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#33 Nursey twitter thread in TF2 General Discussion

IDK the exact ages in her situation, but you could have a sexual relationship b/w 19 and 16 yr olds and still not be allowed to exchange nudes because that constitutes as child porn. Kids in high school have been charged with distributing CP because they sexted someone their own age. OTOH, there's such a vast maturity gap between 19 and 16 it's still creepy to pursue a relationship even if it's legal.

posted 4 days ago
#8 podcast thread in Off Topic

No such thing as a fish, made by the people behind QI. 4 people discuss their favourite facts on a topic.

posted 6 days ago
#87 Problem with RGL Policy in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 week ago
#38 Problem with RGL Policy in TF2 General Discussion
cemberI've been on the Internet for a long time and in that time I've been called many things and yet despite all that I have never not once ever IN MY LIFE felt less of a person because of what someone called me. What RGL did to me was fucked up. When they handled my case they did not view me as a self, as an individual, as a person. They saw me as dirt.

I'm sure you sincerely believe this and it's not just concern trolling.

posted 1 week ago
#1965 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization
syphRockzyou re-join the server after you set it to 1yeah, doesn't work

Do you have -nohltv in launch options?

posted 1 week ago
#24 Windows 10 MAJOR UPDATE TODAY in World Events

Windows Education is free with university ID, doesn't have bloatware and you can disable updates. LTSC is only meant for enterprise and omits all QoL updates.

posted 1 week ago
#2 cl_interp help in Q/A Help

God is punishing you

posted 2 weeks ago
#247 The Mouse/Mousepad Thread v2 in Hardware
Rockzmy shovel hands are too large for fk1+
(claw-palm hybrid)

Intellimouse pro is slightly longer and has bigger hump to fill out your hand. Deathadder is also an option. The new one comes out on 14th. For anyone who's about to buy Endgame XM1, hold off for a bit cause they're updating it with a flexible cable

posted 2 weeks ago
#41 Remove NURBEY from the Live Streams list please! in Site Discussion

I mean ya fuck pedos but could you guys not raid her stream with alts and harass her. She's not in the tf2 community, just ignore her.

posted 1 month ago
#1414 PugChamp in Projects

From the Subroza cheating accusations a while back. You can't really detect low fov aimbots even with handcam. Plus no one falls for this shit

posted 1 month ago
#19 LF Gaming Mouse Recommendations in Hardware

G-Wolves has latency issues. XM1 is a better Sensei but it has a rubber cable, and it's another 15 bucks to paracord it.

The upcoming model D has pretty large side buttons.

posted 1 month ago
#15 LF Gaming Mouse Recommendations in Hardware

I'd strongly recommend against MM710, I bought the newest batch and the buttons just grind against the shell and have horrendous post travel. No point in buying Zowie FK series, Model O has the same shape and better scroll, buttons, cable and feet. New wireless tech is better than wired. You can't go wrong with either Model O/O- or G Pro Wireless.

posted 1 month ago
#26 Juice Wrld dead at 21 from seizure in Music, Movies, TV

Benzo withdrawal can cause fatal seizures. The guy could've been trying to get clean outside rehab. Total tragedy

posted 1 month ago