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#11 Cevo relaunch in Off Topic

stats man, the stats.

posted about 11 years ago
#5 hud/crosshair experts in TF2 General Discussion

Do you still use the large Aviator style crosshair that covers a good portion of the screen? I can't tell if I like it or like the small dot more..

posted about 11 years ago
#20 Who was it who said med can swap to pyro on last? in TF2 General Discussion

Why would the medic ever switch to pyro when you have 5 other people to do it?

The way you have it even if you do push the medic out, he's still going to have uber before you again because you're stuck on pyro and not medic.

posted about 11 years ago
#12 ants taking over world in Off Topic
Really fucking cool video ^ should watch it

I signed on through steam just to say this was awesome.

posted about 11 years ago
#25 Need new Mousemat in Hardware
Dave_2cthe big goliathus plus (for atleast control) is that the surface doesn't change with wear over time. I was on a puretrak when I had method over to lan, felt his dirty as fuck goliathus glide perfectly and instantly bought one.

a big issue for me also was humidity dampening the pad and making it resistant as fuck on a puretrak.(HUGE negative if you use swamp cooler to cool your house)

basically what kind of feeling you want on the pad itself is pretty subjective, I just want a pad that I dont want to have to replace in order to get the initial feeling or that shit where half the pad is worn and the top rightish area is still new feeling.

Exactly. I used to have a goliathus control a long time ago, and it held up pretty well (better than the speed that lasted 2 weeks). However, if you have a laser mouse, you really should just get a hard pad. Honestly, I prefer hard pads over cloth ones because even when the hard pad goes bald, it's still faster than the cloth one when it's semi-new or even new. Also, if your mouse feet are marginally scratched, you don't notice it so much on a hard pad. However, on a soft pad, the glide/feel of your mouse is affected a lot.

Those bald spots heat up while playing longer then 30 min and then your mouse feet start to stick to it as you try to do small movements. So the pad feels different from the start of the sessions then it does an hour in. The problem is laser mice pretty much suck on cloth pads forcing you to use a hard pad.

I've found the Puretrack talent/stealth almost as good as the Goliathus Speed/control but any of these 4 are worth while if you want a pad that feels the same from day to day for a long time.

I know dave_ said he wore through the speed version quickly but I think there must have been some sort of issue with the pad or mouse because I've been using my Goliathus speed with a DA for months and it hasn't even required a cleaning yet.

I have 3 laser mice and about 7 optical ones and it's the same for all of them. The optical work great on any pad while the laser only work well on hard. I have at least 10 mouse pads, half hard, half soft and they also have a common theme. The hard ones are easier to keep clean, but they get bald spots that heat up and stick and they wear out your mouse feet at the same time. Soft pads will collect more dirt but can be cleaned and will not wear out your mouse feet. So it's the same glide for months.

posted about 11 years ago
#10 Help Me Pick the Right Mouse in Hardware

If you use the DeathAdder I find the Goliathus keeps tracking better longer then the talent once they both start to get a bit dirty or dusty.

I would stick to the speed version as it's silky smooth where the control version has a lot of dips in it which I find dirt gets stuck in easier and then messes up the tracking of the sensor.

posted about 11 years ago
#24 duder is gay in Off Topic
junkstaRRi agree with this. But i think more people are not okay with it because its different. As humans we appreciate consistency and despise change. Even if the change is for the better of an individual(s). It is a life choice just like smoking,drinking, GAMING, and any other choice one person can make. More people are beginning to accept this "change" but most people will never accept it simply because they do not know how to.

OK so in my mind I'm thinking, this HAS to b a troll. Kuza, don't bite, just let it go, there's no way people are that ignorant. But I'm bored and love a good debate so here goes.

Did you really just say being gay was a life choice? I have a theory about people who think being gay is a "choice". They are closet gays. Hear me out.

Since you think it's a choice, that means you're making a choice yourself, which means to me when you wake up in the morning you must think to yourself, hmm should I suck dick today or eat pussy? The reason I know it's not a choice, is because in the morning, all I can think about is my wife's Vjayjay. I couldn't force myself to suck dick even if I had a gun to my head.

I'm not anti-gay at all, I understand they didn't choose to be gay, just like I didn't choose to be straight, I was born wanting to fuck girls. In fact I love lesbians because I like watching 2 girls make out, however, I would have A LOT of trouble watching 2 guys make out, not because I'm against it, but because I'm so straight it grosses me out. But since they do enjoy it, good for them, enjoy life yo.

posted about 11 years ago
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