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#28 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help
Brolywho is he? i want to meet him and congratulate him on somehow pissing you off so much that you had to make an angery thread on a 14 year old

"Even though this thread was made as a complete joke it does reflect reality in many ways and has helped me with this situation overall."
I was in a call with him while writing this, my original intention was to make it sounds as much like a copypasta as possible. I think I succeeded with that as well as my secondary goal of getting actual help here. This thread still seems more and more regrettable over time. I still think it's fucking funny.

posted 1 week ago
#20 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help
illyawhy did you post this here instead of talking to him

talking is usually unproductive as he tries to argue with what I'm saying instead of absorbing it and trying to actually improve himself from this criticism, turning it into an argument more than a discussion about how we can improve as players, or alternatively turning to whataboutism and saying
"What about you? What about how bad you are!"
instead of actually trying to improve. Anything I try and say to him is always countered with a statement from him trying to defend his undeniably stupid and shitty actions instead of trying to improve himself. Sometimes, though, he comes back some hours later and apologizes for his actions, and then changes completely absolutely fucking nothing there-on-out.

From this thread, I've gotten real answer(s?) as to what I can do. Even though this thread was made as a complete joke it does reflect reality in many ways and has helped me with this situation overall.

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 tips for ultiduo soldier? in Q/A Help
carnaticumbefore I add u do u have a dick


posted 2 weeks ago
#8 Uni_Wizard LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

+rep good aim

posted 2 weeks ago
#11 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help
Isohe'll probably find this thread soon anyway lol

you are right, he has found this thread.

posted 2 weeks ago
#9 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help
turbochad692 advices:
dont drop so much

i drop like once every 2-3 scrims

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 Toxic 14 Y/O Team Leader in Q/A Help

My team leader is like b4nny but 14 years old. He loves himself like nobody else, he's too invested in becoming an intern for daddy Elon musk to realize that this behavior is worrying, and he constantly goes heavy offclass, how do I make him stop being a cocky little b4nny wannabe and make him a normal person? Or, since I'm technically the rgl team leader, how do I tell him he's cut from the team without all of my other team members being like
"dude uncool"
and leaving the team?? I like the rest of my team but this little gay baby little bitch motherfucker is worrying me and I don't want to play a season with somebody who thinks the quick fix is underpowered and that you should literally always go an offclass even when your flank scout has other duties and so there's no way to build when you're defending last and you don't have uber when they push even though you should have and you lose the game because that happens 3 times!

Whenever I say that I have more experience than him (5 more seasons) he just says "MGE me, I will beat you right now" and literally actually fucking intentionally forgets the times when I beat him and remembers the times when I say "I really don't want to mge right now" so he fucking destroys me (20-15) because I'm tired and fucking sad.

It's his second season but he always acts like he knows more than me and starts an argument about why I shouldn't have dropped in that fight like i get it bitch I have 120 ping, go eat a dick.

Good god, he's always trying to argue about something. I feel like my fucking uncle right now. My aunt and my uncle meet in like china or some shit, they date for a while, fuck, have a child, get married, and argue. Now they are constantly arguing and it's tiring to be around them. Even though it's obvious that both of them are to some extent to blame, they both blame it on each other, and it's unproductive. My aunt now says she doesn't even like my uncle despite having like a fucking 1 year old child with him (for me this is our team, which he originally started as a ugc steel team but I thought of the name and brought over to RGL for its second season).

It feels like all friendships sometimes have these moments (similarly with all marriages) but this isn't fading. It's almost every time we talk. He's this existential 14 year old who thinks he's perfect all the time (apart when he apologises for being a toxic asshole in a call and then proceedes to change nothing about his behavior).

I try and be nice and I really, really, really try to tell him to chill out, that everything is alright, nobody is threatening him and his pure masculinity (he also likes jordan peterson) but he just yells and says "shut the fuck up, you're the one who's mad.". I don't know what to do. Since I am technically the rgl team leader I could cut him from the team and there's nothing that really holds him in this team anymore except the fact that all of my team members (all of which I recruited) would either leave the team or permanently think I'm just a sensitive little bitch because all they see is him yelling at me for dropping when 4 players consecutively bomb me AND MY FUCKING COMBO SCOUT (he's combo) IS ACROSS THE FUCKING MID! God damnit. God fucking damnit.

help me.

tldr; in one week I will be lft open/im medic, 5 seasons of experience, first season of medic

Edit: extreme toxicity continues "who the fuck is 5'4, how can you be 5'4 and not fucking kill yourself?"

posted 2 weeks ago
#14 tips for ultiduo soldier? in Q/A Help
carnaticumhit every direct and dont miss your shotgun thats it
if u want more advice tho just lmk ur meds discord

finman#8312 (think he needs to nail down the "don't miss your shotgun" stuff still)

posted 2 weeks ago
#16 Solemn Vow unbanned in September Global Whitelist update in News
MakI still think Iron Bomber should be banned until valve fix it or a plugin is made that fixes it. Now that there's proof that it's more than a very viable side-grade.

Personally I think banning it would fuck over a lot of people who are used to it (I know it would silence my wish to ever play Demoman again) but I definitely see that it's op. It's not just "part of the physics engine", it's a straight upgrade. I think that something to fix this hitbox would not just be much better than a ban, but would be quite necessary.

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 Solemn Vow unbanned in September Global Whitelist update in News
KamiI actually can't believe that people don't understand how good this weapon could be if people knew how to call around it. I mean, it's not necessarily an unfun weapon so I guess it's cool but holy shit does medic have some powerful unlocks.

It's been extremely powerful being used in scrims so far, excited to stomp this season as a medic maincall-ish health caller person.

posted 3 weeks ago
#20 post your ideal whitelist in TF2 General Discussion

You seem to completely ignore the 40% faster healing rate and the fact that it is extremely overpowered on mids or when defending.

posted 3 weeks ago
#7 Creative Gaming Association TF2 and CS:GO Season 1 in Projects

Maybe try getting more exposure with this cup and maybe have a small entry fee (11 ref/44c per player? This would be enough for a little over 1 key per team of 6.) so there could be a prize pool. Even a prize pool of just a few keys would be at least some incentive for players to participate. I know have a team that may be willing to participate if it's a short cup with a prize pool, and I'm sure you could find others!

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 is the reserve shooter a viable option for pocket? in TF2 General Discussion
HerpTimIt's a viable option for MGE

do not

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 Creative Gaming Association TF2 and CS:GO Season 1 in Projects

I understand wanting to start a tf2 league, but take it as it comes. Don't plan Season 2 yet, get somebody willing to help you with writing these posts (hi!), and just try and get staff and more ways for people to play and know how to play. Maybe consider doing short 1-3 day cups with like a 4 key prize pool to try and get yourself familiar with organizing stuff.
Edit: Forgot to mention this, but personally I would really not try and do both cs and tf2 at the same time. TF2 I'd imagine is a bit easier to organize this type of thing for (plus, even a considerably tiny prize pool rivals those of the biggest leagues in comp TF2 as of now, so you're more likely to get players). Good luck!

Also, I did my best to correct your grammar. Don't mean to be obnoxious, just want to help!

Show Content
Welcome everyone, to this thread on TeamFortress.TV! This thread was made to promote the still somehow alive (seriously, it's actually incredible to see this) Creative Gaming Association!
To those that are interested in figuring out what this even is in the first place: I'm glad you asked, cause I'm the owner and founder of the CGA!

I plan on going back to the roots of before S32 of ESEA even happened when S31 was considered the last tf2 season for ESEA.
"How?", you may ask?
Well, first I implement TF2 6v6 and CS:GO 5v5 into the CGA to make a full-on season! I'm going to aim for at least 4 teams for both games. No prize pool, no entry fee. This is all experimental and will shape the future of the Creative Gaming Association.

After the first season is complete we will add divisions. The divisions, as listed from weakest to strongest are: Contender, Challenger, and Champion division. These divisions will be based on previous experience in other leagues such as RGL, UGC, ESEA, and even discord leagues, known or unknown!

Contender will still have the no entry, no prize pool for people in Newcomer, or Amateur/open for TF2 RGL along with Open and low IM for CS:GO.

The challenger division will allow experience between IM, main, and div 2 for tf2 RGL as well as having high IM and low main teams in CS:GO, plus it'll have a small entry fee of between $4-8 per player and will have a small prize pool, but since that's a season 2 thing, the prize pool will be determined at a later date.

The Champion division is the strongest division, fitting div 1 and invite players from TF2 and strong main plus advanced players from CS:GO. It'll also have an entry fee of around $13-17 per player, and obviously have a bigger prize pool, but that is also a S2 thing and therefore TBD at a later date.
the season will have between 3-5 weeks of normal BO1 play for season 1, no divisions whatsoever since its experimental. then 2-3 weeks of BO3 playoffs, most likely 2 weeks since we don't want to waste too much energy from our competitors in the CGA.

I hope you have fun reading this thread and I definitely hope you can stop by and check out the CGA sometime!
discord link:
posted 3 weeks ago
#3 how can i divide timer in Q/A Help

If you have mp_tournament set to 1 then there shouldn't be a waiting for players period (as defined by the game), just a period where players need to join the server if you're playing a match. (at least with the standard mp_tournament_readymode 0, teams ready instead of players (1), I'm not sure about other readymodes).

If you don't want mp_tournament on for whatever reason you can end waiting for players with mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1 and restart the game with mp_restartgame x (x = seconds until game restarts) or mp_restartgame_immediate 1 (immediately restarts game).

posted 3 weeks ago
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