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#21 GPT-4o is insane in Off Topic
Richarrrrdi'm glad whatever ai company stocks you bought are doing well

lmao clever answer, you obviously know what you're talking an about!

posted 4 days ago
#19 GPT-4o is insane in Off Topic
Richarrrrdno, high tech search engines with an incredibly stupid inbred cleverbot front end are not the future of humanity, i'm sorry

well if we're talking about ONLY ChatGPT I obviously agree, but if you guys are genuinely so naive to think this chatbot is really representative of the future of AI, oh boy do I envy your little world

posted 4 days ago
#15 GPT-4o is insane in Off Topic
Richarrrrdplease stop falling for artificially gassed up "miracle" technology, just because it's marginally more useful than shit that came before it like VR and the blockchain doesn't mean it's actually any good

lmao, imagine putting AI on the same level as blockchain or VR and thinking it can genuinely be compared to anything we've ever seen in the past, you're even getting upfragged by other clueless people.
IA (ChatGPT obviously included) is far from being this miracolous technology ready to take over the world, but holy fuck you truly have to be clueless to think that it won't be a once in a lifetime game changer for humanity in the next years. (yeah, maybe just 10 years from now, if not even earlier)

posted 5 days ago
#25 Most influential/pioneering TF2 player in TF2 General Discussion

jay's spoon in modern era with a well established meta was very influential imo, not about the spoon itself, more about the way he 'reinvented' and reminded people how insanely viable it can be

posted 2 months ago
#16 ya like jazz? in Music, Movies, TV

"Trio Bobo" is a very cool jazz/fusion side project of some brilliant italian musicists.
Also, if you enjoy Weather Report, I recommend The Zawinul Syndicate, founded by Joe Zawinul himself

posted 3 months ago
#1018 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic
XKlusiveJust seen the news of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari for 2025, bros I honestly did not see him leaving Merc anytime soon, is their car that bad?

Excited to see Hamilton in Ferrari. I think he made the decision because Ferrari and Mercedes have about the same chance of closing the gap on Red Bull (Spoiler: very little chance) and he's at the end of his career, so why not giving it a go with Ferrari? Wearing the colours of Ferrari has always been his dream, he was always a huge fan and now he really has no reason to prefer Mercedes to Ferrari, whereas in the past obviously the Silver Arrows were obviously much much better.

posted 3 months ago
#77 8values political quiz in Off Topic


posted 4 months ago
#17 Returning back after a year. in TF2 General Discussion

CM Punk returns and now AimIsADick is back too, Christmas came early

posted 5 months ago
#24 wat song is stuck in yr head rn in Music, Movies, TV
Spongeunfiaboo Television
As a semi-professional guitarist I'm constantly baffled with how little this record has influenced guitarists today. People in the musician circles I hang out in have very rarely even heard of the band. Somehow the prevalent inspirations seem to be Steve Lukather/Larry Carlton -type inoffensive studio players with no edge or originality to speak of. Probably doesn't help that most of the guys I talk to are studying music; It's impossible to transcribe into words and notation what makes players like Tom Verlaine great.

I mean, maybe they didn't influence your friends but Marquee moon is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential records ever made, so I wouldn't worry too much about that :) Let's say that I think that Television matter to those musicians "I care" about, but yeah it's baffling to see so many so called "music fans" not even knowing who Television are, lol

posted 6 months ago
#21 wat song is stuck in yr head rn in Music, Movies, TV

I fell back into a Television phase somehow, and I'm currently listening to Venus and Prove It in particular.
Never fails to amaze me what a masterpiece this album is.

posted 6 months ago
#13147 stream highlights in Videos


posted 7 months ago
#7 help is my pc dying? in Q/A Help

I had a similar issue years ago occurring in other games and yeah it was the GPU. I tried everything on a software level but it was basically fried, nothing I could do about it anymore

posted 7 months ago
#4 what % of 6s power comes from DM in TF2 General Discussion

Considering that the only reason the so called "froyo slayer" teams from the Froyo dominance era ever got some rounds off' of Banny's teams was because they were filled with DM apes, I'd say DM counts a lot, but eventually any team that is nothing but great DM will get countered in the mid-long term by teams adapting

posted about a year ago
#933 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

RedBull seems to be ahead of everyone once again, especially in race pace and tyre wear. Ferrari shouldn't be that distant as far as race pace goes, but I don't know about the tyre wear...
It's hard to tell how much everyone's been holding back during the testing, tho. The only certainty is that Aston Martin made a huge step forward. I hope Alonso gets to clash with the top guys at least occasionally in some crazy races

posted about a year ago
#113 Predatory behaviour within the community. in Site Discussion

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm totally for exposing these fucking pedos to the whole community as much as possible, and I wasn't referring to his case specifically in my response.

posted about a year ago
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