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#27 FBTF shuts its doors permanently in News

With NA having issues ....

yo BTS is hosting TF2 btw :D game is still kicking. ...

A lan with no Budget, no prizepool and no resources (apart from PCs) provided to the organizers, who are once again not getting paid a dime...

You have no idea what is going on with BTS or how much of an investment they've made for this event, nor do you have any idea how hard some people have worked to make this event happen...

You're delusional if you think they're just giving us PCs and making a low-risk gamble.

EDIT: Oh, also a ton of their staff assisting us on-site at no cost to us. BTS has a ton of professionals in the esports place that are extremely talented that will be helping us on-site for free during that weekend, including their content team which is generally agreed is the best in the industry.

Gear and studio space that would have gone unused anyways, so might aswell dip your toe in an untapped market by other esports companies so far to see how it goes...

Fuck off yourself, kindest sir.

All I got from this garbage was:

Stop liking TF2 for being TF2, because TF2 will always be TF2 except when it isn't, then it can't be TF2 if it wants to be TF2. Let the TF2 guys who TF2 real hard, TF2 with non TF2 for fun because it's fun. Except don't let TF2 be TF2, it must be TF2 SPORT. Fuck you if you TF2 otherwise. TF2 will never not be not TF2 because it never was not TF2. Nothing will change TF2. Not even TF2. Can ya'll be more salty about everything? Some good points made here, but seriously, can y'all unwind your fucking panties?

am just salty at everybody not looking at the fact TF2 is for real dying and we're next.

and rip powah's homeland, gabor bless

posted 2 weeks ago
#57 TF2 community leaders partner with BTS for 2020 event in News

want to go so bad

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 City of Heroes, my first MMO, under unique duress. in Other Games

For any fans who are sad about its 2012 death, I urge you to read about this. Either way, it's a crazy thing to imagine. The gist of it is this:

CoH gets shut down in 2012

A game dev leaks the original source code, complete with every player's character data, etc.. to an Argie named Leo, hoping that he will release it even further into the internet, therefore preserving the game.

instead, Leo uses the source code to open a private server and keeps it top secret.

Leo also ends up being the mod of the CoH subreddit, then proceeds to secretly sabotage other attempts at creating private servers, as well as banning and stifling any discussion surrounding private servers.

Leo is also involved in a project that was "attempting" to create a private server from scratch, all the while being the admin of a super secret, fully functional version of the game, and taking thousands of dollars from unsuspecting fans of the game.

he does this for 5/6 years, all of this comes to light only a few days ago.

The good news is, after a couple days of intense and hugely scandalous evidence surmounting, the fella held a public forum on a discord where he let somebody in good faith check out the behind the scenes to show he doesn't possess anybody's personal info of any kind. And there are talks of releasing the code!

posted 5 months ago
#33 ESEA Season 31 to be last ESEA TF2 Season in News

LFT scout/sniper

posted 5 months ago
#154 What players do you miss? in TF2 General Discussion

too many to name :(

anyone s1-s15 not around

posted 6 months ago
#33 Halo coming to Steam in Other Games


posted 6 months ago
#15 Where I have been hiding this whole time in Off Topic

!ban Kissakala
!fadd cinq Captain


posted 6 months ago
#6 what is the best and worst looking hud in Customization

props to anyone still with a copy of w00t's penis hud

posted 7 months ago
#42 petition to have a nickname for combo scouts in TF2 General Discussion

If you're talking about two scouts playing together with a medic as a combo, Zclipse and I called this the Chariot. Running two scouts with uber straight at their combo on last won lots of games for us. (Kritz for top lols.)

posted 7 months ago
#18 invite dream team in TF2 General Discussion

CheckBlobSix - oov + clockwork

unfortunately none are active and it kills me

posted 8 months ago
#100 fresh new tf2 vocab in TF2 General Discussion

he's at sea

posted 8 months ago
#1024 Vent your anger in Off Topic

wish tf2 would re-launch and I could escape back to starting out in open and going through IM and it's esea s3 again and an -AA- meant something and the community weapons felt like valve was actually paying attention to us and there wasn't a fuckton of experimental weapons and loot crates failed to gain traction and never end up decimating the rest of the gaming industry and hemorrhaging its consumers for years to come

this has always been on my mind but I wish i got into making videos back then tf2 really had some great seasons with a lot of sustenance in more than half of every team in every league. I think I just might try doing something with it because there was something to the lifeblood of the community with entities like Torn Productions, ikpure and Cla chapter-ing the fan favorite team of the season. I got into tf2 because of some omfgninja videos back in the day, and meatshot vol 1 brought me into competitive. If I recall the ventures weren't sustainable for the amount of production going in and the return on the videos so it died out for the frag videos. maybe not the case anymore with the acceptance of twitch and youtube gaming. would a modern tf2 news/esports show bring life back to the game? not gonna lie, about 11 years ago I fantasized about watching concise TF2 games and give me the rundown on matchups at home on TV and i'm grumpy its not watchable today like that as a retired player. watching full matches is a bore when the camera operator is jittery and jumpy, but spectating it myself is too involved, rather be playing the game itself at that point which i don't have the time of day to practice and show up for scrims with.

posted 9 months ago
#2 obs pls help in Q/A Help

It'd help get a better idea of what could be bottlenecking your connection if you document your hardware, namely your router, provider, are you wireless or plugged in, and your GFX Card + VRAM, and RAM. People might be on settings such as yours, as I once when OBS had very limited functionality was but my hardware at the time was overkill and could crunch everything real-time with no performance hiccups. My only bottleneck was the bandwidth itself.

posted 10 months ago
#89 RGB LAN 3 (October 2018) in LAN Discussion

I'd be going to this if my car was road trippable again. I had a blast when I went, I just helped with keeping the event going smooth. Even if I did fuck one thing up that delayed the stream for a minute. Sry Fragile. Wish I could help again! The best part is everybody going out to eat after everything is done. Wassup Clorg!

I said it once before, and got flamed from people who've never been to a LAN before. It's really important you know who you're going to room with and lock up everything you own. Seems like a bunch of friendly people going but I spot a few occurrences on that list.

posted about a year ago
#4 You can stand on the vents on blands last in TF2 General Discussion

Really old, Complexity Jaeger came up with this I think. He advised against it. It takes half a second to die up there from focus and you're not that hard to spot due to the angles held looking into last.

posted about a year ago
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