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#15 best tf2 player twitter accounts in Off Topic

nah local twitter is less a thing than it was a few years ago
moat my irl friends use insta now unless they're politics nerds

posted 9 months ago
#4 The Aging Process in The Dumpster
toads_tftelomeric microbiology

that would be molecular genetics
you basically never work with telomeres for micro organisms

youre bad at the pretending to be smart thing

posted about a year ago
#17 Adderall Fan Club in The Dumpster
Comangliareeceshits literally meth dude stop doing it
no it isn't

similar yes, but not the same. Meth is significantly more dangerous due to how fast if crosses the blood-brain barrier delivering a more powerful "high" faster. This also causes meth to be significantly more addictive. Methamphetamine also breaks down differently were the byproducts are neuro-toxic unlike adderall amphetamines. Yeah both are bad for you but Meth is still WAY WAY worse.

Now I have ADHD and have a dextro-amphetamine prescription, after having been on these meds for about a year now. I don't understand the craze for them anymore. It's nice to not be tired as shit anymore, but god is it annoying focusing on the most useless shit constantly. ex. Marveling at the texture on a cubicle wall while having a deadline to deploy new equipment. Shit when I play TF2 while on my meds I feel like I play way more like a bot than when I'm not. Maybe it's different for people who don't have ADHD / don't take it everyday.

actual active doses of meth and and normal amphetamine are actually not that different of experiences (relatively sure I haven't done meth, so just going off what I've read). The biggest differences are in amount and route of ingesting. Smoking gives you a higher peak and addicts typically take something close to 100mg of IR equivalent at a time, both of which will get you addicted to regular amphetamine too. If you're regularly taking equivalent doses of meth/amphetamine, you're only slightly more likely to get more addicted to meth, since it is a bit more euphoric on the whole and makes it easier to form the response.

I take a lot of adderall, fwiw, and I know what you're talking about to some extent. I find it depends heavily on the sort of work you're doing, your motivation, etc etc. At work I mostly program, read articles, or write so its not a big deal if I hyperfocus for 4-8 hours, cause no one really interacts with me anyway. Days that I have to do stuff down on the production floor are rough, though. It gets better as you get more and more used to the actual ride, but its still pretty easy to lose yourself (I wrote a 3 page footnote on the history of the Darwinian individual yesterday :( )

posted about a year ago
#77 An update on our friend Pankeyman in Off Topic

u know this thread rocks cause the falsely attributed anti-semitic dogwhistle from a pedophile white supremacist isn't even the worst post

posted about a year ago
#26 Procrastinating in Off Topic
GUNSGUNSGUNSAderall also known as addy

1. developing a stim habit just to finish high-school or w/e is dumb
2. it still requires you to actually start doing shit, otherwise you just clean your house

salts are great for productivity, but they dont really do much for actually starting a project ime. Theres not really a workaround other than building better organizing habits to get you to actually begin things. then snorting shit actually helps

reccing ^ Ciggs/ vapes / shit that you can do every couple hours to take breaks. if you get in the habit, it helps workflow a ton cause you dont burn out as quick and it's less miserable, so you dont end up psyching yrself out on starting the next thing

posted about a year ago
#82 CoLLeGe in Off Topic
poopsharkeeeI finished my GRFP application, feel fairly confident & submitting tomorrow
if I get it, theres advisors at Harvard & GA tech who are kinda interested in my stuff (also one at MIT but he does open ocean so eh)
doesnt nsf announce the awards well after admissions? expressly to avoid having the GRFP affect admissions?

in theory. in my field, advisors can pretty much take you on whenever they want, especially if you're independently funded
my proposal was basically derived from my work, anyway, and the potential advisors whove seen it felt confident in my chances (as confident as can be at least), and I'm kinda half sure I'll be able to make two Applications b/c the rules are weird

did you submit anything? shit v nearly killed me, I spent prolly 20 hours a weekend on it this month

posted about a year ago
#67 CoLLeGe in Off Topic

I finished my GRFP application, feel fairly confident & submitting tomorrow
if I get it, theres advisors at Harvard & GA tech who are kinda interested in my stuff (also one at MIT but he does open ocean so eh)

if I dont prolly just gonna stay at my brewery tho

posted about a year ago
#2 what are ya READING? in Music, Movies, TV

Politics & Truth by Foucault, a history of the Rwandan genocide, a supplement/"how-to" of Derrida & Deconstruction currently

over the past 6 mos:
was into German idealism for a while, read most of Kant & Hegel, kinda lost interest after and switched to Marxist analysis & structuralism. I read Logic of Scientific Discover and some of Fisher's texts a few months ago and wanna start getting into more epistemology/scientific philosophy

outside of that, I read a decent amount of stuff for work/school. most is kinda boring to non-ecologists/evo-reseaarchers, but "Life in Moving Fluids" was something I read a few weeks ago that was both really approachable and still a strong introduction to fluid mechanics

posted about a year ago
#94 Coming out in Off Topic
Rebitethe people who are arguing are now triple gay. not that there's anything wrong with being gay....

being homophobic in a thread about encouraging a safe and welcoming space for LGBT+ community members is a bad look

posted about a year ago
#92 Coming out in Off Topic

also, please stop posting

posted about a year ago
#91 Coming out in Off Topic


fraternal birth order isnt a new discovery. the problem with your post is the application of genetic determinism to explain homosexuality, while clearly having a (being charitable) high-school level understanding of immunology and physiology. The extent to which it is genetically determined (predisposed, to be more accurate) is a fairly intense field of study, but your proposed mechanism and presumed source offer incompetent and mechanistically inconclusive explanations, respectively. Further, any attempt to define homosexuality as a predominately genetic phenomena is spurious in the absence of more rigorous study. Your (presumed) source offered no variance assessments between homologs of hetero- and homosexual carriers, so arguing that the heritability* of homosexuality at all is a poor interpretation of the data I gave you. Considering you haven't posted a source yourself, I'd reccomend diving a bit deeper into the peer reviewed literature before making further claims. I'd also reccomend brushing up on comparable phenomena where maternal immunoresponse results in developmental "defects"**, e.g. rh-factor induced hemolytic disease in newborns. In doing so, you'd notice that the response is triggered not by immunoperception across the placenta, but rather by child-to-mother blood transfer occurring during delivery. In the absence of a similar exposure (e.g. one in which the fetal/neonatal nervous tissue is introduced into maternal circulation for immunorecgonition), I really look forward to hearing how you explain the maternal immune response arising to begin with. I'd like reiterate that the protein of consequence here is an embedded surface protein in fetal neuronal tissue, and not in free serum, and so there needs to be some mechanism by which fetal neuronal tissue is exposed to maternal immune cells.


*I use heritability in the rigorous sense here, cf.
** I use the term defect here cautiously. Within the broader framework of evolution I do not like the term as it carries significant negative connotation, and within this subject it risks characterizing, in light of further study demonstrating genetic causation of homosexuality, homosexuality itself as a disorder or defect i.e. something to be "corrected"

posted about a year ago
#81 Coming out in Off Topic

to add: patrilineal-vs-matronal-immunological determinism for neuronal development would also mean women who are not analogous to their mother's NGLN4X allele would suffer similar (though reduced) effects, depending on barr bodies etc

FWIW: genetics, devbio, & immunology arent my interests, but I'm kinda familiar enough to be sus on that article

posted about a year ago
#80 Coming out in Off Topic

this is what he's referencing
not outright wrong, but the entire post is just... bad
My biggest critique of this study is there's not a particular reason that male neuronal surface proteins would be exposed to the mother's immune system to
a. trigger initial immunity
b. trigger B-cell activation during the second pregnancy


"The X-linked homolog, NLGN4X, might also play a role in the formation of sexual/romantic attractions, and antibodies raised by NLGN4Y might alter sexual brain development by cross-reacting with fetal NLGN4X, given its similarity to NLGN4Y"

would indicate the mother should face a fair chance of clonal deletion or anergy for any immune cells actually capable of targeting the gene, considering the epitopes are probably similar between the two

so idk man, p sus article imo

posted about a year ago
#1 why is kombucha $4 a bottle? in Off Topic


posted about a year ago
#39 bad habits in Off Topic

playing video games and only making online friends for most of my formative years has trained me to never make eye contact with people :)

posted about a year ago
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