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#43 ETS 2014 in LAN Discussion

I'm going to try to make it this year finally and I'm so down for a buy-in tournament. I'd also love to play some ultiduo and set up a mini tourney for that

posted about 7 years ago
#1 motherboard and CPU in Hardware

So since it is black friday I figured I might as well upgrade my motherboard and CPU right now since I've been meaning to anyway.

I have this RAM
and this graphics card

I want a CPU that is fast enough to run Battlefield 4 smoothly and other new games. I'd like to spend under $400-500 for the combination of the two but that may not be ideal I realize. Can someone lend me a hand in choosing parts please?

posted about 7 years ago
#18 Tracking or Flick Aiming? in TF2 General Discussion

just do all of the above. aim with your movement, track and flick but more importantly focus on how they are moving and where they are going to be next.

or just play 10,000 hours and it will become second nature

posted about 7 years ago
#27 hey guys in TF2 General Discussion
shocka1All these "people" that you have claimed to be upset are not upset to the extent you think they are. You think outside of the forum they are letting this affect their personal life? No. For the most part, people are exaggerated online, compared to in person. You ever hear that saying "Don't bring your work home with you"? The same thing applies here. When you lose, get trolled and/or are unhappy with how ESEA operates, you shouldn't bring that "emotional baggage" into your personal life. And I don't think anyone here does that. If they do, they are the smallest percentage that have an unhealthy attachment to this game. In those cases, the game is just a substitute for whatever else it may be that they focus ALL of their attention and emotion into.

You really think that outside of these forums (or TF2), we are complaining to our family/friends/co-workers about how bad our lives are because we got trolled in a match? Or that our mood is down for days at a time because my video game match couldn't get rescheduled? There's a difference between being putting time/effort into being competitive, vs, an unhealthy emotional attachment. And that applies to anything. I used to play poker for a living. I was (still am) very competitive, but when something did not go my way, I would not flip out. If I ever lost, I didn't bring it home with me. Losing is part of the game. I understood and accepted that.

Competitiveness/Dedication/Passion apply to anything, whether it's "real life" sports, "online-sports", poker, relationships, work, etc... Sure, some are more important than others within the grand scheme of "life", but hobbies/entertainment are also important. So, stop throwing everyone into this emotionally, unstable bucket you want us in and just accept that sometimes people get temporarily upset.

I'm not placing all of you into this "unstable bucket" so to speak. You're right a good portion of the people are just exaggerating online and only a very small portion of them are actually emotionally attached to this game in an unhealthy way. Majority of the people aren't actually mad at all and I'm not addressing those people.

I realize most of the comments aren't actually as serious as they seem and are exaggerated more often than not. But you can't deny that a lot of people get upset over this game and handle it in immature ways, there are no shortage of examples of this. It happens in sports and in a lot of other aspects like you said and that is the point im trying to make here. Stop taking these things so seriously and getting upset over things that are out of your control. So what if you lose a game, so what if someone played in a way that you didn't like, so what if someone said something stupid or insulting to you. You have the power to choose how it affects you, so why let it?

I'm probably thinking into this way too much but it's not like it doesn't happen.

posted about 7 years ago
#18 hey guys in TF2 General Discussion
Lucky_ShotI totally agree with you and understand where you are coming from but you also do have to take into consideration that these people do play for a decent amount of money so i guess it makes sense for them to get upset if something bad happens

I'm saying it more as a general statement to the community not just the players in invite. Also the ones in invite aren't even getting upset its more the spectators that were upset.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank you for all the -frags I have received so far. I love this community.

posted about 7 years ago
#17 hey guys in TF2 General Discussion
mansfield7pernixIt's like saying nobody should care about sports because those are just games.if you're getting seriously upset over sports, you have issues too imo.

yeah hahaha

i dont think getting upset over sports is any less silly

I player soccer two times a week in a MENS LEAGUE (which means absolutely nothing to anybody) and each week I am amazed at how angry players get. I like to compete as much as the next guy but if you can't even shake my hand at the end of a GAME because you lost then grow the fuck up.

posted about 7 years ago
#4 hey guys in TF2 General Discussion

thanks dude

posted about 7 years ago
#1 hey guys in TF2 General Discussion

After reading that mix^ thread I just wanted to remind you all that Team Fortress 2 is a video game. You should not under any circumstances be upset over video games ever. If you are finding yourself getting angry, turn off your computer and re-evaluate your life because you are doing something wrong. It's good to be passionate and want to compete but at the end of the day who fucking cares what happens in a video game? If you are seriously getting upset about people off classing in a video game, the rest of your life is going to be horrible haha.

Just play the game and have fun, it really isn't that hard.

a player that has been banned many times, most of which were the result of players getting upset. feel free to -frag now I have said what I wanted to say

posted about 7 years ago
#17 Speedy Cheetahs E-Sports LF IM Scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

great team, very fun to play with. sad I have to leave :(

posted about 7 years ago
#4 Single white male looking to backup in Recruitment (looking for team)

chillest dude in tf2

posted about 7 years ago
#18 Online ColorIQ Challenge in Off Topic

4. fuck this game though my brain just melted

posted about 7 years ago
#1 Scout/Soldier LFT high Open/IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

Hi, I'm looking to play on a team again after a longish break. I would prefer to pocket or roam but I will scout if needed to. I'm on pretty much every night unless I work late for some reason.

My only criteria in looking for a team is that you guys are chill, I'm not going to play with someone who gets worked up over this game.

posted about 7 years ago
#407 Fat shaming in Off Topic
JustifyedhookyJustifyedIt could be a disorder they are born with, which is completely understandable...JustifyedI don't feel you are BORN that way, but that's just me.what
Being born with a disease causing you to feel that way and being born gay with nothing wrong with you is completely different.

just stop talking before you dig yourself the biggest hole on the planet

posted about 7 years ago
#401 Fat shaming in Off Topic

waffleb i have a question for you because i have never met someone who feels out of place with their natural sex/gender/self don't know the right word for it because it seems like no matter what people use in here it gets used against them in a counter-argument. I am genuinely curious about this. have you always felt like you wanted to be female/didn't feel right being male? do you take estrogen supplements or any other medication and have you undergone any procedures/operations to further your transition into becoming female?

this is probably a sensitive topic but what would you have done having lived 100 years ago where you weren't able to make a transition into a female (because of obvious lack of medical support)?

You don't have to answer these as I assume it was not easy to the make the decision you made. I am not trying to offend you in anyway although my ignorance on the subject may be offensive. It is something I have truly never given any thought on until this thread because it's not something I've ever had to think about/deal with in my life. I can't imagine not feeling like I was supposed to be a male, and how hard/scary it must be for you.

This is all very intriguing to me and I wish to learn more about it.

posted about 7 years ago
#346 Fat shaming in Off Topic
SpaceCadetRhetoricalAnarchistI haven't had time to read this entire thread, but I have seen the idea of love thrown around a lot, and its relations to genitals. You can love someone without having a sexual relationship. In fact, in my opinion love and sex are entirely separate things. From a sexual standpoint, a relationship with a trans person can be an awkward ordeal, however that should never deter a person from loving them. I actually had a conversation with my girlfriend a while ago where she asked that if she became a trans guy would I still love her, and I said yes of course. She asked if I would still have sex with her, and while I couldn't say yes immediately, given a little bit of time to get used to her change I would. This was all hypothetical though, she very much identifies and is happy as a woman, so I guess it's easier for me to say that now than to have it actually happen.
Its easy to say that now but I would think that when faced with the new yogurt slinger, things might change. Maybe I am just speaking for myself but who knows....

"yogurt slinger" fucking genius

posted about 7 years ago
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