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#17 server request in Requests

Updated all domains for The Spaceship servers in the list.

posted 4 days ago
#8 Python Script to Average All DPM / KD from Logs.TF in Projects

Should make it save the log files locally in a folder with the associated steamid, that way you can just run the script again and only grab the new logs that haven't been downloaded since last time you ran it.

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 twitch stream in Requests


posted 2 weeks ago
#3 stream on tftv sidebar in Requests


posted 2 weeks ago
#2 Twitch stream in Requests

Fixed the old one from maros_tf2 to now be maros_tf

posted 2 weeks ago
#2 twitch name update in Requests


posted 2 weeks ago
#15 Refresh: Gully (Prerelease thread) in Map Discussion

Did the hiding stickies in the shutter roller on top left last get fixed yet?

And suggestion for an improvement to prevent spawn camping the forward spawn on 2nd, allow for an alternative exit to lobby, perhaps something similar for the mid one to exit in dropdown.

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 OMG in TF2 General Discussion

POV demos from someone else without their exact net or interpolation settings but using your own, not using POV viewheight correcting option in STV by using CastingEssentials, not showing damage numbers, slowmo only and not mixing the clips in with clips which aren't suspicious.

And I'll just link this thread here again too: Cheating threads and TFTV.

posted 3 weeks ago
#294 Logs.tf match stats in Projects

Yeah, looks like an error on the logs.tf side that 'upload logs after rounds' now result in new log pages, as well as sometimes failing to upload that last round as a complete log.

Also downloads for combining or getting raw logs still doesn't function 100%.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 you can enable image embeds??? in Off Topic

Actually use the


tags around them, same for


. And enable the embed options in your settings.


posted 1 month ago
#2 Wireless earbuds help in Hardware

Check out Techquickie/LTT/MKBHD on youtube and search for 'wireless' 'headphones' 'earbud' to get some recommendations.

Also figure out if noise cancelation, gestures, support for siri/cortana/google assistant etc. are important. Then check the size of the case, if it can fit in pockets/purses, how many charges you get out of those, or how long you can use the buds on a single charge.

posted 1 month ago
#2 server crash when the server plugin is active in Q/A Help

Might want to list all plugins you have installed and their versions.

posted 1 month ago
#9 Global Fortress in Projects
Remove scrap.tf for pedophiles
Added Tradeit.gg


Missing RGL.gg, ozfortress.com, match.tf, /r/tf2, whitelist.tf, trade.tf, item.tf, Twitch TF2 directory

Not sure if the Official TF2 Update w is a link to the TF2 wiki or not.

posted 2 months ago
#2 scanning drive every time i start pc in Q/A Help
chkdsk C: /F /R

Have your PC reboot and actually have it complete the scan and don't skip it.

Like USB drives it probably has the flag set for 'requireScan' that won't clear until it actually has run its scan in full.

Also for your own sanity have a full HDTune sector scan run (untick the 'fast check'), which could take hours on a big (and mechanical) drive.

posted 2 months ago
#8 demo crash - bad inline model number in Q/A Help

Make sure you have all the VCRedistributables installed (can recommend this all-in-one installer and then reboot)

For easier converting put the .dem throwing the error in the same folder as DemoLib2_Test.exe.
If you can hold shift and right-click in the folder with the .exe and open a command prompt window (or Powershell) you can then do the following:

// cmd
DemoLib2_Test.exe -i nameofcorruptdemofile.dem -o mydemoname_fixed.dem

// PowerShell
.\DemoLib2_test.exe -i nameofcorruptdemofile.dem -o mydemoname_fixed.dem

You'll see text scroll past in the window about reading headers/tables, adding missing static baseline x at position y etc. and then having an extra .dem file named mydemoname_fixed.dem in the same folder, which you can then try and play in TF2.

You can start with the first few letters of the files (the .exe and .dem) and then press the tab key to autocomplete names for less typing.

posted 2 months ago
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