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#3995 PC Build Thread in Hardware
Driver problems 10 years ago really shouldn't concern you, and unlike nVidia, they don't pull shit like only unlocking new driver features on the newest cards. Remember when nVidia made a big production out of calling the 20 series RTX instead of GTX, to justify why only the newest cards would be allowed to use raytracing and everyone without one should just cough up more money to buy one? And once people got mad enough the 10 and 16 series miraculously got a driver update that allowed them to use it too, despite nVidia vehemently claiming that only the 20 series had the special sauce hardware required for it for months.
And then there's the whole GameWorks / HairWorks bullshit where nVidia wasn't content with not giving driver optimizations to older cards, but actively designed new features with tesselation to have a disproportionate performance impact on their older cards (and AMD's by virtue of hiding the source code from them, preventing any attempt at optimization despite the AMD cards at the time having a lot more tesselation hardware than nVidia's) and then cranked up the settings that needed tesselation to the max, not because it would look much better, but because the last generation of cards losing 50-75% of their fps while the new ones only lost 30% made the new ones look like the best thing since sliced bread.

Anyway, rant over, nVidia isn't just content with letting their older cards age like milk, sometimes they piss in the milk too.
In a weird twist, AMD's usually get better for the first one or two years because they don't have the same manpower to throw at driver optimizations.
So if you're in it for the long haul, the AMD card got slightly better performance than the nVidia, which should make up for less optimized drivers on a game's release, and is cheaper, then I see no reason not to get it.

PSU might be a bit overkill, but isn't worth cheaping out on either, SSD is also probably faster than you need, but nothing wrong with the build.

It's Australia. Apart from one terrible A620 mobo that is somehow 132 AUD, you get mobos that are still A620 trash for 170-190, and then you're looking at 200+.
Meanwhile the GPU is already cheaper than most 6700 XT and 4060 (non-Ti), so 60 AUD more get him fuck all.
Sure, he could get a cheaper mobo, ram, SSD, case, and PSU, sacrifice it all to get a slightly faster GPU, but I'd bet all of those parts are going to stick around longer than the GPU. So if he thinks 6750 XT / 4060 Ti performance is good enough, then I'm going to just trust him on that and answer the question he asked, instead of questioning the premise.

Thank you, noted!

posted 1 week ago
#3992 PC Build Thread in Hardware


I was considering this build: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/mDvykJ

I was torn between two graphics cards: RX 6750 XT and the RTX 4060TI as they are relatively similar price points, and I was wondering which one would be better value wise and for long term performance? Also I know that AMD generally has a reputation for having more problems with graphics cards compared to NVIDIA, so I was wondering if this was the case, and if I should opt for the 4060TI instead despite it being a little worse performance wise.

I use a 1080p 144hz IPS monitor.

Thank you

posted 1 week ago