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#19 Most memorable Tf2 moment to you? in TF2 General Discussion

when i was beginning to learn tf2 the movement and etc i fell in love with playing spy, I used to watch the omfgninja and stabby stabby videos for hours on end and practicing stairstabs failing over and over listening to ratatatat music i got from stabby´s videos
i remember twitch was starting to grow and one day stabby started streaming and i joined his server with 120 ping since im european and ended up pulling a move on him I learned from watching his videos
he got a bit mad because i was lagging all over the place but ended up giving me props for it
that was a nice little moment i remember to this day

posted 1 month ago
#2414 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

where is this option "alias snapshot_buffer snapshot_buffer_low" on the web app ?
im guessing this is the one most ppl here use
why did you remove it ?

posted 8 months ago
#43 Morealexi VAC Banned. in TF2 General Discussion

but he has Kovaak´s icon on his desktop

posted 10 months ago
#2 tf2 arch crashing in Q/A Help

im no linux expert but cant you use stuff from the steamdeck to run the game better like proton ?

posted about a year ago
#4 Monitor in Hardware

benq with dyac or the new oleds (1440p though)

posted about a year ago
#1266 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization

anyone has soapy's edited sayo2 ?


since for whatever reason that i cant be bothered to understand asked the dude to share it but i guess its a private file of massive importance ...
so i havent touched hud mods in years and had to waste 60 minutes to figure out this crap again
havent tested it a lot but i guess the main is all there if anything is missing let me know ill see if i can fix it

posted about a year ago
#1264 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization

does anyone have soapymeister modded hud ?

posted about a year ago
#19 TF2 update for 12/1/22 (12/2/22 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

this is fucking huge
just wish they would give the engine a small boost to properly use cpu´s and gpu and this game might get a second chance at life

posted about a year ago
#717 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
adysky7600x stock
32gb 6000 cl36 (running on 5600, 6000 is not very stable)
windows 10
flat textures
mastercomfig low

2639 frames 5.820 seconds 453.43 fps ( 2.21 ms/f) 46.448 fps variability
4812 frames 9.658 seconds 498.26 fps ( 2.01 ms/f) 84.618 fps variability

no windows optimizations yet, no OC, just fast bench test after building the rig

dx8 or 9 ?

posted about a year ago
#712 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

but can it play dustbowl 32 player servers above 240 fps all the time ?
can someone benchmark the game on a dxlevel that doesnt make the game look like a potato ?
would love to see some new ryzen benchmarks too
or a video where i can see the fps fluctuation and the dips to 100 fps that completely destroy this game

posted about a year ago
#683 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

Anyone with a 5800x3D?

posted about a year ago
#4 Why the WMO is the best mouse on the market in Hardware

posted about 2 years ago
#10 TF2 update for 12/2/21 (12/3/21 UT, Smissmas 2021) in TF2 General Discussion

anyone who spends money on these freaking moneygrabs is a fucking idiot
why would anyone support this game on its current state

posted about 2 years ago
#53 TF2 update for 9/16/21 in TF2 General Discussion

so is it safe to play the game at the moment ?
are the bots still around ?
or do i still have to deal with furries 24/7 ?
i´ve been inactive for the past couple of years so I´m completely out of the loop

posted about 2 years ago
#195 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic
4hpI genuinely think renault would do better in grabbing someone like Zhou and putting new blood on the grid, Alonso is just going to be frustrated and whiny pissing about in the midfield and hurt the team more than his driving helps. Might make for good memes though

budget cap will hopefully change a lot of things

posted about 3 years ago
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