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#7017 stream highlights in Videos

wait, wait, wait.... hold your horses... uhm... YOU'RE A GIRL GAMER?!!?! O_O Not to be a freak, but.. just when I thought you couldn't get more attractive.. you started playing video games. Nicely done, m'lady. You've just become every man's dream woman. If you had missed a couple before, now you can be sure you've got us ALL "drooling", lol.

posted about 5 years ago
#45 Which song lyrics best describe you in Off Topic

I show no love, to homo thugs
Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
How you gonna explain fuckin a man?
Even if we squashed the beef, I ain't touchin ya hand
I don't buck with chumps, for those to been to jail
That's the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don't fuck with niggaz that think they broads
Only know how to be ONE WAY, that's the dog

posted about 5 years ago
#25 Faint Gaming hope to stabilize with yight and phlps in News

Being a Manager at Winn Dixie to being a Manager of a Competitive TF2 team sounds like an upgrade to me -- good for trilby catface!

posted about 5 years ago
#4 scariest video on the planet in Off Topic

its definitely brainstorm

posted about 5 years ago
#93 its back in TF2 General Discussion

Tino are you unable to attack someone without paraphrasing and strawmanning them

posted about 5 years ago
#73 its back in TF2 General Discussion

>soldier mains complaining about being buffed

posted about 5 years ago
#16 How much do you jack off? in The Dumpster

behold... the sullen eyes bear witness to thousands of hours of pornography of the most perverse...
*signals sign of the cross*

posted about 5 years ago
#12 Raymon and kaptain return to Se7en in News

he's alex jones!!!!!!! except he is wildly successful and wins at everything which further accentuates the annoyance he creates from being in disagreement with the plurality of the community

posted about 5 years ago
#26 froYO TAMBO in TF2 General Discussion
phobiawhy is arekk such a toxic lil child

I agree. What is it with these top invite players being just HORRIBLE people? (I must add that unlike these people who are much more accomplished than me, I am NOT a horrible person, even though I have hung around open for more seasons that I'd like to admit)

posted about 5 years ago
#14 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion

ah yes... froyotech it was your time to go....
FROYOBLACK Now Competing In Recharge Gaming League (© Recharge Gaming League LLC) Season 5 7v7 League

posted about 5 years ago
#9 froyotech benched from playing as a team in RGL in TF2 General Discussion

totally outrageous that sixes players keep winning in MY format [which (UNLIKE SIXES) allows for a fulltime role of the complex body of work that is the engineer class]

posted about 5 years ago
#61 bait ? in TF2 General Discussion

now it's time to speculate who banny will pick up for medic and pocket

posted about 5 years ago
#12 Demo advice in TF2 General Discussion
BlueBucket1.Which demo primary should I use, the iron bomber or grenade lanucher?

stock if you arent a pussy
also in demo mge, make sure to always play as aggressive as possible as opposed to hiding and holding s

posted about 5 years ago
#180 esea holding me prisoner in TF2 General Discussion
mustardoverlordsacMonkey brain safrix says: BUT THEY BE GETTIN PAID THOE.
you should probably take a second and think about how you come off when you say things like this

thank you for reminding everyone Racism Exists, mustard.

posted about 5 years ago
#61 III in LAN Discussion
dot_none of you guys should have a problem, but its right where compton long beach and carson meet so the area is literally surrounded by crips to the south/east, piru to the north, and the mexicans in dominguez. nothing bad ever happens in santa ana, this is actually near the hood though lol

dot can you be my chaperone if i go to this lan? i need the gangsters to know that i am with a Gang Affiliate and that i am "With The Shits" so i know i won't be fucked with by them

posted about 5 years ago
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