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#30 wats a game u wish u were good at in Off Topic

any game i can make money in would be nice


posted 10 months ago
#10 [shounic]TF2 but without the sniper in TF2 General Discussion

sniper is not fun to play against.

as a medic main, please ban sniper

posted 10 months ago
#10 The Definitive List of TF2 Pug Servers in TF2 General Discussion

this thread really teaching me required reading tf2 pug lore
o7 czar+cyg

posted 10 months ago
#5 The Definitive List of TF2 Pug Servers in TF2 General Discussion

tf2 is saved
na at least

posted 10 months ago
#29 RGL Sucks in TF2 General Discussion

damn im happy for u
or sorry that happened
if u feel that way just make your own platform then
unless there's other reasons u think rgl sucks, cause yours are..yea expected johns.

posted about a year ago
#47 teaching people how to play 6s in TF2 General Discussion

yea, so its a lot of obstacles to manage, the first one is obv getting ppl into the game first b4 u do comp+all that
:nerd: :pointing up:

the majority of tf2 players are idly playing in pubs, they have no idea what 6s or even highlander means, also they are likely adolescents, so your only options are from friends of friends/word of mouth.

posted about a year ago
#45 teaching people how to play 6s in TF2 General Discussion
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shouts to reako and critnoob

yea the newbie mixes response is not malicious, but the players you are trying to reach to are near the true skill floor
so u need steps, pug groups at various stages/divs, and that the myriad of info dumps of techniques
and idk, not all aspiring soldier mains are willing to watch hours and hours of all the jumps, apply those
tactics feverishly in jump maps+scrims for hours, all that shit. some ppl just want to have fun, and turn their brain off in pugs.
the various, hidden inhouses and lowtier groups need to communicate their goals properly, and "moderate" those fencehopping troublemakers
so newbie mixes is good for , barebones, 0 knowledge of comp 6s, then there's tf2cc which is infodump central
im just re-iterating past comments, but yea, they got coaches, live map tutorials, all that shit. froste the goat

then there's rgl discord for rgl stuff, some guides, but tf2cc is like, the place to be, if u are trying to cram info. it should have
most of everything, and the jist of mechanics/foundationals for sure. the niche/personal stuff u want to work on+create your own
gameplay identity, that's some stuff u'll figure out in pugs/the like, on your own/ask better players.

but yea, groups are not going to communicate their goals properly if they live and die on a biweekly basis. some ppl, me included
are just tryna vibe in pugs, i am a bit vocal but, bc im bad, i get confused if ppl are doing unintelligent pugstrats that won't work in actual
scrims and matches, so pugs are bad habits in that regard. its just a matter of, is the time you're spending, actually working out. sure you can play pugs
for 4hrs, warmup for 2, scrim for 3, then pug until u drop dead asleep but, are you actually *always* learning during that time spent.
but some ppl just want to play pugs to play them, not learn. also, yea there's no pug groups LMAO. send me some lowtier ones pls, im
shadowbanned from the rest bc im either too shite or too "good" for tf2cc :// can't even play with friends, we all washed yo, dont even tf2 as the main game >.<

marmaloo videos are goat, i still got that shit saved, but i can never finish them :(
making tf2 content is a dying (business), cause u don't even have the jerma/star vids kinda, community anymore imo, where casuals slowly
join the game, and u actually have a playerbase to work with, so what's the point in creating all the guides with the cryptic levels of difficulty, if ppl
won't even make the skill floor/entertaining just for the sake of it, jerma vs star vids anymore. it is what it is, the basic skill floor vids are like, 10years old at this rate, ppl need to update them but, who has that
kind of time+ patience to do these step by step. (e.g. engineer apostles for engineer gameplay , it's for improving as an engi player, but then
u need to have that kind of scope/vision to be able to apply it towards 6s, so at some point, ppl will have to decide for themselves how they want
to learn in the game, but the guides are already pretty old/outdated, so it's already super hard to infodump unless it's word by mouth/tf2cc.there's some pyro ones, but fk off :)) )

speaking of infodump, yea sorry about that LOL. just making my thoughts up while reading the thread, so its bound to be long, likely incomprehensible.
also, valve doesn't promote the comp side like they do with dota?the international/majors? cs majors, the cs community works bc the game is inherent in nature, majority of ppl do comp+dm, even casual is barebones comp.
meanwhile in tf2,they make blog posts about heavy panfights or something LOL, but what can u do. the game is inherently a casual party game, so it's already hard to
make a playerbase for it, unless the playerbase has super grassroots, like melee. tf2 is sort of shifting that way, but there's still a large majority
of tf2 players that only pub, and have no interest in comp, esp if valve is busy promoting random shit, and likely highlander/prolander if they did
promote comp. so it is what it is, sucks. the game is inherently more casual( pubs) than it is for competitive (pugs+etc). it's like, manifesting a balloons tower defense comp scene LMAOOOO

oyea, inhouses vs pug services like pughub, eventually ppl are going to find their own circles and stay in them. so if you're in no circles, how the fuck
do you play 6s games if you're not trying to waste your time in tf2center lol, do tf2cc unironically. if you're willing to sift through the volumes of data, tf2cc
should have everything, but in text format. game isn't popular enough for ppl to have the patience to make step by step guides from lv1 scout to b4nny scout

but yea, for ppl with no idea of comp, its like tf2center, then newbie mixes if still interested, and then all the shit i wrote up top. again, sry for the dump,
am trying to make it at least readeable, even if it's long :)

#30, yo for bounties tho, im bouta start lmao, intermediate div knowledge but i have nc player aim
yea, when is there gonna be a book of habib volume 2 T.T im tryna learn demo .

RGL FREE SEASONS TO NEWBIE COACHES? AYOOOOO im there, reako sign me up no cap, bouta get the free pass to sub/ring for matches xdd

yea chell, there has to be a pughub-esque community but for low tiers, but it will be an insane struggle. i believe pughub is still active? but it's been monitored very carefully
when i was there at least. ppl would rather join other inhouses than work on a pug service for lowtiers, that's why all the pug services, like pugchamp
dgaf about fatkids lol, that shit is a biiiig thing for ppl, but it's like, required for lowtiers,what can u do(.) there's certain distinguishing factors, and idk bout yall, but there are a lot more of those
lowtier players committing shenanigans in pugs T.T so let them make their own groups and stay there.

yea technosex and kapoww vids are good too, old but gold.^

aite if there's any random shit in what i wrote, toobad. not gonna triple check that shit. also if i forget, hmu back tino_ k ty
yea the talented ppl jumped ship to better games, so base is dwindling with no new ppl joining, dying business.
you actually cannot compete unless u have volunteers to do all the stuff for free, ppl legit getting paid to make content/jump ship for other games, unlucky.
there's no money in tf2, unfortunately. best we can do is prop up the content creators and hope they don't all quit/new ppl fill the void, but no new friends. k bye

also dont say tldr or didn't read,schizoposter, cuz idc, no memes in this thread k ty
posted about a year ago
#13 ETF2L S37 plugins in TF2 General Discussion
SasukeUchiha_TRADETFi dont get the winger plugin since when could scouts use bonus jump without winger out

since the script allowed you to jump/double jump while switching between scattergun and winger, the winger only being out for fractions of a second

posted about 3 years ago
#7 lft hayes in Recruitment (looking for team)

1k pub club

posted about 4 years ago
#5 INVITE MONEY PUGS in TF2 General Discussion

gives that nostalgic feel of csgo 10mans, best of luck.

posted about 4 years ago
#1 esea open inhouse pug # 397 in TF2 General Discussion

serious inquiries only

posted about 4 years ago
#10 prc37 scout lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

love playing with prc, smesi salty

posted about 4 years ago
#5 LFT season 30 in Recruitment (looking for team)

nutty and a blast to play with

posted about 5 years ago