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#1 Changing the meta: part 2 in Off Topic

Give soldier hitscan: There scout meta goes bye bye.

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 playing medic probably healthy in TF2 General Discussion

nobody wants to exercise, but its healthy
nobody wants to eat well, but its healthy
nobody wants to clean, but its healthy

…nobody wants to play medic, so its probably healthy!

posted 1 month ago
#17 stock market crash? in Off Topic
Menachemthe best part about saying "soon" is that it could happen in a day or a year and youd still be right

i'll predict before the end of the year

VinsuWe've been in a downtrend for 7 months, are you saying that a single day 10%~ drop in the nasdaq / dow is coming similar to what happened in march 2020? Otherwise, it's been crashing for a while now

could be either i guess, but ill go out on a limb and say yes, another drastic (~10%) drop

posted 1 month ago
#1 stock market crash? in Off Topic

i believe that soon enough there is going to be a stock market crash, it's been a long time coming.

posted 1 month ago
#73 Anime suggestions? in Music, Movies, TV

Well here we go then.


The Divine Saiyan who was once mortal but with constant training and fighting with powerful beings became the strongest saiyan. (It is not that hard to be the strongest when there is less then dozen of you but still) Rivalry with Vegeta really pushed him to becoming stronger. And any new enemy he faces was nearly always stronger then Goku so he over time learned that he needs to train like a lot and get stronger to the point where he even attained God Chi and became kind of Demi-god/Divine Saiyan if you don’t mind calling him that.

Powers and abilities: Incredible tactical intelligence and fighting genius. Overall besides fighting average intelligence. (Goku is not dumb. He is just childish sometimes and his lust for food and fighting sometimes make him look like that). His power level was always expanding and breaking the limiters and getting to new heights. When he started he was powerful enough blow up cars. Now at peak of his power he is strong enough to shake the universe with his power.

Weaknesses: Likes to drag on fights sometimes and wants his opponent to go all out so he can have a challenge. Has pure heart so he will not resort to killing unless absolutely necessary and this costed him his life and sometimes even fate of the planet Earth and humanity itself. Can’t breathe in space still.. even though he has god chi. And he might be able to survive in vacuum in space for some time.


Average mortal on first glimpse but there is nothing average about his power level. He was simple mortal with average life like any of us until it came the day where he got fed up with his average and when he saw a monster trying to kill a kid. He saved the kid but monster didn’t want to back down. Saitama got angry and said that he is tired of his life and he will want to become the hero who can punch rotten villains away with just one punch. He defeated the monster after hard battle. There he started training and after 3 years he became so powerful he became bored because he realized that having overwhelming power is just boring and lame. (Think of it this way. You play some game and enemies are powerful they give you trouble your health reaches critical level and you win. It was worth it you cheer you are happy! Now Use console commands and type God mode or something similar. It will be fun first few times. Imagine now playing same game over and over with God mode. You will get bored eventually. Same happened for Saitama)

Powers and Abilities: Overwhelming power level to the point where non of the enemies posed even a little threat and 99% of them got killed with one punch. His willpower is enormous. He will never back down from being pure hero and never will succumb to evil. Will always fight and be hero no matter what. Even if everyone are against him he will stand for right cause still. The peak of his power what he demonstrated so far is jumping from Moon to Earth in manner of few seconds. And he can punch away energy wave/beam that can destroy the Planet. Still all this is not even a glimpse of his true power apparently.

Weaknesses: Will not use full power right at the beginning of the fight because even that small percent is capable of killing most creatures in one punch. Usually doesn’t take fights seriously. Although if enemy does somehow manage to survive a punch then he will drag on the fight to see how powerful enemy really is. Also will not kill humans. We saw him only killing monsters. Can’t breath in space although he can hold breath for extended period of time most likely way more then any human since has just chilling on the Moon. Also can survive vacuum of space for extended period as well. And yeah he can’t fly because humans can’t fly although he can maneuver in air with relative easy to dodge the projectiles or energy beams.


Well overall depends on the 3 factors.

First which version of Goku are we using? Dragon Ball Goku, Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku or Current Goku, OR Dragon Ball GT Goku, Although that one is not canon so I will not use GT in this battle

Second what is limit of Saitamas power level. Are we gonna assume he is at Star Level buster maximum or he has infinite strength/speed/durability in 3 dimensional space-time.

Third their moral? If they ever faced in battle they would never kill each other. Goku will not kill since he will see Saitama is actually kind at heart and good guy and Saitama will see that too. Also Saitama will think Goku is just powerful human and Goku might think Saitama is another unknown Saiyan or maybe powerful human. For the sake of battle both will have morals off and will kill each other if capable.

Dragon Ball Goku after he defeated King Piccolo vs Star Level Saitama - Here Goku was around small country level since he is equal or slightly stronger then King Piccolo. Saitama probably doesn’t one punch but after consecutive normal punches Goku is blown to pieces.
Dragon Ball Goku after he defeated King Piccolo vs Infinite level Saitama - One punch!!! And Goku is dead.
Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku vs Star Level Saitama - Here Goku at maximum with Super Saiyan 3 was roughly equal to Kid Buu which means he is Solar System Buster. Saitama met his match and must fight seriously. He is enjoying it and Super Saiyan 2 Goku is struggling a bit. Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 and Saitama is overwhelmed. Goku uses Instant Kamehameha to vaporize Saitama from behind.
Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga Goku vs Infinite Saitama - One Punch!!! And Goku survives but is badly injured. He eats a Senzu Bean and gets up. Powers up to Super Saiyan 2. But it is not enough. Saitama is easily blocking all attacks. Goku realizes and goes Super Saiyan 3 where Saitama is surprised bu sudden power boost. Saitama gets ragdolled around. He stands up and uses consecutive normal punches where Goku hardly blocks and gets hit a few times. He is injured but can go on. He powers up a bit more and uses full power Kamehameha. Saitama gets slightly serious and uses Serious Punch. Kamehameha is blown away back to Goku. Goku survives but is badly injured. Goku stands up and flies to the sky saying *People lend me your energy!*. Saitama watches and thinks *Whathe doing?* Saitama gets bored of watching, jumps to Goku and Punches him. Goku is dead. NOTE: Solar Flare wouldn’t give Goku too much advantage since he can’t hurt this Saitama. Also Spirit Bomb is useless against Saitama since he also has pure heart.
Current Goku with Full power Ultra Instinct vs Star Level Saitama-Base Form Goku gets excited at how poweful Saitama is for a human. He even mentions that Saitama is more poweful then Krillin but lacks his martial art training. In the end Goku slaps Saitama and kills him.
Current Goku vs Infinite Saitama - Base form Goku is fighting with Semi-serious Saitama and realizes how poweful Saitama is. He powers up to Super Saiyan. Saitama is still unfazed. Goku Powers up to Super Saiyan 2. Saitama still unfazed but power up uses Consecutive Normal Punches and injures Goku a bit. Goku gets up calms his mind and turns Super Saiyan Blue. Here Saitama gets slightly serious and fights with Goku. They seem equal punch after punch but Saitama uses Serious Punch and Goku gets mortally wounded. Goku uses Senzu and gets up. Realizing that was last senzu he powers up to *Mastered* Ultra Instinct. Saitama throws punches Goku evades them all and punches Saitama back. Saitama excited at how powerful Goku is he smiles. He says *Now I will fight seriously*. Goku and Saitama exchange blows and Goku is surprised how Saitama can fight him on equal grounds. Saitama is starting to use more and more of his strength and Goku seems to be more and more overwhelmed. Goku uses all his power on Instant Full Power Kamehameha wave.

posted about 2 years ago
#72 Anime suggestions? in Music, Movies, TV

according to this scaling frieza in full power is barely large planet normally and a few times more if he was using his most powerful nova strike, the shield that goes through ssj gokus kamehameha at 3,183.5355 yottatons or about 5x jupiter.

however ki scaling cant be linear because first form freeza uses a single finger ultra causally blowing up planet vegeta, a 10x earth gravity planet

First Form Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta casually, a planet with 10g. As you can see in this calculation

, ( actually the links gone lol rip) the amount of energy required to pull off that feat is in the range of Dwarf Stars attack potency.

It would mean a battle power of 530,000 is likely equatable to 1,746,397 Yottatons of TNT, or 1.7 Tenatons of tnt.

Freeza can create a force at least 36.5 million times greater than King Vegeta at 10,000

Even scaling up from linearly from First Form Freeza, since First Form Freeza must exert a force of 1.7 Tenatons, the difference between that and 164.913 Tenatons(to destroy the sun), is about 97x. Freeza's power level from First Form to Final Form is 226x, so he'd be able to destroy the sun at just over 42% power, or just over 51 million.

given the numbers for frieza, whom was causally beaten by trunks, who goku could easily beat before 3 years of training and the time chamber. cell was also stated in guides to be solar system.

SSJ3 gotenks could not damage goku black arc copy vegeta in base, SSJ3 gotenks has to be beyond cell by a by huge amount.

in the resurrection f arc ssj gotenks barley hurt tagoma, he didn’t leave a lasting injury, ssj gohan then destroyed tagoma, and gohan was destroyed by first form friezas finger beams. frieza in final form was evenly matched with base goku, meaning at bare minimum goku in super is 100x stronger than cell after his god training

SPEED: saitama was shown close to the speed of light agaist boros after being hit into the moon, i dont see why saitama would hold back his power in space on the moon when he doeent have air but im going to say he is 10 million times this amount and for simplicity’s sake 10 million times the speed of light. Piccolo prior to the saiyan invasion was able to hit the moon in about 4 seconds ie 1/4 the speed of light. goku in his fight with vegeta is over five times stronger than piccolo, but lets say goku has the same speed as that kiblast. People in DB has been shown to out run their own ki blasts when neccesary. goku on namek was at 3 million, 375 times more than his saiyan saga version making him 400 times the speed of light give or take. GOku by the resurrection f arc of super is over 200 times stronger than a super saiyan, so at bare minimum 10000 times his namek state given SSJ=50x meaning oku in base has to be at least 4,000,000 times the speed of light if we assume a linear scale, which is a BIG lowball, if we dont scale goku from beerus/whis and we assume he got no stronger in base in super goku would be a little lover than half of saitamas speed in base however, goku needed blue kaioken x 10 to beat hit and then later defeated him easily with only blue by destroying his new time skip cage thing move, meaning goku got 10x stronger from the third to fifth arc, putting goku faster than saitama.

Actually scratch that, im being a gokutard, lets assume goku is only 4 mil times the speed of light while saitama is 10, goku could lose since he is slower.


gokus durability might be higher than saitama, but likey the same given that they both took a black hole/black hole like attack, although goku was weakened at the time, before he powered up, his spirit bomb also turned into a black hole like thing too, and he and vegeta/frieza are shown to be able to handle some energy of destruction, which might be anti-matter perhaps, i know thats a reach, but it is supposed to cancel anything and it seems to make light, albeitt base gou didnt seem able to cope with the energy well, in comparison to goden frieza.

Saitama cant be holding back durability right, that would be dumb, to hold back enough that you get hurt by stuff that shoudnt hurt you

even if you give boros the best feat possible, and give saitama the benefit of the doubt, unless you make saitama infinite or discount the dragon ball guides, goku would likely be beyond the maximum seen power of saitama in base form, especially after the TOP or broly movie. goku might be slower if you squint at it though. especially given that goku is a much more varied and experienced fighter and can fly, teleport, and use the mafuba if neccesary, he could at the very least stalemate saitama long enough for saitama to want to go get food or something, as we see in the TOP goku recovers stamina quite fast, and we know super saiyan doesnt take nay stamina since the cell saga.

in one singular fight without giving any time to train for goku/saitama Goku would win 99/100 times, unless he gets caught by suprise or holds back out of retardation and dies in one hit. Goku is probabaly stronger but slower than saitama in base form, but we know he can handle kaioken x 10 with no difficulty form the namek saga of Z so even if goku was handicapped to be unable to transform he could win because kaioken is NOT a transformation. Vegeta would fight first and somehow lose because toriama

posted about 2 years ago
#71 Anime suggestions? in Music, Movies, TV
ThickneyOne Punch Man

Goku vs. Saitama (One-Punch Man). Who will win?
About half of the answers on this question are for goku and about half say saitama would win, if we analyze most of the arguments we have generally, Saitama is a gag/parody character and therefore could not be defeated by the character archetype he is parodying, or that saitama broke his limiter and therefore is infinite in power. I will attempt to address both of these and why they aren’t a win all argument here.

1. Saitama is joke/Parody character of the OP shonen protagonist trope, but just because he is a whatever type of funny character does not make him win here, The OG Dragon Ball was at times listed as a comedy show, moreover in the OG dragon ball manga against yamcha, goku broke a manga panel.

Now this is obviously an artistic choice by Akira , it doesn’t mean to imply that goku is reality breaking or anything at this time. however within the world of dragon ball goku has fought Dr. Slump Characters, which are mostly gaga characters like Arale, who fought goku is DBS. During this fight, vegeta was able to adapt to a gag format of fighting, and until distracted, at least stood a chance in his fight

Just because saitama is a joke of being ridiculously OP for his verse, doesn’t mean he has to win due to his comedic nature.

2. Saitama Broke his limiter and therefore is infinite

there are many manga panels that state this, and its true that saitama broke/destroyed/removed his limiter

n the OPM universe a limiter is what prevents any being from becoming stronger than they can handle, ths is true in real life, the human body has a maximum limit that for many athletes have actually exceeded due to abnormalities or in some cases hard work. For example, most of the best olympic swimmers have a genetic defect that nearly negates their production of lactic acid, i’m pretty sure, which makes it much easier for them to swim and train. Estimations of what the human body can actually do are a little crude, and are commonly incorrect, even recently, Usain Bolt’s speed was beyond what most scientists thought a human could reach without serious medical side effects, however he doesn’t have any genetic/physical abnormalities or account for why he can be so fast. These atheletes for whatever reason, manage to surpass what science believed the human maximum was. Saitama has taken this to an extreme, in every way he no longer has a maximum power he can reach, but this doesn’t prove that his power is actually infinite, because if someone of infinite power was holding back, it doesn’t matter what percent they hold back, they would still be near infinite. There is one other major being in OPM stated to have broken its limiter, boros, the guy saitama two shotted. There is one guide , that accompanied the Blu ray release of OPM season one i think that states that Boros in his meteoric burst mode ( ie full power) was beyond any mortal level, implying that at least that form has in some way, at least partially broken boros’s limiter. its also stated in webcomic i think thats what the left is.

(thats the best image i can find on google for it)

Now even if boros was only at a partial breaking of the limiter ie partial infinite power,this would still scale to saitama, who beat him.

before you discount the guide here because it says that saitama might have had to try to beat boros, this guide also says , in certain translations, that the collapsing star roaring cannon is star level

which people love to cite this paragraph as true regardless, and disregard the other page because it doesn't look good on saitama. i don’t mean to anger anyone here, but many people argue something like this.

“well boros here is star level, and saitama beat him no effort so saitama is star+++++, and goku never blew up a star so goku loses no effort in MUI” while they disregard the page before it that states saitama needed to at least try i tiny little bit to destroy boros.

Most statements put boros from planet surface level to full planet level, however lets give the benefit of the doubt that he is full star level, saitama is capable of one shotting him with little effort, pretty sure it said somewhere that saitama had to try a little. hover this means beings without a limiter, including saitama are NOT guaranteed to de infinte in power, and as far as i am aware, there isnt hard proof that saitama is actually infinite, other than his power being incalculable, which is about the same level of statement that goku/vegeta broke a scouter a few times, even somewhat recently in the tarble special. Saiyans in DBZ techically could be interpreted in the same way, vegeta expecially in super stresses that saiyans have no limits

just because goku or saitama could reach a infinite level of power doesn’t mean they already are infinite, unless namek saga vegeta is infinite. and i dont mean to sound like a dragon ball tard here, but as far as i am aware there is now way ouside of statements to prove that either goku or saitama are actually infinite.

Saitama is an incredibly strong guy, who after breaking his limiter doesn't train all that hard and more importantly doesn't have much marital arts knowledge, saitama isn’t all that good at the art of fighting, but is many times stronger than any opponent he faces.

lets assume saitama used something like one thousandth of a percent of his power, or one millionth of his total power to negate a star level attack, were going to assume given the most common estimations for the collapsing star roaring cannon that its small star, or our sun level. (164.913 tenatons) The ability to destroy the sun. there are corrections for a smaller number, but im using the biggest force number i can find for the sun

a solar system requires 1.3644837476099E+35 Tons Of TNT A lot more energy

even if saitamsa punch at full power was ten million times star level, he would be below solar system level, unless we seem him beat a solar sytem buster

but im going to assume saitama is a casual solar sytem buster.

Now where is goku? , how you can try to power scale damage potential with power levels but it frankly doesnt work on a linear scale, its better to use guides/author statements. This is why a linear power scale doesn’t work with power levels being bullshit and all.

guides state saiyan saga vegeta could destroy earth, and a human power level is 5 , vegeta is at 18,000

a fighter with a power level of 10,000 can generate an attack that outputs 47.8 zettatons of energy which can destroy the earth, since it was stated in guides and king vegeta blew up thee planets with a wave of his hand

this mean the average human in DBZ is 1/2000 of vplanet level, this means that 2000 people who where perfectly average but could make a ki blast could blow up the earth this also means that the average human could blow up a mountain if they knew ki control. if you try to linearly scale power in DBZ, literally every feat is disproven by the one before it.

Im kinda going off on a tangent here

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Give Soldier the Redeemer from Unreal Tournament. in TF2 General Discussion

redeemer = beggar's bazooka

posted about 2 years ago
#3 Classism in The Dumpster

Karl Marx practices savant-ism

posted about 2 years ago
#57 pegging in Off Topic


posted about 2 years ago
#26 should i lie about my height in The Dumpster

i am perfectly average height

posted about 2 years ago
#28 what am i doing wrong? in Off Topic

you must atone for your sins

posted about 2 years ago
#14 TF2 update for 6/16/20 (6/17/20 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

heavy update when? haha

posted about 2 years ago
#6 cool rgl player names in TF2 General Discussion


posted about 2 years ago
#31 How are you? in Off Topic

feeling a bit better

posted about 2 years ago
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