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#21 if you could do anything comp-related to tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

lose a lan to banny/kaidus again

posted 3 days ago
#20 Med Surfs Thread in TF2 General Discussion

posted 3 weeks ago
#26 Classical Music thread in Off Topic

favourite piece at the moment

posted 2 months ago
#39 ETF2L Season 38 and Preseason Cup announced in News

"the map layout i don't think is good either and honestly clearcut is probably better in that regard"

LMFAO that is a fat krappa

also the best teams at via do not snipe, it is not good.

posted 2 months ago
#36 ETF2L Season 38 and Preseason Cup announced in News

Pretty sure last seasons map pool was one of the best we have had for a long time. Not sure what the obsession is with changing maps every season. Even if gran and metal are rated low on the polls, theyre for sure better than clearcut reckoner and villa.

Also, any badlands in the new cup? That map is way better than anyone makes it out to be.

edit: why would we remove product, its the most fast paced gamemode (no stalemates, u dont just stare at walls for 30 min) and has been a around for years with no problems. Its also super fun to watch.

posted 2 months ago
#1556 PugChamp in Projects


posted 3 months ago
#6 How to play spy in competitive highlander in Videos

elo is just a number. wait a second whats your pug elo again mak?

posted 3 months ago
#11367 stream highlights in Videos

posted 4 months ago
#1 ETF2L S37 GF: Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT in Matches

maps are viaduct metalworks and process

posted 4 months ago
#1540 PugChamp in Projects

So when ever_x said he was quitting to focus on his studies i didnt realise he was writing the pugchamp manifesto

posted 4 months ago
#1538 PugChamp in Projects


posted 4 months ago
#11 Best fragvideos by people outside of prem. in TF2 General Discussion

tickle is goated

posted 5 months ago
#1 Name change in Requests

hello my real name is papi not Paprika_.

please change my name to papi

posted 6 months ago
#14 First thoughts on Medic speed nerf in TF2 General Discussion

I think klassy's post summarises most of my thoughts, I just have a few to add from a soldier/maincallers perspective.

old patch is fast medics
new patch is slow medics

Firstly looking at the change from a soldier main perspective. I think the gunboats buff is insanely powerful for soldier. Our team has scrimmed with the plugin for a month, soldier feels unbelievably easy/easier to play. Removing the option for scouts to run inside you so that you take 80-100 self dmg means you should never lose a 1v1 in a small area. And even if you are losing a 1v1 you can just leave as the scout cant just run into you as you're leaving anymore. I am really against the opinion that soldier is/used to be a "weak" class. You have so much impact on the game as soldier (in both the old and new patch). I believe people complained way too much about soldier being useless when they were actually just misplaying situations, or maybe its because people judge their performance based on their k/d. Now adding the med speed change just makes this patch an ultra buff to soldier. I am not against ingame changes and think its very valuable to try new rulesets/plugins. However as klassy already said this change basically just decreases the pace of the game whilst also buffing soldier.

Now looking from a maincallers perspective. If you're the maincaller for your team, you will have had to completely change your style of calling over the past month (again I am not against plugin changes forcing maincallers to adapt). On the old patch in a even situation many very aggressive plays were reasonably safe (assuming both team have uber). However on the new patch it feels like you have to call in a much more controlled/safe style where you cannot take the risks you used to be able to. This limits your options a lot and therefore makes the pace of the game slower. When you have ad you cannot extend it anywhere near as much as you used to be able to, which makes you settle for map control which again slows the game down. One change that is very nice as a maincaller is that the mid fights are more important than they used to be. In my opinion tf2 has always been a game about midfights and this patch makes it even more prominent, I like this change as it rewards your team for coordinated team fights and instinctive plays.

My biggest issue with EU playing on the new patch is that we're playing on a different patch to everyone else who plays the game. I think the smaller plugin changes such as the no ramp bug plugin and others are fine as they're just quality of life improvements, but the med speed completely changes how EU and the rest of the world play the game. Of course my opinion is biased as I am someone who wants to play/compete at intercontinental lans and maybe this issue isnt as relevant to the avg comp player.

I believe to best solution for EU/ETF2L is a patch where the quality of life plugins are added but the med speed is reverted to the old patch. In my eyes soldier has been buffed twice in the new patch. Once because of the gunboats plugin and once because of the med speed change. Going back to the fast medic patch is essentially a trade off between removing a 2nd buff to soldier but making the game faster and more aggressive. I think this proposed patch is what ETF2L should change to in the future (s38). This patch would solve the issue of intercontinental lans as these quality of life changes wont change the macro teamplay of the game. When a lan happens no ones going to complain whether you always slide on a ramp or not. I still think s37 should be played on the current ETF2L patch as it would be too late/confusing to change the ruleset again.

I do still enjoy the game on the new patch but I think the overall teamplay is more skilled and fast paced on the old patch.

posted 6 months ago
#7830 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 7 months ago
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