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#7 Creative Gaming Association TF2 and CS:GO Season 1 in Projects

Maybe try getting more exposure with this cup and maybe have a small entry fee (11 ref/44c per player? This would be enough for a little over 1 key per team of 6.) so there could be a prize pool. Even a prize pool of just a few keys would be at least some incentive for players to participate. I know have a team that may be willing to participate if it's a short cup with a prize pool, and I'm sure you could find others!

posted 7 months ago
#9 is the reserve shooter a viable option for pocket? in TF2 General Discussion
HerpTimIt's a viable option for MGE

do not

posted 7 months ago
#5 Creative Gaming Association TF2 and CS:GO Season 1 in Projects

I understand wanting to start a tf2 league, but take it as it comes. Don't plan Season 2 yet, get somebody willing to help you with writing these posts (hi!), and just try and get staff and more ways for people to play and know how to play. Maybe consider doing short 1-3 day cups with like a 4 key prize pool to try and get yourself familiar with organizing stuff.
Edit: Forgot to mention this, but personally I would really not try and do both cs and tf2 at the same time. TF2 I'd imagine is a bit easier to organize this type of thing for (plus, even a considerably tiny prize pool rivals those of the biggest leagues in comp TF2 as of now, so you're more likely to get players). Good luck!

Also, I did my best to correct your grammar. Don't mean to be obnoxious, just want to help!

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Welcome everyone, to this thread on TeamFortress.TV! This thread was made to promote the still somehow alive (seriously, it's actually incredible to see this) Creative Gaming Association!
To those that are interested in figuring out what this even is in the first place: I'm glad you asked, cause I'm the owner and founder of the CGA!

I plan on going back to the roots of before S32 of ESEA even happened when S31 was considered the last tf2 season for ESEA.
"How?", you may ask?
Well, first I implement TF2 6v6 and CS:GO 5v5 into the CGA to make a full-on season! I'm going to aim for at least 4 teams for both games. No prize pool, no entry fee. This is all experimental and will shape the future of the Creative Gaming Association.

After the first season is complete we will add divisions. The divisions, as listed from weakest to strongest are: Contender, Challenger, and Champion division. These divisions will be based on previous experience in other leagues such as RGL, UGC, ESEA, and even discord leagues, known or unknown!

Contender will still have the no entry, no prize pool for people in Newcomer, or Amateur/open for TF2 RGL along with Open and low IM for CS:GO.

The challenger division will allow experience between IM, main, and div 2 for tf2 RGL as well as having high IM and low main teams in CS:GO, plus it'll have a small entry fee of between $4-8 per player and will have a small prize pool, but since that's a season 2 thing, the prize pool will be determined at a later date.

The Champion division is the strongest division, fitting div 1 and invite players from TF2 and strong main plus advanced players from CS:GO. It'll also have an entry fee of around $13-17 per player, and obviously have a bigger prize pool, but that is also a S2 thing and therefore TBD at a later date.
the season will have between 3-5 weeks of normal BO1 play for season 1, no divisions whatsoever since its experimental. then 2-3 weeks of BO3 playoffs, most likely 2 weeks since we don't want to waste too much energy from our competitors in the CGA.

I hope you have fun reading this thread and I definitely hope you can stop by and check out the CGA sometime!
discord link:
posted 7 months ago
#3 how can i divide timer in Q/A Help

If you have mp_tournament set to 1 then there shouldn't be a waiting for players period (as defined by the game), just a period where players need to join the server if you're playing a match. (at least with the standard mp_tournament_readymode 0, teams ready instead of players (1), I'm not sure about other readymodes).

If you don't want mp_tournament on for whatever reason you can end waiting for players with mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1 and restart the game with mp_restartgame x (x = seconds until game restarts) or mp_restartgame_immediate 1 (immediately restarts game).

posted 7 months ago
#3 is the reserve shooter a viable option for pocket? in TF2 General Discussion

The Reserve Shooter is banned.

If it were not banned, I'm sure it would be very commonly used, as it can mini-crit and completely deny jumping soldiers, but it's banned, and for good reason. Yes it's viable, but it's not allowed.

posted 7 months ago
#2 any good na pugs servers? (ideally west us) in TF2 General Discussion

1. What fucking medic gave 80% heals to pocket? They deserve ban
2. Nut city is generally the best for this (in my experience), but if they're not available I usually either go to pugchamp or just play some 3v3s/4s with friends. But really nut city has been by far the best.

posted 8 months ago
#4 whats the best way to full time a sniper in 6v6? in Q/A Help
Nathanmaps that are fulltime sniper viable in my experience.

Pretty accurate from my experience, but I really don't think it sucks on everything but Viaduct and Process. I just think that those are the only two maps that running a FULL-TIME sniper is really viable on, but even on Process, I think it's better on most maps to just run a sniper during certain situations when the picks a sniper can get would really make the difference.

Also, even if it may seem extremely obvious, don't ever run a sniper if you don't have someone who is good on Sniper. Even if the situation calls for it, it would be worse than them not switching classes at all if they aren't GOOD at sniper. Not decent or anything close, they should be good.

posted 8 months ago
#2 whats the best way to full time a sniper in 6v6? in Q/A Help

Usually, the best to replace is gonna be the roamer, imo, since the roamer generally is the most disposable player that can be replaced with an off class. The only reason that I think scouts are the ones to go sniper/other offclasses is that they might not be the best for holding in that certain situation (usually holding last) or the fact that scouts are generally better snipers than roamers.

posted 8 months ago
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