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#15 Weeping Vaginas in TF2 General Discussion

TF2 cooking show, Brad can host.

posted about 9 years ago
#53 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
LesheyWhich tf2 moviemakers are in your opinion overrated and which are underrated?
Since the question is quite provocative I'll understand if you won't answer it.

You're pretty underrated :-)
There was a movie from a guy called Otis in the boneyard comp that I quite liked. Hadn't heard of him before.
Not going to list overrated people :D

posted about 9 years ago
#49 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
Dave_How do you get your videos to not come out choppy? I noticed that whenever I play my demos back and/or record them, they always have some sort of jitter to them. I record at 120fps in lawena if that's relevant.

Hrm they should be fine, do you get it with all demos? Sometimes the players config can result in laggy demos (you can see this in a couple of bonez' videos). But I suggest recording at at least 240fps anyway.

djcnow that you voted in the byp comp: what did you submit as your top 10?

I wasn't a judge on the boneyard comp.

alfawhat programs do you use for rendering clips after editing them in vegas?

I used to use MeGUI but use Adobe Media Encoder now. And I use premiere CS6 as opposed to vegas.

posted about 9 years ago
#3 twitchtv black screen issues in TF2 General Discussion

I'm getting heaps of problems too.. am just watching it on my tablet since it works fine on there

posted about 9 years ago
#45 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
Rekusooff topic, but whats the difference between quake and warsow? im watching the trailer, and it seems pretty similar.

Much faster, weaker weapons, more movement options (walljump, dash, dodge etc), and there's other game modes like bomb (similar to cs). because of the extra movement options its easier to maintain momentum so you can get ridiculous speeds. I still prefer Quake but its a really fun game. And I love the art style.

posted about 9 years ago
#42 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
Cradlewill you ever do something like tron fortress again?

If you mean mod a game to fit a theme for a frag video probably not, at least not to the extent of Tron Fortress, but if you mean for stuff like SFM then that's definately a possibility. Those kinds of projects take a lot of work though so I won't do anything like that again in the near future. And I wasn't very pleased with Tron Fortress - it was pretty rushed and I would prefer to build my own assets for something like that.

swedeswhat is your process for reaching the highest possible quality that you can for your videos? (render settings and whatnot)

Basically just keep everything in uncompressed/lossless formats for as long as possible, make sure you record footage at a high framerate and resolution, encoding with a high bitrate, etc. Then of course there's things like using a 32-bit workflow, etc. For rendering/encoding, I use Adobe Media Encoder, it's pretty simple to use and has great performance, and I just stick with pretty much the default 1080p H264 template, but playing with the bitrate, framerate, frame blending, etc.

RoboticI dont understand the definition of art which excludes most films ever. If its a man made form of expression, you can generally say its a piece of art.

I guess the term is very nebulous. We still use the word as a way to describe all visual media, even though one would also call writing and music art as well.

"Art form" is even more vague. Making good food is an "art form" even though a chef is more of an "artisan" than an "artist".


Yeah, my intention wasn't to say old films aren't art, I was just using it as an example to say that frag videos CAN be art, but that simply being a frag video doesn't make it art. Of course there are always countless definitions of what art is, and a lot of it is highly subjective. I probably shouldn't have used film as an example since I didn't mean to suggest there is no creativity in film, merely that the primary, mainstream role of film is as a product rather than a work of art, which is secondary to selling tickets.

I was just trying to say that if something is intended as artistic by its creator, or if a work has some sort of meaning for a viewer, it can be art. But in my view just frags of a game in a video isn't artistic in itself. Just like I wouldn't call highlights from a football game art. Look up documentary mode, I think a lot of that applies here.

I wouldn't call a Michael Bay movie art, it's a creative product, but that comes down to whoever is watching it.

posted about 9 years ago
#36 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
CruzDo you personally prefer a minimalistic approach to editting/effects, or are you ok with vids overdoing it as long as they're done well? (ESEA S10 highlights vs any of eps' vids for example)

To me they're both entertaining if they're well done. But you can have shitty minimalist videos and great videos with lots of effects. Amazing effects can be entertaining but have the potential of getting in the way of actual content.

A LOT of work has to be done to make more complex effects not look half-assed, and to do that usually requires a lot more experience and resources you usually find from people on youtube (although SFM is already starting to improve things in this regard).

On the other side minimalist videos can be fucking boring without good content. Minimalist videos only work when there is great content that is worth watching.

For frag vids I like a balance of some creativity with music, editing, effects, etc., but anything over the top gets annoying quickly.

ukmdecapNot by definition. But neither are feature films
Haha what? Whose zany definition of art are you working from here?

Film has always been commercial and it's only in the last few decades that it's become an 'art form'. My point was that a frag video is just a video of frags. But it CAN be art. But just by being a frag video does not make it art.

MTWENTYFOURfavourite TF2 movie thats not a torn production

fav subtitled movie? (any game)

favourite song used in a tf2 frag vid

is electronic music the best kind of music for tf2 movies (and any specific genres)?

what player would you most like to make a movie for in the TF2 community, including any that no longer play.

- Probably broder
- Cooller 2010/2011
- Can't think of anything in particular off the top of my head sorry
- 'Electronic music' is a very broad term.. it basically just means 'music from the last 20 years.' Music that's reasonably fast paced that's reasonably dynamic tends to be the most interesting.
- b4nny

eXtineDecap, do you think that the new steam community features will significantly raise the visibility of frag videos, or will that just be overrun by replays and for laughs SFM content?

Not in it's current form but there's definately the potential there and it's something I discussed with Robin a long time ago. If they do pick up in popularity and start being seen as the key place to find content for TF2 then sure, it could help frag vids be more visible, but due to the public nature of TF2, SFM/funny content will always be more popular. Just look at /r/tf2 to see what I mean, then realise the vast majority are dumber than that (e.g. steam forums).

ehFkRate my EG frag video 1-10.


posted about 9 years ago
#27 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
kirbyWhere are good places to go to learn how to use other programs aside from SV (photoshop, AE, whatever) that are more of use for editing?

Video copilot's basic training is really good for After Effects. There's a ton of good tutorials out there for photoshop, premiere etc. thenewboston on youtube has a lot of good stuff:

Moral_VindicationAny tips for smoothing demo?

Stick to simple two-point moves and play with the field of view and you'll get a more cinematic look. Also learn about shot composition, framing etc.

meowmeowalthough it's not your movie group, who's your vote for the byp competition? and why

also just want to say intensity is one of my fave movies to this day.

clubbed to dead. never forget.

I haven't voted yet. Honestly I was pretty unimpressed by all the videos from that contest. Cube's video was pretty entertaining though and actually had players I'd heard of before.

Langeyou wanna chup, brue?

I cant eat chups

OOVOOVare frag movies art?

Not by definition. But neither are feature films - take from that what you wish.

posted about 9 years ago
#17 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion

Using too many songs of different genres in one video

posted about 9 years ago
#15 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
SKILL_DETECTORwhat keeps you motivated to make movies?

what do you consider your best movie and why?

are you involved in moviemaking outside of TF2? (pursuing it in university or something?) if so, did your work in TF2 inspire you to do so?

Seeing all the cool work other people produce gives me ideas for cool stuff to make. And often I'll listen to a song that I get stuck on for weeks that I imagine being awesome for a video. The one I used in the TLR/Dave soldier video I'd been wanting to use for a good 8-10 months before I actually made that video.

I don't have a favourite video of mine - I don't tend to watch them much after I've finished making them.

I'm doing a Digital Media degree here in NZ which is pretty broad but I'm pretty heavily focused on the video stuff. I'm interested in the whole industry around digital media and have been since I was pretty young, making websites etc. I always wanted to make movies/videos of some kind but gaming videos was a pretty easy option for me to actually dig in and make something, and learning that has helped me a lot as it's great experience going through the whole development of a project.

Epzdo you have any tips/general rules for good colour correction? what recording frame rates do you recommend, I've heard 480 -> 60 as a general rule. what do you think about srcdemo2?

For colour correction keep any changes you make very subtle. Anything too over the top just gets in the way and is pretty obnoxious. And stick to proper colour correction tools like Colorista, Colour Finesse and SpeedGrade. Look up professional guides on colour correction before messing too much with them. Since you're working with footage from a game the only 'correction' you should be doing is countering the effects of youtube/h264 compression, the rest is grading.

480 -> 60 is pretty good, 240 as a bare minimum. I haven't made any TF2 videos in a while but from what I hear srcdemo2 is pretty good. If you have the patience/machine power to record from higher than 480 go ahead, but after 960FPS you can't exactly tell much of a difference. Stick to multiples of your output framerate, 60 is a good target as you can just halve it to 30FPS for a youtube version.

posted about 9 years ago
#13 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
kirbytell me how to be a good editor?

i've ditched madeon, so i think i'm going in the right direction.......

Learn about structure, timing, mood, music, theme, style, etc.. there's so much to editing. As an editor your job is to bring everything together in one package.

With gaming vids you're generally in control of everything from the content to the style, etc. so a good thing to do is pick on a style/a song and plan a structure and flow and stick to it. If it's an open community video or something this is likely to be a bit more difficult to decide on something, but for individual/team/tournament videos there's generally some kind of mood/style/branding you're going to want to incorporate.

Lots of editors end of having videos that aren't too interesting as they are pretty lacking dynamically. You want to have a range of different areas in your video that have different paces/mood/etc. The Cooller video is a pretty good example of this done well - pay close attention to how the content and pace tie in with the soundtrack (including commentary).

A lot of the time if what you're doing is incredibly open it can help to give yourself a few restrictions - whether it be to commit to a project for someone else, to set a goal, an arbitrary deadline or whatever - some of the best work comes from working within limits. When I make videos I make sure every one is distinct from one another, using a different style/communicating a different message each time.

Bringing all the different parts together well is what makes for great editing. You can have all the flashy effects you want or have the most amazing content but if it isn't edited in a way that allows the viewer to have an enjoyable experience, and to understand what's happening, it won't be very successful. That's not to say there's a specific way in which everything has to be edited - it comes down to what you want the end product to be. Grid's new movie is a pretty good example of great effects and bad editing.

posted about 9 years ago
#7 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
atmowhat's it like being australian?

you tell me

posted about 9 years ago
#4 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion
enigmawhen r u making another

dunno man, have thought about doing something with i46 demos but afaik extine has 'exclusive rights' to them :/

posted about 9 years ago
#1 Ask me anything about moviemaking. in TF2 General Discussion

At the risk of being flamed for yet another 'AMAxD' thread, I know there are a few moviemakers in the NA community and there are probably a few more who might have questions so..

I'm decap, I run Torn Productions, made shitty movies like ~y0y0tecH~, used to help run pldx, and have taught a bunch of people shit about making videos.

The last video I released:

Ask me anything about moviemaking, tf2, or why subtitled is the best moviemaker ever.

also this should have a movies section

posted about 9 years ago
#21 A New TeamFortress.TV in News

the fuck

when did this happen

posted about 9 years ago
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