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#33 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion
chellcamp3r101 words more words

It isn't only the act of complaining that is the issue I mean to point out. Feedback is feedback.
It is the complaining and bandwagoning of it, taking no direct responsibility for the community we all prop up collectively, and then devaluing any attempts at resolutions that pushes further into 'not worth it'-land any (all) of this nearly entirely unseen hard effort in the first place. (Yes, I realize that I am also complaining.)
It is just like real life: if a person wants to see something change for the meaningful betterment of themselves and their fellows, they almost always need to take a step into an active leadership role, of whatever degree, and make those dreams and ideas into realities. I sincerely wished more players here, the experienced ones who have that needed experience to back up their opinions and concerns, actually cared that much. Words on a forum are helpful, yes. Words on a forum are meaningful and important to have. They unfortunately don't mean much of anything when the actual work comes calling. Hence the roadblocks we always find ourselves stuck behind.

I'm not mad that players are upset about something that is so obviously frustrating to be seemingly forced to endure.
I'm frustrated that players (high division players especially) continually and historically show that they would rather be frustrated and throw the whole lot out. That they would rather take and take while giving next to nothing back to the very system they are benefiting from.
No one is here for money or a cash flow. We are here because we like a game.

I get the current situation sucks. And I'm sorry RGL only ever seems to have "Just wait a little longer, please" to communicate. But being strong armed into capitulating for a community that, from my perspective over 2 years of silent effort, would rather be another facet of the problem than actually a shining feature of Its fantastic aspects is something I will not attempt to sugar coat to retain face.

We can and are doing better despite what this particular TF2 forum enjoys pushing.
It just takes a lot of time and focused effort that does not always exist when it would otherwise be preferred.

posted 7 months ago
#26 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion
hellstarcamp3r101 essay You said a whole lot of nothing about people being upset at how things are.

You're right. I did not focus directly on this one particular topic of concern in my posts.
In my mind, it goes entirely without saying how awful and shitty it is to be forced to play against any player that the majority has it in mind is a cheater (again).
Just as much as the rest of you, I've been in that situation too and commiserate with everyone on why it is so upsetting.

hannahAn opinion I've heard a lot is that cheater bans should be permanent: There was even a dedicated thread made on this topic. Since (on the surface at least) this seems to be a popular opinion, this question should perhaps be brought up in this season's postseason survey. I think a portion of people aren't too upset about the AC team's decision on this particular case taking time, but are more upset about the decision to unban cheaters in the first place.

That can absolutely be a topic on the post-season survey, yes. I will work to include it.
I'll edit this to say that I'm not an AC Admin in any respect. And that no AC decisions are polled for or surveyed.

posted 7 months ago
#21 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion

The whole point I'd like to get across is players would rather passively complain LOUDLY about these very serious issues rather than put in concerted efforts to help the scene avoid them overall to begin with.
Applying for RGL Staff now won't help this particular situation. No shit, Sherlock.
Being an active, contributing part of the actual process of it all is what should be the focus of those that apparently care the most. Rather than taking in all there is to gain for your own personal benefit and enjoyment and then naysaying the rest of it as is apparently always the tradition in this community.

Despite what anyone here chooses to believe, I have zero reason to grandstand for my own sake. I'm writing out what has been written on the wall for years now. Yall just refuse to come to terms that the state of comp TF2 is quite literally because of the action (READ: inaction) of those who are most vocally detracting from it. Those being in large parts the players here, on TFTV, who play in higher divisions/skill levels. Yall know so much about this game and the ways you think it should/shouldn't be played. Put yourselves in a position where you can do more than puff hot air about it. Actually give the damn for once and volunteer for the work that is needed to get to where we all wish we already were.

But I again made the mistake of coming to TFTV, attempting to give any sort of perspective on the literal ONE reason why it is that any sort of meaningful, long term change, that it is apparently what the most vocal want, doesn't happen at the speeds they want.

Call it a nerd essay. Call it a pointless wall of text.
Yall just live to complain and complain.

posted 7 months ago
#13 Announcing the GGL Advanced Playoffs in TF2 General Discussion

I don't have any remarks on how we are going to be handling Advanced Playoffs for 6s Season 12 just yet. But I do have some words I would hope some of you would take time to read in the meantime.
_ _
_ _

durzoi'd go as far as to say i wish it happened many seasons ago, given things like the "gukurahundi" team

I wasn't an Admin for RGL until Season 6 of 6s...I wanted it mentioned in regards to your last points here that both teams in Season 5 of AM Grand Finals that Season had cheaters on them. But, iirc, players were only suspect of kiwi and by extension the rest of their AM team.
That Season's Grand Finals match: Puggas in Paris vs. Gukurahundi
A lovely group of players, real standup citizens and pillars of this community. /s

Something that I've since understood many players knowing well of, and saying absolutely nothing about it to any Admin, is the latter's team name. It has since been changed due to the original name being that of a racial genocide in Africa that apparently no one, besides those players, were aware of for multiple seasons afterwards?
_ _

Yall say you feel so powerless to do anything to "make RGL better", yet are so willing to talk about just throwing years of well intended effort away while not making an actual ACTIVE attempt at being a part in making change for the better. Shouting nays from the sidelines while choosing to remain deaf to legitimate limitations is disingenuous. Why would anyone want to have a genuine discussion in that environment?

I encourage anyone reading this to apply to be a part of the format Staff teams here. After 2+ years now, I've found it to be extremely hard work to be doing for free. But it is worth it as someone has to give a damn enough to put themselves in the positions of being "the bad guy" and making any effort to keep the wheel turning for our silly, little unique game. We all care too much about Comp TF2. Come share that caring with the rest of us. :)
Pretty much, we all gotta stop demanding to have our cake while simultaneously swallowing it whole.
_ _

A few players acting in total bad faith should not and does not detract from the individual efforts of those that make Comp TF2 a reality for everyone here in the first place. Nor does it invalidate or make worthless any attempts to do the right thing in the right ways on the administration side of it, regardless of how seemingly 'unseen' those efforts may be.

Discounting any alternative perspective or effort that is not aligned with your own is one of the primary factors driving legitimate organizers from our scene in the first place. Which ironically is its own driving force making systemic issues even worse lol.

Sometimes you all would rather just roll over and give up than actually step up and put on your own Admin shoes and and get a taste of your own medicine for a change. The effort required to have what we have even now is immense and yall would rather stay blind to it than put in any actual meaningful work outside of musing in Discord and shitposting on forums.
Naivety because of lack of understanding is one thing. Naivety for the sake of maintaining one's passivity while loudly and publicly throwing one's hands into the air only further enables bad faith actors and throws preponderance to the wind. Which, again, ironically, just worsens real issues and further clouds the legitimacy of anyone's actual sincere combined efforts.
_ _

We can all do better. I think that much can be assumed; that we all know that. That is the ever-present goal that is always being clawed towards. I'd ask you to come and be an active part of it rather than choosing to give up on it completely. Because good luck tbqh! Every TF2 League has the same issues. The next versions of UGC/ESEA/CEVO/RGL/FACEIT/ETF2L/ozFORTRESS/etc. will see these and those same concerns. Instead of rehashing another comp league, "doing it right 'your way'", come put in the effort where it can actually have immediate impact for the better. We do not need another dead-on-arrival Team Fortress 2 Competitive League.

Edit: There is ZERO way you 4 downfraggers read all of this in 2 minutes lmao

posted 7 months ago
#21 RGL S12 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Season 12 Playoffs Details are Live!

Here and here.

It has been posted before, but here is the RGL 6s Invite Format Changes explained:

posted 7 months ago
#48 RGL S12 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Season 12 Playoffs Details are Live!

Here and here.

Like Scream mentioned, the dates listed here are what we'd hoped could work out in some fashion for this current Season 12. It is new and we can play it by ear. Do your best to work with us and your opponents.

posted 7 months ago
#34 RGL S12 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Season 12 Playoffs Details are Live!

Here and here.

posted 7 months ago
#7 RGL S12 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Season 12 Playoffs Details are Live!

Here and here.

posted 7 months ago
#5 RIP Benny Harvey in Off Topic

I shall forever miss this lad

posted about a year ago
#20 RGL S8 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Thanks for playing everyone :)

posted about a year ago
#8 Where's b4nny taking a selfie? in Off Topic

Hell yes. We were making these all during the LAN

posted about 2 years ago
#35 RGL Main S5 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Shearsroster page shows prc left on Jan. 21st, well before roster deadline, suggesting this is a troll. Interesting that Truckroid is dead tho at least officially

It also shows him rejoining on 1/21/21, getting team leader approved. Then leaving again on 1/26/21.

posted about 3 years ago
#1 RGL-AM S4 GF: No Limit vs. WAP in Events

We rescheduled the match to Thursday, 12/17 @ 9:30PM EST, by the way.

posted about 3 years ago