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#5 idle empire in The Dumpster

Epicnoob1002 wants to know your credit card information and passwords.

posted 1 week ago
#51 best team name in TF2? in TF2 General Discussion


Also, Point And Click.
RIP waar

posted 1 week ago
#6 R.I.P. Byron "Reckful" Bernstein in World Events

I remember watching Reckful on the side when Twitch was at it's earliest after the dispute with always amazed at the ability to just play well in front of thousands of random people. I would choke if somebody even spectated me in TF2. Truly pioneered the image and standard of providing entertainment with a web-cam playing a game. If you've ever collected a dollar from streaming, sit and reflect on what he has accomplished from doing it the right way all the way up to the end and still felt the need to remove himself from this world.

posted 1 week ago
#56 What is your opinion? in TF2 General Discussion

Matt/TechNasty was an MMA fighter. He contained him because cozen is a limp noodle and couldn't do shit if he tried, made sure the victim was okay and just stared his ass down until they checked out. Matt would've destroyed him if he retaliated and it would've looked bad on Matt from outside perspective, knowing this he just restrained him for a long time. Kind of a taste of his own medicine really if you think about it. A giant guido spooning you and choking your throat and you can't move after your failed rape attempt.

posted 3 weeks ago
#54 What is your opinion? in TF2 General Discussion

Hey, y'all remember when cozen attended GXL 2015 and made his third consecutive rape attempt on the same victim in the room he was sharing with five other people but was headlocked by the undefeated legendzini himself and the victim had to leave this community permanently because she was afraid of community backlash for it being an invite player she was attacked by? Because she understood the amount of power and influence one has by just being associated with the 1% perceived as better than the population of untalented randos on the internet.

As they all shared the room everyone slept on the floor. When everyone was asleep he took off everything but his boxers and scooted over to her. She said she could feel him adjusting his legs to spoon her, his hands attempted to push down her pants as she silently screamed for help. She stated her body turned to ice and she began internally screaming. Thankfully, Matt woke up and put a stop to it but he was moments away from raping her. And she left because she knew back in 2015, FIVE YEARS AGO, none of you half-wits would be able to make up your mind over what's important and stand up for abuse of power. She was right. None of you do. Dude's still playing afaik and none of you are the wiser.

I warned people of this, but got obliterated in pointless opinion points. Lansky had to step up and say I'm right, then it equaled out.

Great to see things have stayed the exact same way, only this is a more sophisticated skunk-works meant to feed their malice. I'm sure this isn't related to why Valve won't publicly support any of you.

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 what am i doing wrong? in Off Topic


you just kinda get chosen to be the punching bag, like me

posted 1 month ago
#111 MGE players in TF2 General Discussion

As a US player and know zilch about EU standings, forever 2250 pt tryhard scout, there was always a pecking order in the public and private servers when I would put in over 40 hours a week into MGE in high school. Top #5 I name could be interchangeable depending on their day, but the average results felt a little something like:

#1 Platinum
#2 b4nny
#3 TLR
#4 Yz50
#5 Ruwin

People shit on the points system now, but it organically constructed an accurate performance assessment of match-ups in the early days of it being out (pre-original days). I don't understand why it doesn't anymore or why it's flawed now, but it seemed to be a pretty good instrument when only high IM and invite players would have over 2k pts and that was your breakthrough knowing you can hold your standing there during the week. Silently, I know teams would watch players hit that mark then feel more comfortable about giving them a tryout in the off season.

*I only put Dante here above them without a rank because he would only show up in private servers with us and wipe the floor with everybody. Generally, these players had the highest stats and only ever traded off of each other and Dante (afaik) didn't play public servers enough to reflect his skill so not many would have witnessed it first hand. I was literally benched for him in invite so I got to watch him the most. He was far more consistent playing against the best than the best were, with having the least amount of time to get used to their playstyles and that's worth something imo.

posted 1 month ago
#36 Who has the deepest voice in TF2? in Off Topic

Tony Swan for sure. We got on the same pug team a couple times. Was weird.

posted 1 month ago
#77 tf2 teams with players from the same state as you. in Off Topic

As one of six logged KY players that are definitely not active, I motion as the single active KY player to combine efforts with Indiana and Tennessee.

Though I met a gamer from just across the river via a roommate who works with him, he used to play in like 2011-2013 when I was most active. He didn't play comp, tried but didn't grip him. His brother was into it. And Ham & Dr. Loaf. I can just go grab them for backups if anything.

posted 1 month ago
#19 unironic "how do i get a life?" thread in Off Topic

get a hobby other than gaming and jerking off
learn how to present yourself vocally and physically
have literally anything to talk about rather than meme shit, only losers communicate in memes
have a talent you can showcase and talk about that isn't talking about gaming or jerking off
if you don't have a talent, learn a skill that isn't related to gaming or jerking off

posted 1 month ago
#14 What do you wish you had realized/learned sooner? in TF2 General Discussion

shoulda went to OW when I had the chance

posted 3 months ago
#27 Benefits of TF3 in TF2 General Discussion

I think if anything the dev team might task themselves with porting the core game (minus replay features, coaching bloatware etc.) over to see what performance might look like. Gauge if the project is worth doing. They've been on a series of moves that involve buying up games with impressive technology that shaves years off their goals like Boneworks for HL:A. With that said, a pro-mod might be worth talking about on this side of the fence. I'd love to see another Team Fortress iteration.

posted 3 months ago
#18 mouse for big hands? in Hardware

one of my buddies has some long hands and fingers and uses a Deathadder to claw it and it works great for him

posted 3 months ago
#18 The decade in review in News

Great read, little trip down memory lane. Don't think Dashner should even be mentioned though.

As in why immortalize the guy? Remember all our fallen heroes to OW, and that one shitstain?

posted 6 months ago
#20 Community attitudes in TF2 General Discussion

Those games have an actual return to players who invest time and effort into their abilities

$100k TF2 tournament would align everybody's perspectives real fuckin quick I bet

posted 6 months ago
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