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#6 Spoons choose your own adventure pt2 in Off Topic


posted 2 days ago
#8 ETF2L S36 GF: SVIFT vs. nerdRage in Matches

Omg absolute shocker

posted 1 month ago
#7 Prepare your Facebook feeds in Site Discussion

Are people actually still using FB thought it died years ago

posted 2 months ago
#4 PSA for scouts in TF2 General Discussion

bro just press W

posted 3 months ago
#26 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion
bktsS> rocket launcher signed by Hugo

how much

posted 3 months ago
#17 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion
AmaterasuJust wanting to clear some things up as well:

. If people (smzi pls) make vague statements about future bans etc. they are very likely just memeing.

I was speaking to condawg so i want everyone to keep in mind that every piece of information that got carried forward is likely to be 20% me and 80% condawg

posted 3 months ago
#14 place ur money here in TF2 General Discussion

Before this get's out of hand i baited condawg for an hour after a pug we played yesterday cuz i know he loves the Drama.
There is 0 insider admin information or any leaks from the side of etf2l.
If anyone get's banned in the furure it is justified.

Since I have worked as an AC admin before I just wanna give my two cents about the matter.
What i am gotta say is that the following "excuses" are irrelevant.

- high ping
- fast sense
- oh but he only has 70% acc

This is not meant to start a witchhunt on Hugo at all. Its just a fact that the stuff stated above literally does not matter at all.
Out of personal interest I watched roughly about 10 demos (bare in mind only stv demos freely obtainable at and made my own picture on the matter which i shared with a handful of people. Noone of these guys is currently active as an admin on etf2l or holds any power on the site whatsoever nor has any say about a potential ban.

posted 3 months ago
#23 Calling out div 1 etf2l teams in TF2 General Discussion

Who on веазтмоде won prem?

posted 3 months ago
#22 SVIFT rises again with a relaxed roster in News

If this team stays alive for a season i am buying nasboii a rolex

posted 3 months ago
#13 How to reduce wrist tiring? in Off Topic

If body hurt stop playing that simple

posted 3 months ago
#50 ETF2L Website not working in TF2 General Discussion

Perfect moment to just let it die tbh

posted 3 months ago
#53 NA food vs. EU food in Off Topic

posted 3 months ago
#2 kaidus valorant coach in e-Sports


posted 4 months ago
#15 ETF2L Season 36 announced in News
MisterDannySeniorsodaETF2LGood map pool
Bunch of bug fixes

a-at least NA has a bigger prize pool right guys

Speaking of prize pool, how come ETF2L doesnt run any fundraisers for prize pools anymore? They did it back in season 20 and raised like over 3K, even if you dont get as much today, im still wondering as to why its been left in the dust kinda

Because all the people that set that up arent actively participating in etf2l anymore

posted 4 months ago
#27 What would you commit your time to? in Off Topic

learn mandarin

posted 4 months ago
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