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#2 RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE in World Events

First Tech then fkn Nipsey wtf man

posted 2 weeks ago
#41 What's got you down? in Off Topic

Migraines n debt sucks

posted 1 month ago
#43 Sketchek is back? in TF2 General Discussion
Encresage_One was his brother, who also played TF2, he went by willlol if its the same will then that's vendy, fucking godlike troll

Oh damn I haven't heard that name in a while. Vendy randomly re-adds me once every two years to say hi and then disappears. Didn't even know he played TF2 ever anymore but clearly his brother is a massive cunt. Imagine thinking this is okay to do.

posted 2 months ago
#255 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

Not surprised to learn a good portion of the nunya guys are as shitty as they first seemed.

posted 8 months ago
#673 update is released in TF2 General Discussion
kawaI'd be willing to bet that all 360 employees are pulling 100k+ salaries - there are 30 people sitting on their asses who produced this update after making one hundred and fifty thousand dollars each. CSGO is proof that we deserve more

did some research and the base salary starting at valve is 72-77k for the lowest position

This is what I'm saying. I also recall seeing something that said all Valve employees have to effectively be like jack of all trades so they can do a bunch of different things to an incredible standard (will try to find it) so they should all be pretty competent and if they were both competent and working as they should be this update would 100% have had a lot more.

posted about a year ago
#670 update is released in TF2 General Discussion
JunoHonestly cant understand what people really expected from a game that's now essentially 21 years old, gone through many devs, pushed i don't even want to know how many free updates.
Sure more weapons fixes would of been cool, and so would the MM being fixed. But they just don't have the mann power.

So we got a love and war update in 18 months, for a really really old game that has either a super casual or "I only play comp" user base, and done a pretty decent job of making both sides happy.

What we really need is for Valve to give us keys to the castle, do our own community stuff, but lets be honest no one is going to want to organise and do that.


They absolutely do have the mann power (I see what you did there) to make a MUCH better update than this I don't get why people are acting like they're a little indie dev studio with starving devs struggling to make ends meet. They work at Valve and they promised things that they apparently could not deliver and they deserve criticism for it.

posted about a year ago
#659 update is released in TF2 General Discussion
blAstroDoom1goblinIt's not edgy to be disappointed in the update, but is edgy to personally insult the small development team we're lucky enough to have even bothered to stick around. Fuck off.
You're acting as if they don't get paid for it. It took them a year to put out a mediocre update stuffed with community made content. They said it will be size of 2-3 major updates, but it' clearly fucking not.
Knowing this, it doesn't excuse personally insulting the devs.

Calling them incompetent in the context of their product (TF2) is not really the same as a personal insult that has nothing to do with the topic. They're putting out mostly garbage with a little bit of okay content while the community does a lot of heavy lifting with maps, items etc. and it's taking them way longer than it should as well.

Any company that is creating a product people are putting money and time into is going to told they're incompetent if they produce way less than their pay and time spent should produce and especially if they neglect some massive things the community has been ranting and raving about for ages. Valve is not a tiny little indie studio making zero money off of their time, they are paid well and they have all the information they need.

posted about a year ago
#18 Quitting + my story in TF2 General Discussion

Good luck irl bud. There were definitely a few times where you came across as a bit of a toxic person towards me but I hold no grudge, at the end of the day it's just a game and none of us are perfect.

posted about a year ago
#61 Manchester concert explosion in World Events
BarryChuckleI didn't say Islam is exempt from criticism. I don't have bad taste in my mouth from you criticising Islam. I didn't employ any whataboutism and I didn't mention Islamaphobia. Infact, as a bisexual atheist I have an extreme problem with a belief system that advocates beheading me or throwing me from rooftops because of who I am. But good job on knocking down that strawman you set up.

If you weren't doing that then why would you point towards a different religion like you did there? If it wasn't whataboutism? Enlighten me.

mustardoverlordtwo things we can do without harming any non-terrorist Muslims along the way are pretty obvious: 1) end the imperialist US/UK/etc. presence in the Middle East, and 2) stop giving money to the most radical Islamic terror state in the world. how are either of those things controversial?

These two things will not change what it says in plain text and what Imams are teaching everywhere. It will not change that a caliphate is something that is truly wanted by the Muslim world and it doesn't explain why places that have next to nothing to do with the US/UK and actually let refugees in still have so many issues despite their naive hospitality and I'd even argue because of it.

posted about a year ago
#53 Manchester concert explosion in World Events
BarryChuckleKonr m8 you realise the Bible is also full of heinous, contradictory, warmongering, gay-hating, heathen-stoning backwards shit right? Yet you don't have religious Christian extremists committing these acts of terror today. What people are suggesting is that there are perhaps cultural, social, economic, historical and geopolitical factors at work here. Perhaps the reasons for this shit, and therefore the solutions to it, are slightly more nuanced than "Islam = bad, Quran = bad."

Like clockwork someone has to respond with whataboutism whenever someone criticises Islam. Yes, the Bible says some awful stuff as well but as you say yourself there aren't constant terror attacks being done by Christians right now and there has been a lot of reformation in their faith which means that most of them don't even take anything seriously in their scripture. There are also new and old testament in the Bible which some feel effectively sets a new precedence for how to act anyway, and nowhere in the Bible does it say it's unalterable or the direct word of God.

Of course there are many other factors are work here, but you cannot tell me that because of that the factor of the actual scripture/religion itself has sweet fuck all to do with it. It's not only a factor but the very thing that they use as reason for their actions. Whether it's only about the thing I mentioned or not, why do people like you have such a bad taste in your mouth after reading someone criticising the doctrine of Islam and pointing to clear motivation behind extremist actions without even needing to take scripture out of context but are completely okay with saying the same shit about Catholicism? Why is Islamophobia a thing on it's own while no other religion has anything of the sort? Why is it exempt from criticism?

posted about a year ago
#51 Manchester concert explosion in World Events
MarxistI wasn't aware that I was repeating myself in this context, but maybe I am? I generally respond in such ways to ignorant statements and perhaps they've come up a lot.

*Any* excuse will do - Islam is just the most popular one right now because most others don't offer the sorts of benefits that they used to. So where does that leave us? The reason I repeat myself is because in order to actually make any sort of impact - in so far as preventing these sorts of tragedies from occurring both in Europe and abroad, a rather nuanced approach is going to have to be adopted both by governing institutions *and* individuals themselves who have any sort of regular interaction with Muslims generally (I happen to have a lot).

Politicians will come out and say "oh you're in our hearts" and then proceed to do nothing - or actively make the situation worse by funding radical groups. Barbarians will call for the liquidation of all Muslims, which will only make radical Islamists more convinced that they are indeed in mortal danger - but typically both reactions are just ways of doing nothing that feel slightly better than doing absolutely nothing.

I also have no idea who you are Goaskalice but you *sure* do presume to know a lot about me.

I am not pro-Hamas - will I point out that they *legally* do have a right to utilize armed force against occupation? Yes - because all people do and that is how international law works. Would I like to see a Palestinian state that was run by Hamas? Absolutely not. The problem with Palestinian society is that the PLO is woefully inept and corrupt, and Hamas managed to fill the space that their ineptitude left - in part because other groups' constituencies were bled dry by emigration (socialists, mainstream-ish liberals, Western Conservative types, etc). Hamas also benefits from sentiments that are *very* much held in common with anti-Islamic types in that saying and doing very aggressive things *feels* good for the individual "HEH ban all Mulsims kek" ,but only actively makes the situation worse - because the conclusion is impossible to implement. Israel cannot be removed and likely won't join some larger body of nation states that would sublate it any time soon, so the end goal of Hamas' program is foolish and impossible, generally speaking. I should also point out that Hamas has hardly ever engaged in any sort of attack abroad - they may do and say silly things in response to terror attacks abroad, but they're not concerned with attacking European states - the idea has come up a few times, but it's almost always shut down in pretty short order as I've been given to understand anyways.

Have you read the Quran or Hadiths? Who are you to tell these extreme Muslims that follow scripture so closely that they are just people looking for an excuse or don't understand their faith? People have shown time and time again in so many difference places on and off the internet how easy it is to understand ISIS members' mindsets when you actually read the scripture they hold so dearly. They quote it when they do so many awful things just as governments do in many many many Muslim majority countries and do you know why they do that? Because the scripture is abhorrent right after the start of the Quran and while you can cherry pick things that sound like sunshine and rainbows shined out of the ass of the Prophet Mohammed you can look at the rest and see and overwhelming majority of abhorrent disgusting shit that has absolutely no place in a civil society. Even the things that are nice are contradicted heavily later on.

The only way you can possibly think the way you do is if you haven't actually read the scripture yourself. Good job, you speak to a lot of Muslims. Do you realise you're very unlikely to meet the people that are carrying out these attacks and even if you did they'd never in a fucking million years let you know how disgusting their views actually are? Anecdotal evidence based on people you interact with from the Muslim community does not represent the whole of Islam as a people any more than ISIS does but you know what ISIS do represent? The fucking scripture.

posted about a year ago
#13 Web Design Thread in Off Topic


posted about a year ago
#28 First Adysky steps down now T0m? in TF2 General Discussion

Why are people still kicking their friends for carry players in 2017 with TF2's current state?

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And why is that question getting downvotes..? Pretty legit thing to ask.
posted about 2 years ago
#23 spudd joins ChampGG.K! to replace adysky in News
ThaigrrdamneasyBuRnMEnowwhy is thaiggr's name changed to walKer
GET WALKED ON http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/704037974368566170/B2C108C08257988EF3C3DDBBE88EAC2D9ACD2F5D/
Yeah I changed my name for a twitch meme!

you confused the fuck out of me i was like since when has WalKeR been good enough for top prem?!

posted about 2 years ago
#49 Stepping down from TFTV in Off Topic

Good luck in the future bud

posted about 2 years ago
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