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#12545 stream highlights in Videos


posted 3 weeks ago
#27 Med Surfs Thread in TF2 General Discussion



posted about a year ago
#11642 stream highlights in Videos


posted about a year ago
#1 name change in Requests

from AyR to ayr


posted about 2 years ago
#10547 stream highlights in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#10343 stream highlights in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#7413 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted about 2 years ago
#16 Help me pick a stethoscope in Off Topic

imagine not having at least a cardiology IV tbh

posted about 2 years ago
#62 Most embarrassing thing you've done in tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

i started playing competitive tf2 as a spy main in HL and the internet in my house had been having some issues during my first ever official (which was being casted)
my dad decided to restart our router to try and fix shit with just about the worst timing possible rofl (@39:10)


posted about 3 years ago
#43 Typical performance with a high-end system? in Q/A Help
lilypondis a lenovo ideapad y510p (i7 4700mq, gt 750m (lol laptop)) seriously not adequate to run tf2 at a constant 120+? that seems bs.

i'm using a metabox laptop with an i7-4710mq with a gtx 850m and i only drop below 120 frames on really crowded pub servers. in 6s it's a comfortable 200+ (sometimes 250+ but it's a bit map dependent) and HL is 150+

idk if there's a huuuge difference between our setups but i don't have any problems

posted about 6 years ago
#38 the life of pablo in Music, Movies, TV

feedback my favourite track by far

posted about 6 years ago
#73 I'm Making Steam Avatars in Off Topic

Something like this: http://imgur.com/qxECpUl would be amazing. Joined the group and invited some people. The ones you've done already are amazing!

posted about 7 years ago
#29 TeaTime Team Frag Video in Videos


posted about 7 years ago
#42 Calling all Jewish Players in TF2 General Discussion
AndKennethI would mention a certain Australian Jew currently in America but he would get mad at me.

i miss tomm too :(

posted about 7 years ago
#28 ESEA-I S18 Happenings/Predictions in TF2 General Discussion

but actually are elevate and street hoops staying around? and who are the potential/guaranteed new invite teams?

posted about 7 years ago
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