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#3 Committed Teams in Mentoring

it must be earned.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Committed Teams in Mentoring

If you're an advanced team that's committed and looking to stay together, Add me.

looking for:
-up and coming players
-players that grind tf2
-team committed to staying together and improving

will potentially consider a team in the division below if these things are shown even more

*will only help 1 team*
-individual help

posted 1 week ago
#9 i65 Match Predictions in Projects

Nothing better than seeing all those hours writing reports being put to use

posted 4 weeks ago
#16 The State of the North American Scene in News

I'm a bit disappointed in what could've resulted from the death of ESEA--a singular league that accommodates the community with credible and respectable administration, in addition to a prize pot--but hasn't all occurred.

I don't know if there's a real benefit of people playing in NACL at all. Imo it's okay for there to be a free league and a prized league, although I don't particularly advocate for that (and how that's been a thing with ESEA and UGC lasting together), and I don't know if there needs to be two of each. To me, NACL seems like an upgrade to UGC, where its intention from what I read, was to be an ESEA replacement. This is disappointing, although understandable, because dropping money for a league to have prizes is a bit of a task.

TFCL seems to be even more disappointing because the top tier/division isn't advertised for ESEA Invite level of course, but also what led to this. I don't know much about TFCL and why it isn't as big as it seems like it could be, but that always leads back to the administration and the choices they made. From my understanding, their sixes leagues weren't successful (

RGL is the only league atm that is inevitably going to replace ESEA (unless some significant actions are made) due to it having the largest prize pot by quite a margin, as well as some "success" so far. Unfortunately, prizes are one of the most dominant factors in what league to play in as a replacement for ESEA, unless, also, the administration decisions are questionable, which leads to the important point that RGL doesn't particularly satisfy the community. Botmode's essay ( covered this well. One thing, though, botmode didn't delve into (but implied), unless I missed it, is that the respectability and credibility of the administration at RGL is kind of a joke, and that alone makes people not want to play in that league.

But what's more disappointing than all of these individual negatives (that I didn't go into too much detail and many, many more that I haven't listed) resulting in four mediocre leagues, is why this happened: the selfishness of some business ideas instead of working as a team for the better of the TF2 scene and specifically the inability to work together to make one legitimate, credible, trustworthy, but also large league, where resources could be combined. It would be pretty cool if there were one large, successful league, where any sponsorship for instance, big or small, could go towards this one league that would essentially go towards the entire competitive TF2 scene. Not working as a team to combine one league is understandable if it's making you a lot of money @sid @sigafoo @whoever else makes money off of leagues, but it is most certainly not respected in regards to the scene of TF2. I don't necessarily see this changing if it didn't already either.

Thus, I suppose the community is going to have a couple failed leagues that were a waste of resources that could've been used for this "one league" (and unfortunately personal time) that will eventually result in a league that is worse than what could've been. In any case, now is the time to make the competitive TF2 scene more enjoyable for everyone. The progress I see is by far the opposite.

A few things to ensure a successful league in my opinion, at the very minimum, are to:
1) Appoint a head admin (and other relative admin positions) by the community
2) Continue to listen to community polls in regards to map bans, to whitelists, to even broadcasting rule, etc.
3) Run the league as a non-profit for the good of the community

Correct me if any of this is wrong. It's just how everything has come across to me.

posted 2 months ago
#143 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
Daffodil-Just for the record, sigafoo also attempted to get a representative from the paddie/corsa team as well.

as far as i know, neither of us were contacted

posted 3 months ago
#30 RGL Traditional 6s in TF2 General Discussion

How come all the prospective leagues aren’t working together to make one? For example working with ESL? Unless I’m mistaken and that’s already happening. Regardless of which league is best, by far the most important aspect to the level of competition and many players not quitting tf2 after this season is a similar or better prize pot to ESEA. LAN would instantly help and I highly doubt many top level players would quit, if they weren’t going to already, if there were a LAN with a prize pot. Ensuring that these two things happen is priority imo and hopefully other leagues are willing to give their resources to make that happen as one

Edit: should probs posted this in the othER THread

posted 4 months ago
#22 ESEA Invite S31 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Nygma TF
8 hours ago
I was watching habibs stream last night, and apparently ash might be on demo and they are picking broking up

posted 4 months ago
#6 Moof LFT For the Finale... in Recruitment (looking for team)
zheepPlease To Be Giving Moof Team
posted 4 months ago
#2 Rocket LFT S31 in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 6 months ago


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posted 6 months ago
#3 Selling Mice in Hardware


posted 9 months ago
#1 Selling Mice in Hardware

Used couple times / new
Glorious Model O (Matte Black) - $45
DM1 Pro S (Matte Black) - $38
Nixeus Revel (Black) - $28

Used for couple months
EC2A (white logo) w/ a Paracord & brand new stock mouse feet - $40

Used for a while (it has a double click issue and the braided part of the cable is a bit frayed)
2013 Deathadder w/ hyperglides - $10 (for parts if you're interested in some sick DA mod)

Shipping included in price (free shipping). Preferably USA only, otherwise I'd ask that you pay for the extra shipping cost

If you have any questions, comment/pm me here or add me

posted 9 months ago
#13 ESEA S29 W1: FROYOBLACK vs. SVIFT NA in Matches

desca is the concealed froyo slayer

posted 11 months ago
#44 The State of ESEA-Invite (a nerd essay) in TF2 General Discussion

let’s just say next season’s gonna be lit

posted about a year ago
#48 top 5 snipers in TF2 General Discussion

I barely hit even a quarter as many shots I used to 2 or 3+ years. I dont think I’ve put even 50 hours on the class since I quit hl like 3 years ago :(

Like stark said, you can really only judge a sniper at the top level because it’s that much different. Recently and even for a bit, slemnish is the only na sniper who’s had multiple round winning shots against a top invite team when it’s mattered. He literally dropped shade last season in grand finals back to back where one of them was a nasty close range headshot, and got a ton of 2-3k entries

I didnt/dont really follow outside na much, but jukebox, sheep, and flippy were the true three outside na like stark said, but I think sheep and jukebox were on a different level

posted about a year ago
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