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#10 mumble doesnt connect to some servers in Q/A Help
GrapeJuiceIIIhow do i do this im tech illiterate i only know how to play games

open cmd/powershell and type ping *MUMBLE ADDRESS* (without port)

posted 10 months ago
#7 mumble doesnt connect to some servers in Q/A Help

ping the ip
are you on uni/dorm/etc internet? they might block some ports

posted 10 months ago
#77 CastingEssentials Spectator Plugin in Projects
MelonssLawena is detecting it as a hud, I'll give this a shot.

It's no longer detecting it as a hud, however it's still not loading :/

a long shot but try launching lawena as administrator

posted 10 months ago
#517 yttrium's competitive viewmodels in Customization
AMamaWhoIsConcernedBro I am really confused. No matter what I do it always makes it that the original on soldier HAS to be hidden. How do I fix this???? Here is the list of all the things I have hidden, Scatterguns, Double Barrels, Shortstop, Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Huntsman, Original (forced wont let me uncheck it), Shotguns, Bison, Primaries (Medic), shotguns, revolvers. I only have shotguns on Heavy and Soldier removed, I keep them on for engie and pyro.

AMamaWhoIsConcernedAnother thing, why do the sappers just break? like some parts of the ap sap just like disappear and its really weird.

can you provide footage of this

posted 11 months ago
#3 Pause causes players to be stuck on a weapon in TF2 General Discussion

might be crosshair switcher, one that includes "+" and "-" commands and it breaks during pause

posted 11 months ago
#4 LOD issue in Customization

mat_trilinear 1
mat_antialias 1
mat_filtertextures 1
mat_filterlightmaps 1

posted 11 months ago
#47 [S33] Class Restrictions in TF2 General Discussion

what's this discrimination, where's "can't play medic"?? _?

posted 11 months ago
#37 map tier list in TF2 General Discussion

posted 11 months ago
#3280 PC Build Thread in Hardware
LeonhardBrolerDo you mean the actual manufacturing quality of my i5-9600K chip could have a big impact ? Or did you mean an i5-9600K vs an i5-8600K could make a difference for instance ?
As for "not very efficient" I guess you're talking about needing a higher voltage to run a stable overclock on a given clockrate than with a good Z390 ? And higher power consumption overall ?

posted 11 months ago
#118 Free Game Megathread in Other Games

not free but i got 75% discount for Seven: Enhanced Edition
just add me on steam if you want it

posted 11 months ago
#7 spawning with medigun in Customization
tf_remember_activeweapon 1 // Setting this to 1 will make the active weapon persist between lives.
tf_remember_lastswitched 1 // Setting this to 1 will make the 'last weapon' persist between lives.
maybe it's dumb but what is the difference between active weapon and last weapon selected?

active weapon is a weapon you had out when you dies
last weapon is "lastweapon", bound to Q by default

posted 11 months ago
#12 PugChamp in The Dumpster

Multiple VAC bans on record | Info
49 day(s) since last ban

posted about a year ago
#3 tf2 keeps on having fps drops / spikes in Q/A Help

nice edit
idk what woolens maxframes is and couldnt find it, so send it here if you want help (pastebin)
since u have a notebook i'm pretty sure it's cpu temps, so check them when gaming (
or might be RAM since 4 GB isnt not much, especially with W10 (which im assuming u r running) so try to close programs u arent using and check usage (task manager)

posted about a year ago
#58 Female Snapchat Filter on players in Off Topic

posted about a year ago
#2 tf2 keeps on having fps drops / spikes in Q/A Help

post your config
post your specs
check cpu temps

posted about a year ago
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