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#76 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion
slamBergIt would be interesting to see how the map pick/ban vs. weekly rotation preference was broken down by division. The results being around 80/20 isnt too surprising considering how horribly implemented it was in ESEA. I think if the map pool for a new league was 7 maps, with a pick/ban system 3 bans/3bans, always narrowing it down to a single map, most invite teams would prefer that. Having a map pool of 7 would make incrementally changing the map pool each season a lot easier(vote 1 out, vote 1 in, every season) as opposed to dropping gran, badlands, adding logjam prop cp_hospital, all over 1 offseason.

You could even have the map/pick ban system exclusively for the top division, especially if the survey results(15-20% prefer map/pick) was a strong majority of invite players.


you can look at the results per division by changing the sheet at the bottom of the page
among invite players pick/ban was more popular but not more popular than a weekly rotation 61.7% weekly 38.3% pick/ban

posted 1 day ago
#71 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion
Screwballbotmode like a lot of people are either lying or overestimating there skill levels.

or the primary group of players that browse tftv and were willing to spend the time to take the survey were IM players

posted 1 day ago
#65 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

Here are the results of the survey:

I have removed the names for the sake of anonymity

When I made the survey I reasoned that if people had anything to say they could post it on tftv but it would have been much better to provide an open ended feedback option. In the one open ended question someone cleverly used that answer to say:

Just gonna hijack this answer real quick. A lot of the questions asked here, although slightly relevant have a decent chunk of the questions lack context. As example the map pick/banning depends on if its seeded or not. You'll get some answers out of this but a chunk of them will lead to inclusive results even if there is a majority.

Which is true, so keep that in mind. I purposefully tried to keep things as broad as possible to get a general idea of want people wanted and not what an ideal ruleset is by popular vote. Some of the most popular things don't work together very well because the questions lacked the context to create an if a then what b do you want situation. For instance, a lot of people like the classic esea ruleset but people also like two maps, obviously these don't work very well because you could have matches last longer than 2 hours in some fairly common cases. Basically, this survey isn't gospel but it is a lot of information.

Another flaw, for the single /double elim question I did not initially have the single for lower double for upper as an option though I did add it relatively quickly so that may be more popular than it appears to be.

Most of the responses to the survey were NA players, either because it was received as a poll for NA or because it was posted on TFTV and that's primarily who browses tftv.

The survey is still open and I'll add the results as I can throughout the week
I'm not an expert spreadsheeter so if you spot any errors please let me know so I can fix them

posted 1 day ago
#34 RGL unveils Tradition Sixes League details in News
Tino_Realtalk, no active invite player should ever be admin of a league. There are very obviously still issues with the league but jetz and grape are super low down on the list currently. Sure you could probably get better people, but I imagine many of those people either don't want to touch RGL, or they have probably been blacklisted to some extent.

I actually don't see an issue with an active invite player being an admin of a league as long as they aren't making admin decisions that affect them. Seems like an easier solution to stop an invite player from making admin decisions in the invite division than to stop them from being admins altogether. It seems rather strange that the admin team would completely lack invite representation. I imagine your second point probably has some merit though, even if there isn't a literal blacklist there's probably functionally one.

posted 3 days ago
#26 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion
CorunsonFor bearodactylsnip
Maybe tac pause should be allowed or come into play more often if teams need some time to rethink their strategy. I know i am no expert on the situation but I feel that if teams were granted 3 1-2 minutes pauses per map it would give teams some time to think of strategies.

I'm in favor of adding a 3-5 minute pause "for any reason" in addition to a technical pause

bearodactylI think if they had like 90 second tac pauses you could do in between rounds that would be a really good feature, or just allowing a pause of whatever duration, and allowing them to do that for a tac pause but o this having a shorter one for both teams to discuss shit and figure out what they wanna fix would be good versus the 'oh lemme go to the bathroom' or get a drink or whatever that u will do with normal pauses

between rounds would be ideal
ETF2L's cfg has a longer post round duration, which would give teams a greater opportunity to tac pause

posted 4 days ago
#22 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion
bearodactylNoo don't do away with the halves rewind ruleset was good for lan but the half time is super good to allow teams to play strategically and comfortably while still having the possibility to come back and change their approach in the second half. With no halftime the first point that is won is easily the most important and it let's teams easily park the bus and force the other team to do crazy stuff out of desperation with the little time left.

With the half time the team that wins does so because they have actually cracked the other teams defenses and shown themselves to be the better team rather than simply getting lucky on one mid and wiping them and converting it to a round just to park the bus 1-0 with a sniper for the next 20 minutes.

Maybe I'm in the minority but the amount of comebacks I've seen enabled by the half time ruleset completely justifies the downsides (having to play a little longer I guess). Hopefully there's something in the survey though to gauge public opinion on it versus just going with what botmode suggested he wanted and sigafoo said he agreed he liked.

I think there are a number of people that agree with your thought on ESEA's format when it comes to regular season BO1's. The problem arises in any other format and I think there are ways to make up for this in regular season but the survey will definitely shed some light on what people think about this.

posted 4 days ago
#15 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion
sigafooRead through the document and thanks for clarifying some points you made in it over DM with me. We're definitely keeping this and everything we've read so far in mind as we release our changes and survey tonight for updates for the first season.

there's no reason to mention the DM and not mention anything about what was in it, not that there was really anything of substance in it anyway

looking forward to seeing your update

posted 4 days ago
#2 Who is that old guy you see when you join mge in TF2 General Discussion

posted 4 days ago
#1 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

It's a bit long and I apologize for it but it's all important so please read it


here's the survey link

posted 4 days ago
#244 cp_prolands in Map Discussion
StarkieCollaideAlso, any opinion on which of the 3 lasts that is the best?ive not played the p version but the 1 second cap time makes the map way better than the 2 second version
having a very easy last push makes teams go for more all-in backcaps when defending 2nd with disad because holding last is near impossible against uber. also less failed last pushes means less stalemates on last
the last stalemate is a bit more bearable since you can play for cap time as the med is very safe

i imagine the p version makes it hard to play the point so i feel last stalemates would be just as bad as they were with the 2 second cap time

the p version is also easier to push last though not nearly as much
the open point makes it easier to bait/push the sticks off point
open ring is stupid though
ideally keep 2 second cap with more changes to last to make everything less awful but it's a lot simpler to keep 1 second cap time

posted 5 days ago
#413 age in Off Topic


posted 1 week ago
#9 map tier list in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 weeks ago
#36 2019 Prem / Invite mouse settings in TF2 General Discussion
midasbotmodeI have zowie gs-r
skeez uses 2.5 @ 800 right now he's using the model o but before he was using ec2-b and he might switch back but idk
slem is using 4.6 @ 800 right now but i honsetly have no idea what mouse and he'll probably change it soon anyway
slem told me he was using a model o and that was a few days ago but yea knowing him he'll switch soon enough

also i'm on 400 dpi 3.9 in game and currently use a g403

he stopped using model o because his was malfuctioning

posted 2 weeks ago
#26 2019 Prem / Invite mouse settings in TF2 General Discussion

I have zowie gs-r
skeez uses 2.5 @ 800 right now he's using the model o but before he was using ec2-b and he might switch back but idk
slem is using 4.6 @ 800 right now but i honsetly have no idea what mouse and he'll probably change it soon anyway

posted 2 weeks ago
#6 Rocket arena in Other Games

best song

posted 4 weeks ago
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