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#4 paddie out, blaze on the saddle in News

Was kinda hoping for b4nny on soldier. b4nny hasn't done soldier since Season 24 (if I looked at liquidpedia correctly) and I think could've really cause a shake up in invite (yes we say this when a certain team forms, comes in, and might cAuSe A sHaKeUp in the standings, but this time I believed it). But alas, blaze is back and jay is ushering in a new era of the Market Garden in 6s.

Also paddie is beautiful, wtf you mean that opinion doesn't represent tftv? I'm head of production for NA and dammit I say that my team at least stands by that statement, whether they want to or not.

posted 7 months ago
#1 The NA TFTV Coverage Feedback Thread for RGL S3 in TF2 General Discussion

Hello! The NA TFTV team is looking for some feedback on our casts from the RGL S3 season. Throughout the season we covered 23 matches, including every divisions' grand finals match besides invite.

The RGL Season 3 Playlist

Our team this season included:

Casters- FrickMyNick, louster200, Unicorn Wizard, Console-, ire, Graham, eXtine, Marxist, row, just jazz, THE BILLDOZER, Fleskore, DoomIcorn, Kami, Goose, Jakey, virgil, trad, Connie Kins, Tery, twigs, jemond, TonyB, xattuu

Producers- Shears, louster200, antlers, mitch

(underlined names mean they were brand new to our casting/production roster this season)

It's been a very fun and busy season for us on the casting team. LOTS of new faces coming in courtesy of antlers and his team over at Fireside Casts (go give em a follow, they've been doing a lot of lower division coverage). We've officially brought back Fully Charged on the NA side, as mentioned before we have covered EVERY grand finals (except invite since RGL locks out that STV), and are looking to cover another mid-season tournament with the CappingTV Ultiduo tourney. The same team has also branched out and covered RGL Highlander on CappingTV and EssentialsTF, to name a few.

So, now we're looking for feedback primarily from our traditional sixes' casts this past season.
What did you think to our coverage this season?
What do you think was good?
What do you think was bad?
Why do you thinks those things?
What would you like to see in future?

See you in S4!

posted 8 months ago
#76 2019-2020 NBA SEASON in Off Topic


So this is like... one of the biggest sports moves ever? Bucks protesting and boycotting the game today due to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake that took place in Milwaukee

posted 8 months ago
#73 2019-2020 NBA SEASON in Off Topic

Nate McMillan has been fired. I am free from this curse.

posted 8 months ago
#10868 stream highlights in Videos


posted 8 months ago
#225 RGL S3 Div 2 Happenings Thread in TF2 General Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#9 RGL S3 IM GF: 7gull vs. rolling90halalcrips in Events

Map 1: https://logs.tf/2656142
7gull 4 | rolling90halalcrips 1

Map 2: https://logs.tf/2656143
7gull 5 | rolling90halalcrips 4

Congratulations to 7gull on the IM Division Championship!

posted 8 months ago
#6 RGL S3 Main GF: Scooby Snacks vs Family Friendly Content in Events

Map 1: http://logs.tf/2656131
Family Friendly Content 5 | Scooby Snacks 0

Map 2: http://logs.tf/2656132
Family Friendly Content 4 | Scooby Snacks 0

Congratulations to FFC on their Main Div championship!

posted 8 months ago
#1 RGL S3 AM GF: Momo Simps vs BattleScarred-Idiots in Events

Map 1: http://logs.tf/2656075
Momo Simps 4 | BattleScarred-Idiot 3

Map 2: http://logs.tf/2656123
Momo Simps 0 | BattleScarred-Idiot 0

Congratulations to Momo Simps on their championship win!

posted 8 months ago
#8 This year of newcomer players was the best in TF2 General Discussion

I had a blast watching and producing the Newcomer grands yesterday. I can see some definite flashes of greatness come out of the teams. Best of luck to everyone who may get bumped up a div or two.

posted 8 months ago
#1 RGL S3 Newcomer GF: Sweaty Spaghetti vs. zxcv in Events

GGs and congrats to Sweaty Spaghetti on their season!

posted 8 months ago
#11 RGL S3 LBF: Destructive Criticism vs. Kronge Realm Black in Matches

Y'all ever see someone get interviewed so hard it crashes the producer's OBS?

posted 8 months ago
#108 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News


Also, additional links? Additional links.

Jayhyunpae tribute video

Ascent eSports Highlight Videos

Beater’s Yomps Legacy

Matches that were rebroadcasted

Throwback Pugs Logs

posted 9 months ago
#105 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News


Main Organizer

Co-Heads of Organization:
Ire, mitch, Console-, Boxcar, Recurse

Casters and Hosts:
Console-, Dreamboat, Eepily, eXtine, GrumpyKoi, Lucky, Ire, Scream, THE BILLDOZER, Connie Kins, mitch

RGL & Tournament Admins
sigafoo, exa, yosephus, HappyPurple, vibeisveryo, shaggy

Production, Pictures, and Videos
BlackOutJon, Ire, mitch, Jasbutts, Enthrow, eXtine, DophinN, Recurse, Uberchain, b4nny, habib, TFTV, RGL

Graphics & Design
Jasbutts, BlackOutJon, Wiethoofd, Recurse

Server Setup & Info (folks who helped set up servers and relay STVs to production)
24, sigafoo, boxcar, b4nny, tripbwai

Old School Pugs
alec, clockwork, rando, blaze, duwatna, TheFragile, Shrugger, desca, garbuglio, ma3laa, bdonski, ash

Friends Who Came On To Speak
B4nny, Cukei, Unicornowl, Zilly, abluegoldfish, desca, Grimm, habib, rando, sen, shrugger, TheFragile

Teams That Played In The Tournament
froyotech, Ascent, Dorsia, MyAnimeList, rooGya, Running with Scizors, Dunk Realm, Much Love, The Hogs, Team One, Ascent (OG), Clean Buddies. JAMAICAN ME CRAZY 18+, GOLEM GAMING, PLUMPWENCH, High Altitude Dreamworld, The Goblin Zone, FROYO BLACK, RHDP, frog noises, sciz sucks, HRTeam, All Hockey Hair, Team:YompsFL0W, Purple Air Pods #ForYomps, Rest easy, King., harry pottis, moon hexers, Precious Pootis Patrol, europeans(puke), 7gull, Pootis von Epic Black, Roblotech, WORX WG547 20V (2.0Ah), Good Damage ZERO, Creeping Spree, oscillating butter knife, Are Ya Winning Son?, cheese platter, yomps_fans, The Cringe Posters, BLONKE Esports, OK Kids, Washed Up Newbies, yompsKing, promised land, Apes Together Strong, Yobsters,
crsyba, locawoeslamaenikflur, Goldfish Noises, King DeeDeeDee, Portland Burnsiders, 1492, You wanna pizza me?, Virgin Squad + Charizard, where's connect, Alternative Crunk, Kudos #RespectYomps, sewer rats, tiny sticks chubbydicks, deadlyseed= 5'4" #respectyomps, Squid Squad, team, arena_respect, Sharp Dressed Men, Meyonaise, NewBoot BLACK #RespectYomps, GarChocolate Factory, Momentz #RespectYomps, Happy Farmers Cooperative, Friend Team, soxnsandals, Baghdad Brawlers, CHallenger, Groggs, Simple Simps, Feedsports LEGACY, Whiskey Wasted Robots. LightsWithYomps, Collective Respect, Mans Gotta Eat, Cactus Club, Snakes, TeamRPI, Exodus, #Respect Yomps, Small Dog Handlers #ForYomps, Little Saint, Saturated Yompsality, Da Boys, Whatever It Takes, moo's farm #respectyomps, CheeseTech, Minion Movie, Connect 6, rusty toes, Casualmizer, Something Happy, Nectar, Next Time Eat a Salad, respecthim., Nut Gamers, Small Time Fraggers, LIMP PREZKIT, CheeseBreadTech

Discord Members - Many of these folks wanted to participate in some way, but due to time restraints we unfortunately may not have found a spot for them. However, I want to shout them out for still being willing to step up to the plate and help with the event.
A_Scone, Alaxe, Azazel, Beater, Blue Inferno, Botmode, Charm, Connor, Cookie, Daffodil, Denka, DolphiN, DrHappiness, DubThink, DuMmTm, FrickMyNick, Grrt, Hawko, Jakey, JMaxchill, JWB, Lasky, LeCrum, Loris, Marmaloo, Mcats, Owlae, Ryuk, SageJay, Sand, Slemnish, Swish, Tery, The Godfather, TMosura, Tsc, Yotts, ZoomxZe, Shiny

Additional Thanks
Everyone that donated, everyone that watched and shared the stream, teamfortress.tv, RGL.gg, essentials.tf, eXtvEsport, The Swilpa family, and you.

Closing Video

If I forgot a name in the credits please let me know.

I've been your head producer and streamer.

Thank you, good night.


posted 9 months ago
#99 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News


posted 9 months ago
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