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#6 Marketplace.tf trolling? in The Dumpster
Joppervictimized by their homophobia

The gay TF2 community that subscribed to Marketplace.tf or saw the emails are absolutely enjoying this



posted 4 days ago
#8256 stream highlights in Videos


posted 1 week ago
#37 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion

I want to believe that this is still some sort of fucked up elaborate prank but it's more like, it's not actually you, like in this timeline there's an option that is basically the real dude who actually beat a terminal illness/one of their friends comes back and is like "hey this is somebody else trying to make sketchek look bad" rather than "lol yeah i pulled a merbo and hyped up my comeback but ill explain more on my youtube channel remember to subscribe #logang4ever"

We know your name. TF2 knows your name. They wrote your name in history when they rebuffed the Axtinguisher. They respected how much you put into their game and they honoured you. People honoured you, trusted you, missed you. Mourned for you. It was a breath of fucking fresh air for a lot of people hearing you were still alive and chose to focus on IRL. And when you hyped up your comeback and it was like oh shit, he did it, he fucking survived and he beat his terminal illness and he's okay thank the Lord Jesus in heaven and/or the miracles of good doctors and modern medicine.

I don't wish you death. It's fine to hear you haven't passed away and that you're okay. I do think it was the right thing for you to come forward about how it was a hoax. But I want you to think about this, and really think about this, because TF2 honoured your name out of a lot of names in this community: there are people who contributed to this game, played this game, or were influenced by this game just as much as you. These people were loved, respected, appreciated. To this day, they still are remembered and celebrated by the people closest to them.

And they're not with us anymore.

I moderated the memorial church service on TFTV's Twitch because we had the chat open, that's what Miggy's friends had asked for when they had asked if we were able to honour that request.
I heard his friends, along with eXtine, with broken, tearful voices at the end of the service as they talked about him, and talked about his dream project of making more functional hospital gowns, which met its goal.
I heard Fanotak's tears too as she broke to us the news of Ultimote's passing in the SFM community, which coincided with the passing of Kitty0506 due to a cancer he couldn't beat - the man who shaped GMod/SFM TF2 machinima.
I saw the post about CornishGamerHen and I felt his friends' pain. I watched the community band together Heals For Reals in his honour, and raise awareness about suicide.
I remember finding SubtleArt 3-4 years too late after his suicide, realizing this was the gamer that basically helped shape the whole Spy playstyle and made a bunch of Spy pubbers and HL players open their minds up to all the shit you could pull off as that class.

And I want this to sink into whatever brain matter you have left in your skull:

You're alive.
But you lied.

And while you can come back and say "hi, I'm still here" - they can't.

Some of them have when they were still fighting against terminal illness or mental illness. Not as a joke, as a status update on their life.

But they won't be able to tell us that ever again.

And for me, after seeing or hearing the mourning of the friends & family close to these people, the sadness of the people who looked up to them...I don't care what reasoning you have for doing this. I'm so angry. How dare you. How dare you play with people about something as serious as life-threatening terminal illness.

Whatever Youtube apology or justification that you give, right now, will not change what you did. And later, when/if people are ready to forgive you, or whenever you might be ready to forgive yourself and move forward from the guilt if you have any - it will still not change the extent of how much damage you have inflicted, to the people who cared for you, in this moment in time.

posted 1 week ago
#11 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches
this is a human rights violation


posted 1 week ago
#9 ETF2L S32 W1: Ascent.EU vs. torrit..sukintoes in Matches


posted 1 week ago
#39 Stay Warm in Off Topic

It hasn't hit the -40 range yet (factoring windchill) over on this side but the snow definitely started super early around October and it hit really hard when that happened. December hasn't seen crazy snow or cold in a long time, usually February-March is when it gets most coldest.

posted 2 weeks ago
#36 Stay Warm in Off Topic
weeb_whackerNot a single Canadian has posted in this thread, feel our pain

Yeah but Chicago and a bunch of other places that aren't Canada are absolutely fucked right now in comparison. Unless you're up north where Nunavut and the NW Territories are at, it's pretty warm right now all things considered and the cold shit's probably not gonna hit us until a bit later, we're just used to regular cold rather than fucked up cold

I'm west coast and 2 weeks ago I had opened my sliding window earlier when the sun was up because it was kind of warm in my room, only for my window to freeze shut in the evening making me unable to close it until next day @ high noon when the sun would come back, so I stuffed the gap with towels overnight to reduce the intensity of the draft coming into my room because my blowdryer broke trying to warm the frame and I didn't want to shatter the glass or cause condensation that would just freeze again overnight.

Then somebody from Siberia schools me and posts this -50°F room window of theirs in response to my koala brain bullshit so when you think you've got it coldest in Canada it really gives you perspective


posted 2 weeks ago
#4 The Theorists add lethality with leth and get ready to challenge Prem in News
daybraekyall spend more time coming up with titles than i spent on my term paper

"Alright, we've reviewed your application."

The new guy sitting at the desk looked up to see the lead editor, followed by other writers within the department, approach with a wide smile on their face, and two folders in their hand. The new guy could make out one, which was the article that they'd had written for the application. The other dossier, they didn't recognize.

"This is written fairly well and it gets the job done," the lead editor continued, opening the folder containing the new guy's article and looking over it again. The lead editor met their gaze enthusiastically. "It was also done in a timely manner shortly after we gave you the prompt, which is - honestly - miraculous around these parts. There's just one more thing we need from you before we decide if you've got the job."

Then, the lead editor suddenly slaps down the other unrecognizable folder in front of the new guy, causing them to recoil back in their chair. Four pictures slide out of the dossier onto the desk, and the lead editor bends forward, their expression sharp and their voice gravely serious. "Make the article title include all of these things," the lead editor says.

The new guy sits back up hesitantly, before their eyes focus on the photos scattered on the desk. Their eyebrows furrow in confusion. There are two player profile shots of the players that the new guy wrote about. However, there's a torn piece of a map that has Iceland on it, and a zoo brochure of a lion in a cage.

The new guy's expression is nothing more than bewildered as they look up at the lead editor. The lead editor and the other writers are completely focused on the new guy, not breaking their intimidating gaze away.

Taking a deep breath in, the new guy leans forward to look at the four things. Their perplexed eyes go back and forth constantly from the two players to the map to the brochure. They mutter under their breath for each thing they see. The two players' names. The lion in the cage. The map of Iceland. Players' names. Cage. Iceland. Players' names, cage -

The new guy's eyes suddenly widen, and his mouth stops muttering. Then, the new guy looks up towards the editor and the writers, and speaks:

"Se7en release Thaigrr back into the wild, breaks the ice with Hafficool."

The writers silently exchange looks with each other. The lead editor straightens back up to also convene in glances with their fellow writers. The new guy trembles with nervousness, but courage and confidence glint in their determined eyes.

Finally, the writers all turn back towards the new guy, and the lead editor's grin from earlier returns.

"You're in."

posted 2 weeks ago
#8115 stream highlights in Videos

jumper main vs medic class

jumper main vs moth

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#8052 stream highlights in Videos


posted 4 weeks ago
#11 Nerd Stars in The Dumpster


Were you looking for these?

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 Please give Recurse a nerd star in The Dumpster

Foolish of you to not remember what happened to Funs' nerdstars


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#7990 stream highlights in Videos


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#52 Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 - 6v6 & Highlander in LAN Discussion


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#11 Pre-TFTV in Q/A Help


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