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#55 tombed in Off Topic
Oblivionagedoes it cover the costs of your steam games tho ??

I can still play all of them , just can't play cs mm.
But to answer your question, no.

posted about 7 years ago
#41 tombed in Off Topic
mustardoverlordsomeone told me he baited rly hard in cs

if thats true im glad he got banned, too many people bait in that fuckin game :<><>

maybe a few months ago when i awp'd entirely too passive. Cs baiting es no bueno.

posted about 7 years ago
#40 tombed in Off Topic

I was streaming cs on my alt (elbarto). viewer pm'd me and offered me $175 for my eagle. i sold him the account, he paid via greendot. Few weeks go by, log in yesterday, launch cs, vac'd. looked up the barto account. vac'd. My other alts, unharmed. contacted steam support to plead my case. Seeing how it should be easy to see that the guy was playing from a different ip. I'm assuming bc my ip is linked to that account within a reasonable period of time, i'm boned. Selling steam accounts is against the Steam's Subscriber Agreement, so I doubt my email will do any good. I have nothing to hide, infact i'm currently playing on client. And have been playing on both clients frequently. Having the roster issues as we did, I wound up paying for our ringers, which for 2 leagues was expensive, and in the end fruitless. Someone offering that much money for an alt that cost me 2.99 appeared to be a great opportunity to soften that blow. I still have all my items in both games.

edit :

posted about 7 years ago
#398 GXL LAN Fall 2014 in News
flameSo what's the issue with a pug setup with a draft/captains?

It's not a small scale lan, and it's 'a competition for a reason

posted about 7 years ago
#5 gfinitycsgo in CSGO General Discussion

Titan's ct side has been really strong.

here's the bracket

sidenote, thorin looks weird without a beard

posted about 7 years ago
#2 144hz display port in Hardware

dual link dvi

posted about 7 years ago
#1 gfinitycsgo in CSGO General Discussion

titan looking strong

posted about 7 years ago
#5 ESEA Invite: Ding Dong Daddy vs. Blame Game in Events

this is blame game's third season in invite.

posted about 7 years ago
#42 New pc is laggy in Hardware

1st gen Haswell processors had terrible thermal problems due to poorly applied thermal paste under the heatspreader. It made overclocking on these chips much much harder because they demanded more cooling..sometimes one or two cores would be running substantially hotter than the others. Intel denied these claims until the haswell refresh chips dropped, when they somewhat addressed it by saying they improved the thermal paste on the new chips. haswell refresh chips are basically the same performance wise, with much better thermals and power consumption. (sidenote devil's canyon, what a disappointment for such a evil name) If you google Delidding haswell. you'll find instructions on how to take the heatspreader off and apply your own thermal paste... voiding your warranty in the process...but if done correctly, made radical differences in temperatures. But really, RMA your chip. It shouldnt be running that hot.

posted about 7 years ago
#14 Warsow Tournament in Other Games

fathom to win...always

posted about 7 years ago
#35 i52 NA Qualifiers - Round Robin in Events

Player Transaction Date
cozen left Street Hoops eSports (Invite) 17 hours ago

posted about 7 years ago
#51 ESEA Season 17 Announced in News

scrim mod

posted about 7 years ago
#13 Attention Ladies in TF2 General Discussion

incoming tf2 ring

posted about 7 years ago
#64 lan in TF2 General Discussion

no hope in dope

posted about 7 years ago
#143 bwHUD in Customization

must. have. main menu.

posted about 7 years ago
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