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#9 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News

thinking about the alternate universe where mix^ rolls 4g leading to platinum sitting in a minion suit...

posted 10 months ago
#6 sorry to tell you in TF2 General Discussion

FUCK yes, what do i win??

posted 10 months ago
#15 what did you GIVE for christmas in Off Topic

Got a guy 69.69 USD so he could upgrade his setup for streaming. Unfortunately he uses CAD and did not get the joke

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sorry, eh?
posted 11 months ago
#11 i need a profile picture in Off Topic

posted 11 months ago
#1 Guidelines: Writing a TFTV Post that is Successful in Q/A Help

Hello. My friend has been wondering why he always receives downfrags.
Here is quick guide containing some of the dos/donts.

First, the basic thing to remember is its all about playing to your audience while at the same time being helpful and not wasting effort on pointless BS.

  • Remember to never bump an old thread.
  • Before making your own thread to ask about hardware/settings/software issues, click on the threads tab and do a quick search to see if your question has already been answered. Enter 1 or 2 keywords and if you dont find anything on the first try, go ahead and make that thread homie.
  • Never act like youre smarter than everyone else, we are all useless gamers and dont have the very inteligente.
  • Always try to help out people when you can!! Whether tech questions or sometimes real life stuff, they usually need it if they are posting here.
  • Be able to understand and interpret contemporary vernacular such as "wtf is this shit" or "bored af" or "nice c0ck fellow dude".
  • Remember, every single person spending time on TFTV definitely has your best interests in mind and they are all good people. Be respectful and reserved.
  • Calling out your mates and starting drama is always a must do, but try to make it so that others will get the joke too, the goal is to not alienate people and if you havent realized this already you are definitely part of a minority.
  • Always be able to converse about og competitive players/teams/names but never give out more information than you receive. Try writing a single name or sentence that can be interpreted ambiguously.
  • Froyotech is the best unless they are not in which case it is Witness gaming or mge mike or showstopper or clockwork or kaidus or
  • that doesnt matter
  • Be able to use the built in HTML markdown BUT DO NOT OVERUSE IT, it makes you're thread confusing
  • Never talk about anime, but always be able to understand anime references.
  • Never talk about politics, but always be able to understand political references even if its not your country
  • Being redundant is usually a pointless and trivial.
  • If a high level or well known player comments on your thread or in relation to your own comment, you win
  • If you get extine or MR_SLIN in your thread, you win
  • If you get rahmed in your thread, you might win, kind of up in the air at that point
  • If you get aimisadick, you win
  • If people start fighting, you lose
  • Unless it's funny, then you win
  • Always use good grammar or spelling
  • Writing profanity is fine, but censoring yourself also makes you look wholesome. [*} Never read your own post, your wrote it perfect the first time
  • Never edit your posts after posting them. This demonstrates beta mentality.
  • Always edit your posts if you mess up, people hate a badly written post.
  • Why should you care how other people think of you?
  • If you receive downfrags, ignore them. They don't matter but you should definitely try to figure out who it was so you can downfrag them in return.

Remember to have fun! The internet is a cool place where people sometimes have your best interests in mind! And if you screw up, expect to banned, shunned, ridiculed and/or chastised until you fix your shit.

With that said, here are some of the best posts that follow the guidelines:

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Other tips and tricks:

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  • Use imgur
  • Never post anything
posted about a year ago
#15 Which invite TF2 player would win squid game in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#25 favorite emoticon in Off Topic


posted about a year ago
#20 worst/cursed huds in TF2 General Discussion

posted about a year ago
#4 Self-improvement thread in TF2 General Discussion

- bit unrelated; successfully write a drumfill to 808 pattern in a beat

posted about a year ago
#4 Who is living in Hannover? in Off Topic

ill hannover deez nuts :)

posted about a year ago
#18 3 in Off Topic

what happens when the Pootis_Fazbear hits 0?

posted about a year ago
#8 whats the best scout crosshair and why (help me) in Customization

your crosshair is the area on the screen where when you click = good

small crosshair for practice, larger crosshair for play

below is what i have in my custom folder, its from yomps customs and it allows you to simply type like "yellow" in console to change your xhair color or "32" to change the cl_crosshair_scale to 32 or "ring" to change it to the ring. Pretty useful on the fly.

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- download, unzip, open that unzip, throw it into your custom folder
- make sure to add "exec settings/alias.cfg" to your autoexec.cfg file
posted about a year ago
#11 High Speed Rail in America in Off Topic

here is some high speed rail i found

but how else am i and other members of the environmentally ignorant middle class going to flex our totally sick rides

posted about a year ago
#2696 Do you like the song above? in Music, Movies, TV

holy shit that snare sounds nice af, gonna try to cop real quick

posted about a year ago
#24 gorono lft adv scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

very cool and good definitely worth playing with

posted about a year ago
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