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#36 Unlock survey results in TF2 General Discussion
viperpretty sure the only thing that has people apprehensive about another global whitelist meeting and not a vote is the possibility of another atomizer/quick-fix fiasco

as long as you keep slin and b4nny out of it the admins will probably do a pretty good job at determining a whitelist everyone can live with

posted about 4 years ago
#16 Unlock survey results in TF2 General Discussion
smitty_Also look at all those demos who want the cow mangler in because their tiny brain soldiers mindlessly spam rockets, screw up your traps so you have to reset them and steal all the ammo packs.

Yeah I was just about to post this, that's why demos like the cow mangler.

I absolutely viscerally hate the concept of the weapon itself but I'm perfectly happy when my pocket runs it because it means I pretty much never run out of ammo.

posted about 4 years ago
#227 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help
nuzeWhy is everyone so dismissive of actual arguements for keeping the crossbow?

because this is an anti-crossbow circlejerk thread

posted about 4 years ago
#191 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help
BooopThe people that say medic is only fun because of the arrows are the ones that couldn't cut it on a fragging class.


this post makes no sense

people who think medic should have its only aim requirement removed are the ones who couldn't cut it on a fragging class, surely

most people who only like medic because of arrows are the ones who play fragging classes and don't usually play med...

posted about 4 years ago
#162 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help
manaInstead of just talking about it, why not try it out for a bit?

Instead of talking about doing something that was done for at least three straight years (when was xbow first allowed in 6s?), why not try it out a bit? That doesn't seem to make much sense. Plenty of people played 6s without crossbow, hell top medics still used to run overdose or stock over it sometimes a few years ago. If you're specifically picking on crossbow's uber build, then even I have been playing this game long enough to remember how it was before that was a thing. And it wasn't much different.

I do remember quite a lot of people being happy about the change because it actually rewarded medics for hitting good crossbows rather than punishing them with a ~2% uber disad for every crossbow they shot. Is that what you'd prefer things to go back to?

posted about 4 years ago
#158 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help
radiumI took a year or so off, and I came back to a world of hard-earned 30% advantages evaporating in front of my own eyes. I don't think it's fun if you call a good series of holds/pushes to build a strategic advantage, just to see it go for nothing. It actually allows losing teams a cheap way to create a stalemate that lasts for 5 minutes. Rewarding bad play isn't fun.

Medics used to be able to figure windows down to a matter of 2-3 seconds - and now they are no longer able to measure a game and plan accordingly. Nowadays, counting uber and telling your team that you have 8-10 seconds to push is a death sentence if the enemy team had any time to arrowbuild.

Sometimes a fun weapon actually makes things worse.

surely you've had time to learn to track ubers in a post xbow buff world?

how is rewarding the team that's taken the risk of and time to arrow build 'rewarding bad play'? surely you're the one who made the bad play if you didn't take the possibility they would arrow build into account, or didn't arrow build yourself? and then made a really bad play by pushing off an advantage you didn't have in the first place?

JarateKingBut in any case, if your favorite thing about medic is the mechanical skill of xbow DM, maybe you shouldn't be playing medic and should play a class that actually emphasizes DM.

this is a first person shooter

if you don't like aiming you probably shouldn't be playing it

I do like aiming, and playing medic is just about tolerable with the xbow although it's still my least favorite 6s class

posted about 4 years ago
#151 can we ban most unlocks yet? in Q/A Help

We just had this discussion in ozfortress for the ultiduo cup we just held and it was about 75:25 in favor of xbow being allowed simply because the medic might as well be a spectator without it and the gamemode becomes slow as all hell.

It's undeniable that being able to arrow up hurt players allows teams to start pushes faster and that can't be a bad thing. Plus, does anyone actually want to play medic without the crossbow? It's about the only enjoyable weapon the class has. Without it you're just a no aim healbot who has to hit surfs occasionally. With it, you can make some clutch plays.

There are definitely some absolutely fucking terrible weapons currently allowed but the xbow is fun, well skill-indexed, and adds to the game. The only real reason people could want to remove it is because they want to play 2009 tf2 again. But that's never coming back.

posted about 4 years ago
#6 Pick what class i play in TF2 General Discussion

if you're willing to throw finals matches based off a random strawpoll maybe you shouldn't be competing in this game anymore

posted about 4 years ago
#21 Discussion on the Abuse of Power in our Community in The Dumpster

good, his posts give me eye cancer. Please, keep him banned.

posted about 4 years ago
#39 youtubers battle in comments in Off Topic

didn't think i'd ever see that used as an insult here

posted about 4 years ago
#76 8values political quiz in Off Topic
loot100% of men with higher than single digit testosterone have similar answers to mine

'it's manly to not give a shit about poor people and shove religion down people's throats'

it's interesting how many rando morons come out of the closet just to post garbage in threads like these

posted about 4 years ago
#19 OZF 18 GF: no safeword vs. Mad Men in Events
lockIf he ate meat this would never have happened

that's veganist!

posted about 4 years ago
#2280 PC Build Thread in Hardware

you made that post at around midnight european time and waited all of 8 hours before bumping...? patience bud

posted about 4 years ago
#13 Good Ping but feels like 100+ Ping? in Q/A Help
Zwockl#8 Not 100% sure what this command does. Put it into console and in console it read that I have ~90 ping, my ingame ping was hovering between 40 and 50

is this scoreboard ping or net_graph ping?

posted about 4 years ago
#55 AMA THE BILLDOZER in Off Topic
THEBILLDOZERAlso if you dont want to get banned, dont nickname the asian site owner after one of the japanese towns that got nuked


posted about 4 years ago
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