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#140 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

I want to add on for everyone here.

Reading about these things can make it seem like this behavior is easily recognizable and easy to not fall for. I assure you this is not the case in a real life situation. These kinds of things can happen to any of us, and multiple times. Different people will have different ways of getting what they want out of you. If its happened to you, don't feel ashamed. But be sure to recognize how they got what they wanted out of you so you're better prepared in the future.

Be careful out there.

posted about 4 years ago
#136 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

This is an extremely frustrating and upsetting reason why its so important to hold people responsible for their actions.
Its hard to not feel somewhat responsible for this when I also had experiences dealing with Dashner and knew he was the one that abused Uberchain.

I know this thread is already filled with Dashner experiences but I want to take a chance to vent my frustrations because that guy fucking sucks.

I was never a core part of the production teams at the TF2 events I attended. I focused on providing photos and video footage for the events and players, hoping they would be used in future articles and promotions for the community. It was mildly successful, photographs of players were used (mainly by overwatch publications) and the video footage was mostly used by Dashner, who was a core reason why I kept going to the events even though they always ended in a huge monetary loss for me.

Dashner was insistent. He never gave up asking and chasing after you if he wanted you for something. He always knew how to make it seem like he or the event was dependent on you going - and that your role was crucial in everything working out. Obviously the idea of being needed for these huge TF2 events is enticing and thats how you get roped into paying to go work at an event for free for a dude that's actually just a horny shitbag.

I was lucky that I never held Dashner in high regards, but he was still a friend at the time. Maybe it was because I wasn't a core part of the team and a 3rd party spectator, maybe it was because back at those events he wasn't the ones calling the shots. But I never saw him as the Production God many people think he is. At multiple high profile events Dashner would have full breakdowns over the most mundane things - leading to him just shutting down completely and insisting that the show would be ruined and couldn't go on. This would happen multiple times an event at every event I attended with him. If a cable was missing "The show is ruined we can't do the show" - a computer was having issues "Show is ruined how were we so stupid thinking we could do this" etc etc. I wanna be super clear on this. None of those shows would've existed if Dashner were truly in the lead of them. Every show was "saved" by the highly qualified and professional work other members of the team put in to make up for Dashners slack.
i58 preformed phenomenally well after Dashner was refused at customs due to the amazing work DavidTheWin and the rest of the team put in, the efficiency was like night and day compared to when Dashner was around.

In this regard, I was lucky. I saw Dashner more as a friend trying his best and not a mentor or higher up figure. I did have close calls with him. Specifically the MLG CEVO CSGO Tournament he wrangled me into that was my first and only photography gig outside of TF2. It went well, I actually got paid and my expenses were covered - even food! But I had to share a room with him, and if it weren't for Bluee_/Blott talking some sense into me it could've gone way worse. Every night he'd buy tons of drinks, trying and get me to drink with him as an obvious ploy for some drunken fun. I was lucky that Blott made me realize that it wasn't worth it, even when I knew what he was up to. I refused his advances and luckily the event went well for me. I was lucky I spoke with a friend about it before going.

Flash forward to i58 which i've wanted to vent about sinced it happened. By this time Lange and I were roommates and had sworn off of working for free at events. Dashner messaged me and insisted that he NEEDED my help for a video project that was being shot at the event. After at least a month of him constantly in my DM's I told him i'd only attend if my flight and hotel were covered. He somehow managed to get those covered and I agreed to go. Instantly it turned sour when he was denied at the border and was sent back to Canada. Something people don't fully understand is that working at these international events is against the law. You cannot do work in another country without a proper VISA, we had to lie everytime we went to these events to get through security and it was very dangerous for some members of the production crew. They would be carrying very crucial equipment across borders which raises many eyebrows when you say you're "Just there for fun" while having hundreds of dollars of production gear in your bag. In addition the excuse that "We're not getting paid we're volunteering" does not work because its absolutely absurd, literally outsourcing free labor for events that are for-profit.

Dashner got caught and deported, resulting in a absolute hell experience. I was not a part of production in any way for this event and was working as a videographer for the Ready Up video. When I got there, I started receiving messaged from Dashner, I thought that he would be sending me instructions and filling me into specific details on what I would be doing at the event. Instead he was sending me constant messages telling me to keep a watchful eye on Uberchain and make sure she didn't speak or hang out with specific people. I ignored his request and kept independently getting footage of the event. It sucked and since it was a TF2 event, transportation and food wasn't covered so in classic TF2 fashion I ended up paying to work there ontop of it being a hell experience. Things boiled over on the final days of the event. The outro video Dashner put together for i58 used my footage from previous events and I was not included in the credits. After years of him talking me into these events, saying he NEEDED me and my footage. He sends me to i58 one of the worst events i've worked at, used my footage and left me out of the credits by choice - as i later found out. Then, on my flight back home I received a message from him accusing me of getting no footage and slacking off for the entire event. Which tipped me over the boiling point. I was frustrated and vented it to Uberchain, I told her about Dashner secretly telling me to shadow her and control who she talks to - and while I regret the way I worded it at the time, I don't regret informing her and realize now I should've told her right away.
By the time the flight landed Dashner had time to actually look through the footage I recorded at the event and he apologized saying said it was amazing. But the damage was done and I was through with him and TF2 events from then on.

My experience at i58 helped cement my steadily growing departure from the TF2 community. Everything I looked up to as a kid was no longer there and replaced with feelings of disdain. I still have to thank eXtine for getting me through that event and to MGEMike. Who told me he loved the way I played roamer before I joined HRG and I was finally able to vent about the controlling nature of that team and why I left and stopped playing afterwards.

After this event I found out what Dashner did to Uberchain and I cut ties with him completely. I had assumed he was not longer a part of the community and had moved on to Overwatch or other scenes. I thought that, if he was getting gigs outside of TF2 maybe he'd gotten better, maybe he learned his lesson. I was wrong, and now I regret not speaking up those rare times his name would still come up. My group of friends knew what he did, and no one else. And thats why he was able to get away with it again. Because of this, I am in favor of bringing other bad actors into light so that they don't take advantage of peoples kindness again. It will be messy, but the alternative could be worse.


I'd like people to look at this and realize. Dashner was never the god he was made out to be and he is exactly the kind of person these people say he is.

I'm sorry you went through this Console-
We let you down and we should've stomped this weed out ages ago.

posted about 4 years ago
#331 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

The fact that this is still such a ""debated topic"" is just pathetic, its not even laughable

Both these bags of garbage went after a person completely unprovoked and harassed them ON THEIR POST OF HARASSMENT and then didn't even try to make a sincere apology for it? Why do you still want these people in your community? Why are you going so far to protect them and NOT the people that are literally talking about getting harassed?? Stop being fucking cowards and take the trash out because its stinking up the entire room

The amount of casual racism, sexism, transphobia and etc minorities have to deal with in every aspect in their lives is not a fucking joke. You literally have multiple people speaking about their experiences with literal harassment in this community and you're all just sitting there babbling "uuhhbubhuuuuuu nothing we can do??" "have u thought about not? being harassed?" "doing ANYTHING about it would be too complicated uuuuhhhhuhgg" "uuugghur thicker skin???"

Your inactivity and refusal to do anything only shows that you -actually- don't care about the well being of people that put up with absolutely insane amounts of bullshit because they like the game and community THAT much. And now when their patience is at the absolute limit & you have one of the MOST cut and dry examples of harassment you still sit around and do nothing

Every single person that's faced harassment in this community reading this thread WILL remember who's said what in this thread. Who's stood up for them and who's just been a coward and shrugged their shoulders.
They're going to remember it when you post, when you pug, when you're in a match, when you're in discord, when you're at a LAN & whenever you show your face. They're going to start asking themselves "Are these the people that are really my friends, that I want to be associated with? That I should even bother putting up with?"

Outside this community I have to deal with people calling me a nigger all the time. I have to MANUALLY remove comments on my Youtube videos of people calling me a nigger every month. I had a CEO make a room full of people laugh at me when he singled me out and made a "oh black guy big dick" comment at the MLG CSGO event.

THIS is one of the few things you get when you search for my username on Tumblr


I deal with this shit on a constant basis outside of the community And when the people I thought were my friends. Sat around and laughed their teammate texted them, called his cab driver a nigger, passed the phone around & then stared at me in silence. The last shreds that kept me feeling like I had a place in this community that I was trying to hold tightly onto were shredded up

To anyone that's been putting up with this bullshit, thinking that they just have to tough it out. You don't, and its not worth it. These people won't stand up for you so do it yourself and do whats best for you. A community that's this small and acts like dealing with this is impossible doesn't deserve to exist.

Take out your fucking trash

posted about 5 years ago
#21 Rip Tagg in Off Topic

Epic dude, while we're at it i'd like to say that you'll never see me involved in any other competitive tf2 related events again!

I've kept quiet about how I felt about
- Showstopper calling the President a nigger because xD lul
- Ash saying I hate niggers on stream because xD lul
- My good friend Shrugger defending them and saying he thinks calling people niggers is progressive and will give the word less meaning
- Platinum during ESEA LAN yelling across the room the enemy team niggers while a BENQ sponsor and I were sitting right behind him. This was also minutes after I spoke to him about how great the community was and how I was happy to see a live sponsor watching the event.
- Platinum calling me a "Black Faggot" during a drunk stream, while Pure was in the room. Pure urged him to shut the stream off after that was said
- "Froyo Black is only called that because you're black right?"
- Group of people backing me into a corner to touch my hair without permission and saying "it feels like a sheep"
- People saying I was forced to wear a white shirt during our ESEA LAN photo while the rest of the team wore black shirts because i'm black
- Rays showing me a picture of a CS team that won ESEA LAN and telling me his dad pointed out their only black member on the team and said "It doesn't even look like he knows how to play computer games!"
- "Oh look its black ster"
- Being on Stawberry Mangos and hearing muma call enemy players niggers mid scrim

If you think I'm quitting this community because of the necro of this post then reread what I said earlier. This is something I've been on the fence about for years now and I'm finally realizing that its not worth it. The amount of stress this community gives me is not worth my time.

- Remembered the time I was staying in Elevate room during a ESEA LAN, Bdonski sent the team a text calling his cab driver a nigger. Everyone in the room thought it was very funny and also tried to keep the text away from me when I asked what it said.
- I'm still good friends with shrugger, but that is a situation of "what not to say" to a friend who is feeling alienated from a group he's been a part of for almost 9 years
- there is a difference between "oh its black star!" and "oh its tagg, he's like a black star!"
- one of these is being used a substitution for my actual name and the other is a comparison
- secondly, why do you announce what race I am before the comparison of what my work is like
- thirdly, compare both of those to "oh its tagg, he's like a new star!"

posted about 7 years ago
#247 Global whitelist unveiled in News
messiahtaggas if winger & basher jumps weren't dumb enough alreadypeople didnt use those during combat tho...
you can now without switching weapons with the atomizer

Movement out of combat is just as important. Getting to river from the floor of Gully second quickly can mean everything when chasing down a target, running in for a flank, setting up for a push etc

Scouts can hunt down everything on land and do damage at all ranges but still needed to take time to get height control. The winger and basher jumps shattered that balancing limitation and made scouts even more powerful than before. Now you don't even have to spare the brain power to switch weapons to do it

posted about 7 years ago
#235 Global whitelist unveiled in News

as if winger & basher jumps weren't dumb enough already

posted about 7 years ago
#8 ESEA Invite (last minute roundup) in TF2 General Discussion

im free to play this season since shade stole my roster again smh

posted about 7 years ago
#59 b4nny LAN? in TF2 General Discussion

Are there really LAN spaces you can find in Chicago that are cheap enough to book?
Yeah Chicago is a great place location wise to host a LAN, but renting a space here might be too expensive.

From everything I've heard event booking is a nightmare here

posted about 7 years ago
#111 tftv safe space (no harassment plz) in Off Topic

no matter how many people say otherwise, i will always think majority of people don't like me and i don't know why

i also have 0 confidence

posted about 7 years ago
#29 Valve limiting coaches in CS in CS2 General Discussion
marmadukeGRYLLSCoaches are fine, but they should be limited to talking to their team during half time, pauses, and freeze time only

100% agreed
The realtime, in game communication they had with players was the part i don't really agree with

posted about 7 years ago
#69 TF2 update for 8/16/16 (8/17/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
joddtagg"Why haven't they done _______ "
valveWe're currently working on a more comprehensive Elo rating system to improve how Competitive Mode ranks are determined that we'll be shipping in the near future

"Why didn't they do ________ in the 5 month long beta"

Do you mean the beta that was testing if the matchmaking client and servers worked with a 9 year old game that was never supposed to support these features?

I'd understand if you were upset because they were ignoring the issues but they've literally addressed them multiple times and are working on fixes. Go outside or something, stop being mad for no reason and let the people work

And for that other child

valvewe are investigating several options to offset the impact abandoners have on games that are in-progress. More on that when we have details to share.
posted about 7 years ago
#5 Valve limiting coaches in CS in CS2 General Discussion

don't see the issue here, that level of real time communication with a 6th guy that can see all your screens is pretty much just team ghosting

posted about 7 years ago
#66 TF2 update for 8/16/16 (8/17/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

"Why haven't they done _______ "

valveWe're currently working on a more comprehensive Elo rating system to improve how Competitive Mode ranks are determined that we'll be shipping in the near future
posted about 7 years ago
#51 TF2 update for 8/16/16 (8/17/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

Nice research flat, dm me your paypal info
Thanks for looking that stuff up for us

posted about 7 years ago
#42 TF2 update for 8/16/16 (8/17/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
flatlinetaggDishSoapWhen was the last time scout got a nerf? I'm pretty curious now because Valve has just been directly and indirectly buffing him lately.
50$ to the first person that actually goes through patch notes and looks this up because I can't remember one, bonus points if you can compare other class balances/nerfs to any hes gotten as well

The only "nerf" I can think of is the "fixing" of bacon legging, other than that he hasn't been touched

(you must have a paypal account)
are we talking straight up class nerfs or just weapon nerfs

if weapon nerfs july 7 2016 crit-a-cola "nerf" (oh boy marked for death that fixes everything)

A list of any and all scout changes, weapons included

posted about 7 years ago
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