain aka tragic kicked me off the team for trolling him after a scrim.

then i played as a backup for many open and im teams throughout the rest of my career since i was doing terrible at school. i only played 3 full seasons as a starter in the 7 years that i played tf2 competitively, but i played a SHIT TON of pugs.

im very thankful for the experience that this community has given me even though i was initially a shithead. i learned how to work with others even though i often had urges to be a dumbass. it taught me the importance of having a good mentality, patience and discipline when it comes to trying to improve at irl stuff, something that i could not learn outside of tf2 due to my life situation. im kinda going off topic here but just wanted to show my appreciation for the game and the community.

posted about a year ago
#10 TFTV Pocket Edition in Site Discussion

what about roamer edition

posted about a year ago
#127 faceit tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

how do i fix this LOL ctrl + "+" aint working

edit: nvm ctrl + 0 resets the zoom

posted about a year ago
#11 seanbeasly looking for team all classes in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted about 2 years ago
#45 Am i mge god ? in TF2 General Discussion

no one gives a fuck. its a practice/warm up mode. that's like being a basketball player and saying your greatest accomplishment is being able to bench two plates.

posted about 2 years ago
#50 do americans really feel obliged to tip? in Off Topic

i delivered pizza in college in 2016 and made $10.50 an hour. if i worked for 8 hours and had no tips, i would've made $84 a day before taxes. i also had to pay for gas.

posted about 2 years ago
#63 trump china virus in World Events
batemani get that a lot of americans fucking hate their politcians and thats quite understandable I also hate a few of mine but is it really okay for so many of you to want them to die? I dont think thats right

so we pretending that trump isnt a total piece of shit? he wants people to die all the time.

posted about 2 years ago
#28 Favourite Porn category? in The Dumpster
yak404One of the earliest pornos I remember had this plot. It was super weird and freaked me out, which is why I remember it. It was a very old brazilian porno, which was basically just an actual movie (more than 2h long, only one or two sex scenes, even though they were hardcore scenes showing everything with a couple of boobs here and there).

There was this one guys who had a girlfriend and two of his friends in his house and all of them were horny. The girlfriend came and the couple moved it up to the bedroom, where the two friends were hiding in the closet. The guy with the girlfriend convinced her to put a blindfold on, saying it was fun and kinky. Then, the two friends quietly came out and the 3 of them started taking turns, sometimes playing with her boobs while someone else fucked her and that kind of stuff. Eventually, they started having more fun with it and at one point one guy stuck his dick in her mouth while she was getting fucked. That's when she freaked out and took her blindfold off and saw the three friends. But this was like a real movie, not a porn, so she obivously flipped her shit, I don't really remember exactly what, but I think she started screaming or maybe slapping them and one of the guys panicked and just smashed her head with a lamp or something. She just instantly died and the guys didn't know what to do. After a lot of panic and confusion, they ended up putting her body in the trunk of the boyfriend's car and driving off to get rid of it. I don't think I ever finished the movie, I was pretty young and was just looking for some porn at the time and was met with that shit that almost ruined my mood that night.


posted about 2 years ago
#17 getting angry at myself in TF2 General Discussion

u care too much about winning and instant gratification but u dont wanna go thru whatever it takes to actually be good. this is fine but wanting to improve is gonna take some discipline and its not gonna be easy to break some bad habits. start with trying not to act entitled and thinking that you can succeed without putting in some hours and thought into improving. this is a life skill and youre lucky that you have an opportunity to learn from this situation.

posted about 2 years ago
#4 Great TF.TV TF2 DRIP CHALLENGE in TF2 General Discussion
how yall tryna be

who are these fuckboys

posted about 2 years ago
#1 anyone got quake 4 hitsound? in Customization

im having trouble finding the quake 4 hitsound (not quake 3). anyone got it?

posted about 2 years ago
#10 anyone got the screen sized cross crosshair? in Customization

U should lower the alpha so that it's not too distracting. i like 50.

posted about 2 years ago
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