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#348 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion
uberchainIf there is a reason I have not name dropped these people here just yet then believe me when I tell you there is a very fucking big reason for this.

The people who do know who they are are people who can do something about it and watch these people, that being said. If I hear about them doing this shit again to anybody else, I WILL name drop them.


posted 6 months ago
#143 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion
Console-SamifaceRegarding Nursey, she reached out to me and let me know that she was removing herself from Froyotech's roster before we had made any decision.The question was never "Is Nursey going to the event?", it was always "why would staff members like dashner actively push for her to be allowed at the event, and why is the answer to 'Is she banned' not a deliberate and hard 'yes'?"'

I get why some staff initially defended a player on one of the most high-profile teams to bring to LAN. But Dashner defending her after the evidence came out, or others turning a blind eye towards it because "it's not our problem" is disgusting. Assuming she just wouldn't come for face or hoping froyotech would ditch her is avoiding taking responsibility & initiative when we need that more than ever. Additionally, I agree you're not obliged to tell the public why people get banned in the first place if it isn't/wasn't public, and I think privacy & legal concerns are fine to cite, so the person who reported it is not sought after, but this was not the way to deal with it.

Like Console, I understand the approach to this event has been not wanting any trouble and wanting a good opportunity for TF2, and I'm sympathetic of wanting to keep things professional and orderly. But dismissing issues such as sexual assault or reports about individuals' behaviour isn't keeping things professional, and I'm sick and tired of staying quiet about it publicly after hearing private reports to event organizers get ignored and people abusing their power or influence still getting hired, just to justify keeping TF2 alive. We don't need people like that for our scene anymore. Stop enabling them.

You might think the drama is tarnishing our community and none of us are seeing the bigger picture, where we need to put aside our personal issues and care about TF2 above all in order to let it keep happening. This isn't the bigger picture. This is making our community smaller. This won't save TF2 if you're even passively enabling the people who are dangerous to TF2. I was part of that, and after all the shit I've heard about and/or gone through, I'm done with that. Break the fucking cycle.

posted 6 months ago
#15 rip tempustv twitch in TF2 General Discussion

Goodnight sweet pup

posted 7 months ago
#1 rip tempustv twitch in TF2 General Discussion

After a year, TempusTV will be moving from Twitch to Youtube where new runs will be uploaded and archived there due to high hardware costs. TempusTV served as a place to watch world record rocketjumping & stickyjumping map speedruns from the Tempus jump servers, complete with pop music and dog photos.

tempusrecords"I regret to announce — this is The End. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell." — "Bilbo Baggins", The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

twitch.tv/tempusrecords will shut down on Oct 10th. Not to worry, you will be able to find Tempus speedruns on YouTube for the foreseeable future at youtube.com/tempusrecords. Moving from livestreaming to videos will incur less hardware costs on my part, and will hopefully prevent any undue distress caused by downtime.

The stream started out as a personal project out of curiosity around October of 2018, but has since then evolved into much more. While it was never intended to be a revenue generating project, overly generous people decided to throw money at it, possibly thanks to Uberchain's cute as ever dog emotes. All the revenue (US $367.98 at the time of writing) will be going to Tip of the Hats 2019, and I recommend that any current subscribers redirect their cash flow to another creator or a charity of their choosing.

It's been a wild 12 months and I want to thank all the moderators and everyone else who has kept the stream running for as long as it has. Special thanks to 200, AI, gibus, nick, nolem, scotch, and Uberchain for making this happen.

Until our next meeting,

The Twitch channel will be being archived tonight @ midnight UTC in 6-7 hours. The code remains open source for anybody who'd like to fiddle with. For jump servers, you can find various servers here:

I'd like to thank Larry for all his hard work and for putting up with me asking him to reset the bots, everybody who subscribed for the puppy emotes and tuned in to watch some sweet jumps, and the dog photo photographers who made people's day.


posted 7 months ago
#5 Ascent.EU acquires Da Choke Bustaz, awaits next season in News


posted 7 months ago
#7 best eeveelution? in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
#69 i65 Thank You Thread in TF2 General Discussion

Been busy with post-i65 stuff, fundraiser promotion has finally wrapped so I have time to write my shoutouts. I will forget people and I am so sorry in advance:

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  • Ma3la and both my Ascent i65 teams, EU and NA. Good run boys, I'm happy that all my work for Ascent this LAN seems to have paid off, and I'm glad you all seemed to have fun during the afterparty!
  • Our i65 online or onsite staff members: twiikuu, Loris, Shounic, and Seth (especially Seth who stayed up NA timezones to do Ascent social media, the naps I missed out on during i61 delays back in Canada whew)
  • samiface & Faceit for the bootcamp venue & all the additional support, Geel & Marketplace.tf & KovaaK's for sponsorship
  • Everybody who donated to the i65 fundraiser, particularly to raise the prizepool and to help compensate ETF for Ascent.NA's LAN costs. Thank you for supporting the LAN and my NA boys!
  • Project leaders: thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to i65
  • Production desk & admins: sound & audio, production & observers, server & match admins, every damn body behind that desk and on a mic. Thank you for all your hard work and effort!
  • Casters & talent; particularly GrumpyKoi who got to cast with Ma3la, and eepily who continuously kept everybody as up-to-date as he could pre-i65 (as well as during i65 and post-i65) on his social meedz
  • Art team: our SFM lead Teleportato, Tobiased, Steg, and SirDuck, who helped make this i65 UV light theme work with TF2 and kick ass
  • Social media team: MrJelly & pie4life, especially MrJelly for getting me amazing photos in a timely manner, and pie4life for providing me info I needed, and helping me out while handling her own IRL things
  • Video editing team: Loris & Cupcake, who give their all to make sure that live player experience & story is present in our LANs, showing the personalities behind the players
  • TFTV EU journalism department: Dummtm, Dempsey, and Aelkyr; cu @ #news-random shitlords

Additional shoutouts to:

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  • Sora Elantro, particularly domiq, Wylenn, Kaja, and Mike Rotch (especially Mike Rotch whose name I mispronounced, therefore missing the joke until now because I am the densest material known to man)
  • Kaja in particular, who got really sick with LAN death on the last day. Let's party again when you feel better next time; thank you for the chocolates again, and get well soon!
  • Bunch of Swedes scattered about; Alba in his pineapple suit, Smirre in his froggy hat, BASED HENY
  • Bunch of Brits who I haven't seen in ages, particularly Gubbins and a bunch of the doggo/fm gang
  • Faint Gaming, who I apologize to for calling Lukas & toemas fragging fetuses. Apology pending from papi for purposely interrupting my focus on Ascent.NA fighting Se7en just to tell me WARHURYEAH's iSeries redemption arc might happen against Ascent.EU
  • WAR for plugging Gregg's to me and telling me not to forget to eat at Gregg's, and I said I'll remember to eat at Gregg's, then I forgot to eat at Gregg's because I got sushi & bubble tea instead
  • Se7en who I sat next to in the BYOC area to do social media, particularly Kaptain and Thalash who I greatly underestimated in Typeracer. Congrats & ggs. Let's cheer for SiLAN WINNERtes!
  • Stark left my fat teddy bear on the grand finals stage. Absolute BM. Negative shoutout. Glad you liked boba
  • Fribs for letting me use her PC next to Se7en as the temporary social media deck until I had mine and then in addition not beating the shit out of me when I was rooting for Ascent right behind Se7en
  • Se7en backseat spectator gang, particularly Drackk who hijacked the ETF account using his Tall People Privilege™ to push me away from the temporary social media PC to tweet "dab"

Finally, shoutouts to:

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  • Everybody who flew out from non-European countries like NA boys Console, prograde, artichoke (canadian hosers unite), eXtine who I will hopefully see neXt time, and more; Sannyside from Malaysia to assist in production, and Mal from Australia tO LIFT ME you're SHORTER than me??
  • Console in particular, who has done a ton of work for RGB and came from the US to do the damn thing for the tradition of international TF2. I'm glad you experienced iSeries and the European LAN scene
  • Everyone who was volunteering that I managed to talk with, particularly Kermit who gave me a Kermit impression and Rahmed who made sure we were all refreshed
  • Everyone who bought me drinks, offered to buy me some, or spilled drinks on me (tbf both times it happened I smashed into Smirre), I'd name who I remember giving me drinks but apparently one of you has been disguising yourself as leth and might not be leth so
  • People who asked me to take their team photos, selfies, or signatures
  • Everybody who personally came up to me to say thanks for things I've done with Ascent, ETF for i65, or this whole scene, as well as people who said they really liked my work, or were inspired to pursue jobs or education because of it. It still feels a bit overwhelming to this day to get those kind of compliments, but I'm always touched by everybody's kind words of support. Thank you so much.
  • Everybody who watched or came out to LAN. Please continue to show your appreciation for our players, talent, & volunteers, and thank you for supporting TF2 with us!
  • The people who were subjected to Connor & Ma3la pitching them Ascent hoodies & t-shirts all LAN, and then actually buying them from ascent.gg which you can purchase too, they're custom-made & embroidered from local businesses, pre-washed & comfy, limited stock left, sponsored by ascent esports
posted 8 months ago
#3 Computerized Sketchpad in Hardware

Honestly I'm not qualified enough for this since I use an ancient Monoprice TWA60 for AGES and it's gotten me by and 8 years ago I was using a Wacom Graphire3, I know jack when it comes to tablets and the internet will probably know more than me. You can probably get a Monoprice tablet to this day but the pen requires a battery and sometimes goes loose, and you can lose the nibs really easily; additionally it's not as flexible or smooth I've heard. (basically avoid battery pen tablets)

There's two types of tablets: graphic tablets and drawing/PC/monitor tablets. Graphic tablets are the ones you draw on but you look at your PC screen for, drawing tablets are the ones you draw on the screen for (aka the surfaces). All the things you listed you want to do you can do with either of these.

If you're just getting started and want it cheaper as well as not a whole ass machine, I recommend trying a USB graphic tablet to start off, but it might be weird for you to learn how to adjust to the whole "not looking at what I'm drawing thing", however with enough practice you should get the hang of it. Translating digital drawing over from traditional drawing takes a bit but if your hand-eye coordination with your mouse is good you should be able to get the hang of it within like a month or so, and you will continuously improve.

In my experience I found portable surface tablets tend to get really hot easily despite how convenient it was for me to see what my pen was actually drawing vs. seeing where my pen lined up with what was on my screen. It might be more convenient for you to start off with this though. They are also much more expensive than graphics tablets and you would be lucky to find one under three digits since you know, you can actually see what you're drawing. Again, in terms of what brand you should go for as well as newer age tablets, I'm not the best person to ask for this, but I can give you general advice if you're just starting off.

Some other general advice:

  1. Don't lose your pens, they cost a lot of money to replace like $90-100, the whole "artist lost their tablet pen tragedy hits the earth" is deadass the realest tablet issue out there
  2. FUCK Wacom, XP Pen and Huion are catching up if you really want to invest in something nice and reliable but not out the ass for budget. That being said Wacom is reliable and older stuff like Bamboo and Intuos have aged well (be careful since they don't manufacture Bamboo pens anymore)
  3. If you can't buy a stand for it, tilt your tablet so that it's standing at an angle if possible, regardless of if its a graphics tablet or drawing surface. There's been a recent thing as to how it apparently helps your ergonomics a bit better since a common mistake for veterans & rookies is using a tablet pen the same way you would a traditional pencil or pen
  4. Draw with the whole ass arm if you can help it rather than restrict movement to your wrist, but this is something they teach you in art school when you're not paying attention to your teacher and you feel like you're the shit with your awesome wrist control and then you get RSI when you're older and it's a FeelsBad

Here's a year old Reddit thread that recommends some good, budget-friendly beginner graphic tablets, but if you want a detachable surface I heard Surface Pro > Surface Book. Some other people can probably weigh in on their experience or gear.

posted 8 months ago
#3 More i65 lan memes in LAN Discussion

AMS was apparently missing from the Ascent Esports group photo, so as per my contractual duties with Ascent and because I don't want anybody to be left out, I took the liberty of making sure he was seamlessly included.


posted 8 months ago
#5 Tip of the Hats 2019 dates announced! in TF2 General Discussion


posted 9 months ago
#10 ETF2L S33 GF: Se7en vs. Ascent.EU in Matches
albaI appreciate the efford @uberchain but damn thats too much to keep track of

I fixed it, thank you for the feedback!


posted 9 months ago
#6 ETF2L S33 GF: Se7en vs. Ascent.EU in Matches


posted 9 months ago
#6 I65 PSA: MAKE TEAMS in LAN Discussion


Bumping again for LAN week. Only 2 teams needed for the prize pool to start @ £6,000. IIRC the fundraised amount for raising the prize pool was $1000 USD (~£823 or so) so that would put the current 24-team amount at ~£5,323, but the difference still amounts to an extra £1500+ into the pot with 12 extra signups to get 32 teams.

Registration closes on Friday Aug 23rd (aka first day of LAN)

EDIT: I guess it's 3 now since 1 team dropped out and another team might be fake.

posted 9 months ago
#28 Calm game in Other Games

Slime Rancher.

I've taken antidepressants for the past 6 years of my adult life on and off, and when I go for periods of not taking it before starting them again, it takes a bit for them to settle in each and every time, spikes my anxiety, and has bad mood swings for the first week or two.

This game about collecting wiggly smiley faces kicks in way faster and makes me feel better.


posted 9 months ago
#445 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion


Sauce: [x]

posted 9 months ago
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