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#9 games to frag in in Off Topic

ratz instagib
fortress forever

posted 18 hours ago
#7 Recording POV match demos in Customization
JaguarFiendYep, those are all valid ways to get it done. I've always felt like there's some kind of compromise with all the modes of the ds_enable in-game recorder. They don't quite do what I want. P-REC was pretty good but these days I don't think I want to record every scrim and pug I play and then have to delete those files (pov demos make huge files), or pick out the RGL matches from them and rename them. I can remember to hit a button when the match is starting and this does just what I want and nothing more or less.

ds_autodelete / prec_delete_useless_demo, disable killstreak tracking and just have a button bound to bookmark

this would also give you a failsafe incase you forgot to start recording as as long as you bookmark at any point during the demo it will save

posted 22 hours ago
#76 slemnish and botmode ama in TF2 General Discussion
Meatballdo u wipe back to front or front to back

if you wipe front to back you are an actual space alien

posted 22 hours ago
#5 Recording POV match demos in Customization

ds_enable 3 is inbuilt prec that works with player ready up
prec still works as long as it is a server with team ready up, not player ready up
ex: in pugchamp prec won't record demos
the benefit of prec is that it starts the recording when the match starts instead of when you connect to the server

tl;dr prec still works with the rgl config and you won't have to remember to press a key to start recording, if you want pugchamp pov demos use ds_enable 3 instead

posted 23 hours ago
#2 :3 in Requests

bro i love shoegaze epic!!!!!

posted 1 day ago
#16 Spyro's log combiner in TF2 General Discussion

i know this is a swing in the dark but i'm having an issue where my combined logs don't have the correct round count due to us switching teams at half time (also i guess bumping this for all the rgl teams is prob pretty useful)

posted 1 day ago
#3 Help me find ticks for an i65 frag video in LAN Discussion

posted 1 day ago
#1340 PugChamp in Projects

can we get rid of granary considering every time we even get a granary pug started it gets mapswitched anyway and we dont play it in na anyway

posted 1 day ago
#1849 mastercomfig - fps/customization config in Customization

do you have any idea what cvar causes my demos to be choppy?
i run the very low preset
choppy demos will look like this:

also while i'm at it what does "-particles" do

posted 1 day ago
#2 RGL Site Problems in TF2 General Discussion

Maybe I'm an idiot but I think its way too hard to figure out what version of the custom maps we use

posted 2 days ago
#5 who is the shortest TF2 player? in Off Topic

im thinking about the n word right now

posted 2 days ago
#60 RGL Fee due date + more in TF2 General Discussion

i understand wanting uniformity in names but if he swaps alias and keeps it consistant for months (like he has been) i think its wild that yall are gonna do him dirty like this

(especially when one of ur admins is doing the same thing LMAO)

posted 3 days ago
#36 PugChamp-Helper in Projects

switch na divs to rgl when

posted 4 days ago
#1 roamer demo reviews in Mentoring

im not amazing or anything (playing main this season) but honestly i have a ton of free time on my hands and would def be down to watch demos with you (scrim/match only pls) add me

posted 4 days ago
#1133 worst steam profile in Off Topic

posted 4 days ago
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