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#114 Overwatch Open Beta Live in Other Games
Fox Blizzard is well-known for having extremely lax reactions to cheaters in their games, more in regard to botters.

Lax is an understatement. Just a couple months ago they had the largest detection of honorbuddy, a wow bot with tens of thousands of users, and they handed out 3month bans to all the detections. ;_;

Also, the valiantchaos maphack on SC2 went largely undetected for years despite having a userbase in the thousands. They had to sue the creators to shut it down.

Widowmaker's ult is out of this world, at least make it pulse... McCree's flashbang is obnoxious, who went "This would be really cool for a fps."???

This game would be much more interesting with movement mechanics. :\ Not only is strafing not a thing but on junkrat, half the time if you conc mine jump it STOPS you from moving and makes you fall straight down...

posted about 4 years ago
#31 Blade & Soul in Other Games

If anyone wants to pvp or do lvl45 stuff im cabqt on Soha-US.

PvP is def. where its at right now. I'm 45 and theres 4 endgame dungeons IIRC. 3 of them are easy and 1 is hard but no one is really doing any of them atm because of how new the game is and most people aren't even close to 45. No raids/ large scale PvE content out atm afaik. The 50 patch is supposed to come out soon (couple months) to bring the NA and EU regions up to speed with the KR and TW regions so there might be new PvE stuff in there, I can't read Korean so I can't confirm or refute that, I only know that there are massive balance changes in the 50 patch to make things even pretty much across the board PvP wise. The PvP is really fun and fast paced compared to normal MMOs and there is a lot of potential for fun and challenging PvE but they're focusing way more on PvP atm. IIRC, they're pushing competitive PvP for this game.

posted about 4 years ago
#1 Aluminum case for the Leopold FC750 in Hardware

Anyone know where to get an aluminum 80% case for the Leopold FC750? Wondering if anyone has experience with those 80% TEX cases. Leopolds don't have filco mounts, so nvm. Anyone got suggestions?
Anyone know if the varmilo 87key is mounted the same as the leopold? Supposedly from the same oem so fingers crossed.

posted about 4 years ago
#38 CS, TF2, and sensitivity. in TF2 General Discussion

26 inch/360 on csgo
16 inch/360 on tf2

lethargisti pray he means cm for the sake of his own wrists

Nah he means inches, sometimes when he talks I hear him swiping. I don't know how he's not ripped as fuck yet.

owlI'm much better at aiming in cs

Stop it owl you aren't fooling anyone you troll.

posted about 4 years ago
#22 TGT Update for Hearthstone in Other Games

Just tried out a slower secret pally deck.

This card is disgustingly fun. Drop that baby down on turn 6 and watch as your portrait dons a yellow hat made of secrets.

posted about 4 years ago
#21 TGT Update for Hearthstone in Other Games
deetrKairukevive been really enjoying the new shaman cards, they feel so sticky

bloodlust the god again

also when is blizz gonna give me my lord marrowgar legendary

Not sure about bloodlust myself. The kind of situation where bloodlust wins me the game, just wins it harder and wasn't really needed.

Disagree, Bloodlust lets you push for lethal a lot of the time 1 or 2 turns before you would otherwise have it, and that can win you a lot of games. Same reason I run a Savage Roar 1 of in almost every druid deck.

Savage roar has wayyyyy more utility than bloodlust. The way shaman plays, bloodlust is usually ONLY useful when you're already winning. Savage roar can be used to help your minions trade up to get you back into the game in addition to the force roar combo and pushing for damage. A card like force just feels like it has more synergy in a typical druid deck than bloodlust does in a shaman deck. Bloodlust is also a lot more clunky costing 2 more mana than force. IMO, thunderbluff valiant is a MUCH better card for the 5mana slot compared to bloodlust. Valiant gives you a decent body and has a lot of synergy with the totems' newly upped level of stickiness.

This expansion is the bomb. So many classes are playable now. Druid feels so much more consistent. A early drop that helps druid ramp up is exactly what it needed to not be so dependent on RNG and weak to aggro if you have a bad mull.

I've stayed away from the game until the expansion hit and i climbed from rank 15-17~ ish or wherever it left me off at since last season to rank 5 pretty quickly with midrange paladin. I can definitely agree that its super strong, went 16-3 with the deck today. Alot of the losses I had early on could've been avoided if I was a bit more familiar with the new cards. Had to start mulling juggler vs shaman because the new totem is out of this world :(. Anyone tried the secret paladin yet? Seems pretty fun.

I can't believe they havent nerfed patron decks yet. Did they think Chillmaw was a reasonable enough card to keep that at bay? Its not common because everyone is playing new stuff but patron is still disgusting.

Hit me up if anyone wants to play some vidya on the US server. cabin#1585

posted about 4 years ago
#7 TGT Update for Hearthstone in Other Games
Tery_I got 3 Epics, 1 Gold Rare and 1 Gold Common out of 33 packs. This game hates me. Actually most of my unpacks were trash. Will most likely be laddering with Tempo Mage to get that Golden Mage portrait. There's a variety of options right now so this is exactly what the meta needed to spice stuff up.
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Fuck you cabin. (He opened like 10 Legendaries in 100 packs or something like that.)

10 legendaries and 1 golden legendary in 140 packs and around 8k dust. PRETTY GOOD.

posted about 4 years ago
#107 Is in-game shit talk a good or a bad thing? in Off Topic
ChinGooowlThe best shittalk in cs is when you're winning huge but you're doing worst on your team. Guaranteed to have 2-3 people on the other team freaking out @ youis that from personal experience

We both know it is, owl is the biggest scumbag shit talker in all our MM games. ESPECIALLY when hes at the bottom. What a big bully.

posted about 4 years ago
#2 peanut butter preferences in Off Topic

You don't even toast your bread. GTFO

posted about 4 years ago
#28 New PC Build in Hardware

@nobelharvards: Nvidia's Pascal won't be out for a while so don't hold your breath. :p

I would wait for skylake to see how well it does. I would have to agree that from the leaks that skylake has great overclocking potential.

I wouldn't hold my breath for substantial cpu price drops on the older gen stuff. Intel pricelocks their cpus. LGA 1150 might drop a little bit in price but even after skylake comes out LGA 2011-3 will be intel's "enthusiast" level offering so I doubt there will be a drop on that. In-store or combo deals from Frys & Microcenter are usually alot better. Just last week Microcenter was running an instore pickup deal on the 5820k for $300 and this week Fry's has a mobo+5820k deal for $499. IIRC there was a great 4790k deal too, forgot what it was though since I was shopping for a 5820k for myself. :\

In terms of PSU's evga is on fire right now for low price/ high quality units. Check out JonnyGuru for reviews on specific models. No reason to buy low tier / barely acceptable psu's when great ones are the same price if not cheaper.

posted about 4 years ago
#189 shitty gut knife giveaway in CSGO General Discussion

helllo !!

posted about 4 years ago
#214 huntsman giveaway in CSGO General Discussion

oh boyyy!!!

posted about 4 years ago
#9 Backup Medic IM in Recruitment (looking for team)
FreestateHe took my virginity at GXL.

What a pedo.

He edited his post. :(

posted about 4 years ago
#5 Backup Medic IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

owl is a shitlord. He comes on mumble daily just to troll me. Its really rude.

posted about 4 years ago
#45 Alleradd in Off Topic

People are taking muscle relaxers (GABA) for a high now? What the fuck? I doubt this would do anything for you anyways. Don't do drugs @_@.

posted about 4 years ago
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