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#2 CSGO Optimal Net Settings? in Other Games

cl_cmdrate 128
cl_updaterate 128
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 1
Only really applies if you play on 128 tick servers, default settings are fine for valve servers.

posted about a year ago
#434 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

finally got a new pc.
Intel Core i7-8700(non-k)
8GB DDR4 RAM@2666Mhz
Radeon RX580 (8GB)

Driver version: Adrenalin 17.12.2
dxlevel (default is 90): 90
Resolution: 1920x1080
Full-screen or windowed: Full
FPS configs enabled: Comanglia+these things
Shadows enabled/disabled: disabled

2639 frames 11.862 seconds 222.48 fps ( 4.49 ms/f) 14.073 fps variability

-dxlevel 81, comanglia/mastercoms

2639 frames 10.769 seconds 245.05 fps ( 4.08 ms/f) 18.744 fps variability
posted about 2 years ago
#48 Community Frags 3 in Projects

These are all post-pyro, 2 of them are POV only and one has an STV+POV.
Czech Republic
i made a text file with all the ticks and descriptions.

posted about 2 years ago
#3 Keyboard malfunctioning in Hardware

Something like this happened to me just yesterday when i cleaned my keycaps and left droplets of water on the stems. Unplugging it and leaving it overnight fixed it.

posted about 2 years ago
#34 What did you get for Christmas? in Off Topic

144hz monitor (got it few feeks ago already though) and i'll be building a new PC in January.

posted about 2 years ago
#91 spotify year in review in Music, Movies, TV


posted about 2 years ago
#2 Bought new pc and it won't run tf2 on highest in Q/A Help

Ryzen doesn't have the greatest single core performance and tf2 pretty much relies on IPC + clock speed, you can try overclocking which should help a decent margin.
edit: also ryzen gets pretty big performance gain from ram speed, iirc 3000/3200Mhz is recommended for optimal performance.

posted about 2 years ago
#433 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks, i'll be probably getting i5/i7 anyways and a cheaper cooler, so i'm just hoping i can keep 4.7Ghz on all cores. I'm too scared to delid.

posted about 2 years ago
#4 Zowie EC- with 3360 sensor in Hardware
flyingbuddyRocketJumpingNinja did a video outlining the differences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Ksf2Bn-og&t=48s
Doesn't seem like much of a difference other than a few minor improvements.

Didn't know he made a video already, didn't show in my subscriptions, thanks!

posted about 2 years ago
#1 Zowie EC- with 3360 sensor in Hardware

Zowie announced new Zowie EC- Series mice with on the fly polling rate change and the 3360 sensor.
Is there a noticeable difference between those 2?

posted about 2 years ago
#431 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
BigTCPU: Intel I7 8700k @5.1 GHZ

Could you please run the benchmark with hyperthreading off and 2 cores disabled, i'm curious how would it run @i3 8350k (although i guess it'll be the same.)

Also what cooler are you using.

posted about 2 years ago
#4 Custom hud not working after update in Customization
Meet Your MatchCustom HUDs must now contain a file named "info.vdf" in their root folder, with the key "ui_version" set to the TF UI version with which they are compatible.

This was done intentionally so you don't crash because your hud isn't updated.

posted about 2 years ago
#745 update is released in TF2 General Discussion


This was probably not needed but except DMs etc to be broken.

posted about 2 years ago
#12 What games are you currently playing? in Other Games

started playing the original deus ex, really good game. Also just finished LiS BtS Episode 2.

posted about 2 years ago
#14 what's on saxton hale's contracker? in Off Topic


posted about 2 years ago
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