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#439 favorite b4nny tweet? in Off Topic


Surprised this didn't make it here yet?

Yeah I'm sure you're definitely missing info on still having a certified pedo in your steam friends and having your new medic being coached by the aforementioned pedo himself lol
This guy would play with Hitler on Roamer if that guaranteed him some chance at winning in TF2

posted 2 months ago
#845 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

The more I see the retards deciding Ferrari strategies, the more I'm driven to support Verstappen.
Only Ferrari could fuck up so much to turn a 1st and 2nd in qualifying at Monaco into a 2nd and 4th. Absolutely disgusting

posted 5 months ago
#833 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic
EoNdisaster for ferrari

I was starting to worry, they hadn't screwed anything yet except Sainz in Melbourne. Luckily they're back to their old antics

posted 6 months ago
#798 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic


posted 8 months ago
#775 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

Thoughts on new Mercedes? It looks like shit but if it turns out that it works (and if it's legal), it could be ggs judging by the rumours.

posted 8 months ago
#768 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic
dempseyYeah its a weird one for me. I was never in favour of Mazepin or thought he was an amazing driver, but I do genuinely believe the backlash to Mazepin (specifically in regards to only his driving) was overblown. It feels off to see him booted out of F1 due to a war and not due to his own shortcomings.

As #762 already said, it doesn't even have to do with his nationality, it's daddy's money that were keeping him there in the first place that are missing due to the whole situation. So no, who gives a fuck if an undeserving driver goes away cuz no money to buy his sit

posted 8 months ago
#4 elden ring in Other Games

It's everything I didn't want it to be: Dark Souls 2.5 - Open world edition...
A dream come true for soulslike fans, but when it was announced I liked the fact that the fantasy-medieval atmosphere seemed to be very distant from Dark Souls and I was hoping for something new, with a new engine, new enemies AI, new menu and hud concepts, better support, a game that on the technical side looks like it's meant to be released in 2022 etc. An overhaul of their medieval fantasy games basically

Kinda forgot about the terrible optimization, but we know that From is not exactly capable of programming on a technical level

posted 8 months ago
#64 Russia Invades Ukraine in World Events
ihorI received a summons to the draft board, if I never come back then know that it was fun to play tf2 with all of you for all these many years.
peace to you and your homes.

This is fucking heartbreaking to read on tf.tv, never in my life have I thought I would seriously see something like this on the forum, it still feels unreal. Good luck to you and your people

posted 8 months ago
#38 Russia Invades Ukraine in World Events
StylaxShort of some kind of military coup, he seems untouchable.

I guess the real threat to Putin is the oligarchic group behind him, which has to choose whether or not he should remain Russia's main representative, rather than the will of ordinary people

posted 8 months ago
#756 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

Not gonna lie, I would've preferred something like this, and the racing suits look ugly af, but at this point as a Ferrari fan who gives a shit, I'm just hoping they finally got a championship-worth car for this "new era".

posted 9 months ago
#20 rahThread: 3 minute round time in TF2 General Discussion

While I think 10+ minutes stalemates are a problem, this ruleset turns everything into a bunch of chaotic endless dm that isn't even that fun to watch tbh. Of course it's not random dm as fast decision making and team coordination are important more than ever, but I really felt like the extra fast pace was actually more boring than a slow or a traditional one.
Also, no timer and 3 minutes for each cap take away a part of the game that, like it or not, is just as interesting as going 100 miles per hour: slowing the game down and being able to face teams that are better than yours in terms of fast pace/raw dm/whatever. It completely removes a huge part of how you could potentially play a match.
Of course froyo are so good they would've still won with traditional ruleset, but this is the kind of gamestyle where they always excelled.
Golden Cap should work similar to EU imo, it's just the best option.
I think trying to find the perfect balance between boring infinite stalemates and just as equally boring lightspeed back and forth TF2 speedrun should be the way to go

posted 9 months ago
#13 iron bomber fix when? in TF2 General Discussion
GazThe bigger hitbox is fine because a lot of demomen desperately need it

Lol what the fuck? So basically what you're saying is it's totally fine to have a grenade launcher with a much larger and so much easier-to-hit hitbox than stock because a lot of demomen desperately need it?

posted 10 months ago
#11 iron bomber fix when? in TF2 General Discussion

"buff stock" argument is so stupid it doesn't even make sense lol
Stock works how it's supposed to, can't say the same for iron bomber --> fix iron bomber (never gonna happen anyway ;D )

posted 10 months ago
#17 NA Invite Top 100: #30-#21 in News

What kind of logic is there in putting Ash #22 and Botmode #21 when Ash has been literally the only player to ever beat b4nny/froyotech after god knows how long, in multiple tournaments within a single year, playing both classes, he's got insane longevity too. I'm genuinely confused

posted 10 months ago
#15 froyo marmaloo in TF2 General Discussion

Yet another player good enough to challenge froyo who ends up making froyo even more unbeatable for next season let's go! invite gonna be fun!

posted 11 months ago
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