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#147 Newbie Mix Coaches in TF2 General Discussion

cmon guys help kevin out he's a good man and deserves support <3

posted about 3 years ago
#506 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion
ghettofishfade-HighclassJust a quick update from TF2Center:

Every TF2Center profile was crosschecked with their Steam profile and if they were found to have a VAC ban given out in the last day were banned from TF2Center. We will also be sharing this list of players with UGC, ETF2L, and OZF.

i never understood banning someone from tf2center or ugc if they were vac banned

if they're vac banned in tf2 they can't play on vac-secured servers anyways so what's the point
yeah that's what i thought too, but i think they are doing it so it says banned on their ugc.tf2c.etf2l, etc profile
added insult to injury you could say

not exactly. it's so that when the person makes an alt and continues to play, it is dealt with like any other ban evasion.
so you can't just keep making alts every time you get VAC'd and be untouchable

posted about 6 years ago
#492 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion

fun read from a pub hacker

Matching emails has 0 to do with alts and mains being vacd
Maybe same number...maybe.
But why would you need to mobile authenticate an alt that you won't be trading on?

Probably to play MM

which kinda undermines the whole "oh i just did it for the knowledge" thing

posted about 6 years ago
#483 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion
idk if u know this but the goldrush team was for sandbaggers on alts like gr:m

he'd make goldrush lobbies and say they were for newer players and then stack red so that they could roll new players for 3 maps straight

If they were almost all sandbaggers then it's actually quite pathetic.
1-4 in steel HL
1-4 in iron 6s
2-3 in steel 4s

admins flipped most of their matches, banned the team leader and the alters who were stupid, and suspended the teams.

posted about 6 years ago
#481 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion
noblenderalso i called out proximo last year after seeing his first log with 900+ dpm as demo in iron or steel hl. smobo was told by someone who i told, did no investigating. best anti cheat team. rofl.

UGC AC is 100% volunteers. They have been and still are actively recruiting. The fact that they're falling behind just means the competitive TF2 community has more cheating scum than people willing to do anything about it. And that is heartbreaking.

There's a serious attitude problem when people like you would rather insult the volunteers for not being perfect than actually help.

posted about 6 years ago
#269 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion
KonceptLegacyNow if only the next wave could get everyone that downloaded it and has it, regardless of premium status.

Just to clarify, the premium version is the paid version. The free version has been VAC detected for a while, and people have been known to get VAC'd within hours of downloading it.

posted about 6 years ago
#263 Lmaobox premium detected. in TF2 General Discussion
according to this, chances are that this wave focuses on a specific time period that DOES NOT necessarily end today. could be setember to march or something. no way to know.

Yeah I got some testimony from someone else that kinda confirmed my time frame. The start date is questionable but it's definitely in March. End date is pretty exact. And anyone who claims they only cheated months ago is lying.

posted about 6 years ago
#46 Completely justified bans thread in TF2 General Discussion

Tried to get some assholes banned because we thought they hacked. This was "harassing community members". Both of them got VAC'd within months of the incident.First person, Second person.

i'm still mad about it.

edit: the date on that ban is wrong btw, it happened in 2011

posted about 6 years ago
#9 dx9.1 runs better than dx8.1? in Q/A Help
TheCapeKidOkay, thank you. In my circumstance, which dxlevel would you guys recommend - 90, 95, or 98?

90 and 95 are identical for me, and 98 is slightly slower

this with a gtx 970 and i5 3570k

posted about 6 years ago
#19 Hide tftv posts chrome extension in Off Topic
-fish-shouldn't the ability to hear and understand other arguments be considered morally superior as opposed to censoring content just because you personally don't like it?

most people come here for entertainment and there's nothing less entertaining than reading what you post

posted about 6 years ago
#2 please help me with mumble in Off Topic

in mumble, click configure -> settings -> messages
uncheck "notification" and "sound" on everything

posted about 6 years ago
#9 MM small changes wishlist in TF2 General Discussion
Intellectualit's really good against buildings because it's intended to be the anti-building weapon. this extra damage being exclusive to buildings rather than all around is far more balanced than before.
the demoman loses his extra damage from rollers as well as a fourth pipe. removing the speed bonus makes this weapon simply the worst gl rather than a situational one.

are you saying that is current downsides are not enough?

every time it's been tested in comp, people unanimously agree that it's better than stock

posted about 6 years ago
#73 is suicide a joke? in Off Topic
RhettroBut recently I have noticed the community in general becoming much more toxic. I honestly think that this is largely due to the major role models that are there for people who are new to the community. B4nny is a major role model for a lot of these younger people, and is a pretty toxic person. The people at the top of the scene need to understand that they are major role models for younger community members and if they are toxic it can really hurt the entire community.

UGC recently had to deal with a case of serious stalking. Finding personal information about other players and using that to make them afraid of what might happen to them or their loved ones in real life. Don't put this shit on b4nny's complaining in pugs. It's a complicated issue that I don't think has any one cause, or any one solution.

posted about 6 years ago
#15 Warmth Solutions in Off Topic
BonafideI put my window open at a crack, and turn on the heating around 22c, if I leave the heating on without opening a window once in a while the air will get sooo dry

what you're doing is both wasting electricity and making the air drier.

outdoor winter air at a temp of -10C can hold one tenth the moisture that room temperature air can hold. Doing some rough comparison, if you left your window open and heated the outside air up to room temperature, the expected humidity% would be around 5-8% in the winter. that is much lower than any comfortable level and certainly wouldn't be an improvement from where you're at.

stop doing that

posted about 6 years ago
#27 Hiding Non-TF2 Streams in Site Discussion

the current sorted system is working absolutely fine by me.

posted about 6 years ago
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