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#6 Anyone here like knives in Off Topic

P.S: im typing this with my toes cuz i didnt use a dull blade to practice ;(

posted about 2 years ago
#658 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

*DEAD* Altoid : ez
*DEAD* lordfrosteye : lmfao you killed yourself
lordfrosteye : idiot
*DEAD* Altoid : yah and it was ez

posted about 3 years ago
#631 faceit TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

There really has got to be a way to region-ping restrict players or tighten the hour requirements, the huge issue faceit has right now is still the same problem from months ago (#609).

It's awful to search for a match and end up with one of the infamous 300+ ping terrible players, it makes faceit into a roulette-like experience where you pray to get lucky and not insta-lose from the match screen. Some people won't show up for a match because they don't wanna take the inevitable loss, some will leave halfway. Makes it really hard to find a solid fulfilling game

If these guys all got banned faceit would be so much more fun to play and we'd see a lot more close games.

The lack of a captain system (choosing players in addition to maps) is bad enough, and elo/level calculation is arbitratry and mostly meaningless. The low level players are the unlucky ones that get Roga/OBELIKS on their team 3 times in a row, the high level players have good rng.

Imagine captains choosing players + no 300 pingers, each game would be a close battle with humans distributing the players instead of an algorithm and it would really help attract better players to the site

Any updates?

posted about 3 years ago
#386 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

-the duel wielder is op af
-custom private game lobbies (ADD ME FOR FUN DUELS) and new maps
-beta is now 24/7
-the game will be out this year (according to the E3 yesterday)

posted about 3 years ago
#33 who is the greatest athlete ever in Off Topic


posted about 3 years ago
#63 Samurai Jack season 5 in Music, Movies, TV

anyone got the finale episode 10 yet?

posted about 3 years ago
#2 Strange mouse delay in fullscreen? in Q/A Help
mlnsSince I installed the new windows 10 update

and thats why i disabled the windows 10 autoupdates. try changing the settings on your monitor, make sure the windows display settings havent changed

posted about 3 years ago
#4 Phantom LFT Season 25 Medic Open in Recruitment (looking for team)

Very good clear comms, knows whats going on, has the good winning mentality (doesnt throw when losing) I'd say hes a good player but then again who am I to judge

posted about 3 years ago
#312 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

I really love this community's attitude of helping others by giving out keys/games/advice to each other for free. Even though some people could say "Oh but it's free all it took was signing up with multiple emails" I think it's so cool that someone would be open to share with anyone else who missed out. Think about it; you still didn't get into the beta for some reason and you really want to at least try playing QC, then a guy comes along with 3 keys like "I got u bro" that would make my week

posted about 3 years ago
#280 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

classes with different hp and speeds are ok, but i really dont get why theres:
1. abilities
2. no airstrafing
3. syringe gun instead of grenade launcher???

i mean i can get over the whole bad movement thing but when i press 4 i want a grenade launcher not a blutsauger lol

posted about 3 years ago
#173 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

is talking about grouping up allowed under the NDA? let's say it hypothetically was and you or someone wanted to group with a guy, i can say for sure that that guy would be happy to pubstomp with said hypothetical teammate, you should friend him

posted about 3 years ago
#132 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

-oh the gameplay vid was already posted, nvm

posted about 3 years ago
#130 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

This type of thing (long server wait time + "client error" bugs) is very common now, unfortunately. Alot of Blizzard/Ubisoft AAA games I've played have the same issue on beta or launch, so much so that many people don't even try to get on the server on day 1.

-hearthstone gets a big update, no one can open packs or even log on for several hours
-day 1 of The Division no one can connect and those who manage to are kicked off the server
-Assassins C3 is free for a short time, no one can even log on due to server traffic

There are more cases of this for sure, I don't know how betas can be launched without enough servers to handle the incoming players, maybe they don't calculate the number well enough?

posted about 3 years ago
#121 Quake Champions Closed Beta in Other Games

I'm in! Oh boy ANARKI is back I remember thinking he was the COOLEST skin in q3 he is so cool and it looks like he has the airstrafing!!! Instant favorite class I bet it'll be just like scout, this is the best day ever! :DDD

Edit: Who took "nexu" wtf?? Why? There's no one else aliasing as nexu that i know of wtf

posted about 3 years ago
#18 things that bind us together in Off Topic

Midiclorians. They bind us all together

posted about 3 years ago
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