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#44 cp_sultry (5cp) in Map Discussion
lootLobby was better in the previous version, it favors the team defending last too heavily now. Impossible to peek med as attacking sniper if the enemy demoman exists. Right now it kind of feels like snakewater lobby, if the shutter didn't exist at all and you could only walk through dropdown. Just too chokey.

echoing this part a bit, most of the viable pressure comes from one doorway at the moment (the one from alley), the upper entrance into last through lobby is way to risky to pressure through for basically any class except a spamming roamer and probably needs some sort of change to address. also, still think the spawn doors need to be moved further back a little, it's very easy to defend against an uber push because the spawn is so strong still.

posted 1 week ago
#9 microstuttering in TF2 only in Q/A Help

if you have spotify open make sure that it's minimized in the background, for whatever reason when it updates what your friends are listening to it causes major stuttering only in tf2 for me

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 match time at 10est in TF2 General Discussion

yes please

posted 2 weeks ago
#21 Map design in TF2 General Discussion

if we could get a couple new koth maps and maybe badlands2 or some shit (subbase looks cool to me honestly) and then shoot metalworks and snakewater into space that would be neat

posted 1 month ago
#13 Can we bring back badlands? in TF2 General Discussion

i would welcome playing badlands if it got a major overhaul fixing it's glaring issues (last, lobby) otherwise no thanks

posted 3 months ago
#12 Medic Speed in TF2 General Discussion

give spy noclip

posted 5 months ago
#16 Ruleset Adjustment in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreezeyeah you could have infinite round time in golden cap and we removed it 5 years ago because it was fucking stupid. we are not talking about whether or not its fun to watch, any ruleset can have shit games obviously, we are talking about how you cannot schedule an event where there is literally no upper bound on how long a match will take. even that dogshit theoretical etf2l game you mentioned is locked to 45 minutes and will not delay a lan and make u get kicked out.

Maybe it's just a 4head take or whatever but just schedule more time for games? Are there really that many games going super late? I haven't gotten to watch yet but the games were really fun to play, and I actually personally despise the 30 minute time limit format.

posted 6 months ago
#4 Ruleset Adjustment in TF2 General Discussion

Budgeting no extra time in case of tech issues or something and budgeting bo3's for 2 hrs in this format is kind of crazy.
Running almost a whole top8 bracket on Sunday is just kinda nuts.

posted 6 months ago
#53 OMG 3 in TF2 General Discussion
mopsyhunter did u use chatgpt to write this post

forum post cheating smh

posted 6 months ago
#1 G6 Merch Drop!! in TF2 General Discussion

Hey all! We're really excited to be announcing the first G6 merch drop. We've been wanting G6 merch for awhile and decided to try to get some out for this upcoming localhost and we are rather fortunate to say that fireside casts made this possibility a reality. We were really concerned about getting stuff we wanted to wear, that was comfortable and would last. There's a lot of different options and we're super pleased with them. I am personally excited fireside managed to hook us up with pretty much exactly what we were looking for.

With the LAN coming up soon, you'll want to get orders in if you want get it in time. Also, in addition to ordering, there is an option to "tip" or "donate." If you want to support us, or fireside for that matter, you can essentially pay more if you feel inclined but please specify if you want it to go a specific way. Aside from any POTENTIAL payment processing fees 100% of your donations go straight through.

jayy (siyo) from Fireside Casts will be answering any merchandise and order fulfillment questions in the thread, and I'll also do what I can to answer questions.

link to the store:


posted 6 months ago
#28 RGL Sixes™️ Season 12 Post-Season Survey in TF2 General Discussion
hellstarCan we talk about RGL and TF2 instead of insulting people for who they are?

It's very difficult for me to say I want new maps in the pool when there are no map cups, or ways for us to learn the maps when everyone can ban it or not pick it in pick/ban. No one wants to scrim these new maps because we won't play them, and we won't play them because we won't scrim them. It is just so much more efficient to scrim maps that we are likely to play. It felt like there wasn't that much diversity in invite last season, at least to me. I think there even was a team in advanced that played process every single game.

Perhaps there can be some system to add diversity to what we play? I am not entirely sure how that would work, but we could maybe vote for something like a rotating map ban.

I'm not sure how others feel about it though, and I don't think invite and advanced want to go through with playing 1 map per week again. It just feels like half of the maps in the pool exist just so people can eventually pick one of the pug maps.

i agree with you on every front and i think bo1 pick format just guarantees the blandest of maps, but you did play 8/9 maps last season with the one that was excluded being sunshine. this isn't actual analysis (likely the more common maps are actually more common) but the bo3 format did seem to help. switching to a bo2 pick format for round robin might also help since it's hard to create a balanced and fun bo1 pick format.

posted 7 months ago
#13039 stream highlights in Videos

posted 8 months ago
#23 RGL S12 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
Dankk_r4ve_Watching a bo3 every night is pretty coolplaying a bo3 every night when ur teammates have to wake up at 6 am is not so cool

counterpoint, start your matches earlier than 11 pm

posted 9 months ago
#13 spaceship DM leaderboard + tournament in Projects

rewarding highest record number of points / class is an option
to get a lot of points you have to shoot at the guys
though i guess it could be gamed lol

posted about a year ago
#2 Day 3 - Current Website Changes in TF2 General Discussion

for stats & demos, maybe add a dedicated place for and links on match pages

posted about a year ago
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