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#1 enigma unbanned me again in The Dumpster

back from 3 perma's baby!!!!

posted about 4 years ago
#3 Casters and cameraman wanted for 4s tournament in TF2 General Discussion

that's mean luxor!

posted about 4 years ago
#14 Liquid to sign Koosta - report in CSGO General Discussion

elige is shit!

posted about 4 years ago
#9 ETF2L S23 W4: Full Tilt vs. Publiclir in Matches

its a good thing they didnt overfill the nuclear reactor with 5 brits.

posted about 4 years ago
#30 Warmth Solutions in Off Topic

pee 5 liters and then douse it on yourself... mmm warm pee

posted about 4 years ago
#2 never underestimate the power of my friends. in The Dumpster


posted about 4 years ago
#8 Highlight: P-rez vs. DD + 5 Friends: ZOWIE 16 Cup in Videos

damn released right after they cut raptor!

posted about 4 years ago
#1 damn it feels good to be back in The Dumpster

i hope for warm welcomes and wishes...

thank you all, it wouldnt have been possible without woogiebug

therefore, i have changede my shitposting ways


posted about 4 years ago
#9 Linkuser replaces train on -bird noises- in News
whymeoHoly shit I never would have expected voll to cut train. Is this another one of their memes? wtf

he should have cut Hellbent


posted about 4 years ago
#1 Linkuser replaces train on -bird noises- in News


posted about 4 years ago
#138 Why it’s time to say goodbye to TF2Center in TF2 General Discussion
VanguardDLKWith a cackle and a grin, MasterNoob stepped down from his throne, forged of the finest UGC Steel and the skulls of the banned, at the head of the admin's table in Fort Center's grand hall. With the air of a man content in his misguided authority and ill-used power he strolled casually, nonchalantly towards the intruders who dared to oppose him in his own domain.

At the doors of his hall were a ragtag bunch; the admins, moderators and supporters he had cast aside. RTC and Digresser stood proud, flanking Kkaltuu as he stared down the man he once worked for. Faced with none more than an army of three, MasterNoob chortled heartily and prepared his wittiest quips.

"Looking for a last player for your 4v4 team, are you boys?" he exclaimed across the hall with self-indulgent sarcasm dripping from his words. "I'm afraid you'll have to go to TeamFortressTV for that; ask around in my global chat and I'll have you banned before you can say niggatron."

Kkaltuu rolled his eyes, unfazed by the remarks. "Awfully confident for a man whose empire burns before his eyes, aren't you MasterNoob? Your admins have abandoned you, only Tereza remains and he shall be dealt with just as easily as yourself."
MasterNoob let out another guffaw as he carved Kkaltuu's retort, word-for-word, into the stone of the hall's farthest wall, joining the hundreds of negative remarks concerning him. He looked around, as if expecting half-hearted forced applause, quickly righting himself when he remembered his moderators were not there with him.
"It is my empire that burns, is it Kkaltuu? My empire and not your competitive scene, not your 6v6 or your oh-so-precious Highlander? You know as well as I do that without the service I provide your community would wither and die like a 3am Logjam lobby, and yet you expect to intimidate me with your pathetic little Ultitrio here?"

Kkaltuu began to retort, but Digresser jumped in first with a fire in her voice. "Yes, MasterNoob, we do, as you know equally well that a service on the level of Center with more competent administration would bring your ridiculous excuse for an empire to the ground in two !reps of a Loveclop."
"And we plan to do just that," RTC added sharply with the conviction of a man scorned, turning himself back to the door they had entered through as it was opened from the outside. MasterNoob could only watch, his face paling and his jaw hanging agape, as his former staff flooded through the door, supported by countless numbers of the very same banned and insulted that he had walked over to reach his position of power.

Stared down by the enemies he had made over the years, MasterNoob's expression transformed from whimsical malevolence to one of self-protective anger, preparing for fight or flight as Tereza finally joined him from his quarters at the back of the hall. RTC, gleeful in his revenge, took great delight in the words he exclaimed to them across the room.

"It's over, Noob. Center will be replaced, just as TF2Lobby before it was and just as you will be."


Digresser is girl? Or trannygender

posted about 5 years ago
#46 Language Learning Thread in Off Topic


fuckmachinehithereHallo, wie heißt du? ich heiße hithere. was kommst du? ich komme Russland, und ich spreche Russisch.

german is hard to learn

und vielleicht meinst du "woher" statt "was"?

Ich bin müde. :(

posted about 5 years ago
#209 shitty gut knife giveaway in CSGO General Discussion

I have the motivation of a tiger

posted about 5 years ago
Turinnaf to tempo storm?

Elevate just cut rooroo (understandable) so mayb also elevate

posted about 5 years ago
#207 shitty gut knife giveaway in CSGO General Discussion

entires hab been closed ______________________

posted about 5 years ago
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