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#77 Flank is an idea. A concept. in TF2 General Discussion
loljkfor all you guys criticizing pyyyour, let me tell you that this is the way adults in the real world address each other. Respect and humility among your peers are signs of weakness practiced by beta losers.

bcuz video games r reel life nd evryone is sevrtly a backsset ecologist lukin n2 ur mind 4 scrt strats so they cn beet u at tf2

posted about 6 years ago
#17 MGE Legend in TF2 General Discussion
Garydefiancebl4nkit's ok trekkie. not like it's're telling me MGE elo is irrelevant??????of course it's relevant, how can you be a good soldier if you can't deny jumpers with a shot gun and spam across badland middle trains??

To be fair, that's my entire Blands strategy.

posted about 6 years ago
#187 Pre-season highlander gossip in TF2 General Discussion
infinite-Irony is if ETF2L was not "EU-centric" they could easily run a league to compete with UGC and I can bet you more people would join as ETF2L is 5 times better at PR and has a further reaching arm in terms of connections.

All I am saying is if we really wanted to, we could kill UGC and make you 2nd for NA HL and EU HL.

Too bad it continues to be eurocentric. Go for it! We would love to see another league take on global highlander in a serious manner rather than favoring a few countries. It solidifies our hard work making highlander a competitive format. Goodluck to any NA teams trying to compete there right now w/ this guy as your admin. Talk about a home town ref! And yes, your guys (meaning not you) did a great job with the community challenge but take a look at the timeline. Our first highlander season was in 2007. Your community challenge was in 2010. Good to see you euro's taking our great idea and expanding upon it :) My gripes aren't w/ ETF2L though. They are a solid league when you are not involved.

How hard is it to spell with?

posted about 6 years ago
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