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#18 twiikuu's Log Combiner in Projects

There are 'final score' events though which should have the correct amount of round wins per team set.

I know when teams swap sides (e.g. stopwatch mode) the red/blu won't match up with the correct team anymore though.

posted 3 hours ago
#13 twiikuu's Log Combiner in Projects
twiikuuWiethoofdDirect upload from there to logs.tf would be nice, the sharky one has died since hosting expired and the spyro one requires java to be on your system.I'll consider it, I haven't implemented that initially because it's a hassle to have users go get an API key

Link to http://logs.tf/uploader and after having the user set it once save it in a cookie/local storage or link it to a steam OpenID login.

Alternatively you could offer the option to upload with your API key with a checkbox to skip the manual upload to logs.tf

posted 3 days ago
#2 Looking for individual pale kill icons .png in Customization

They are called '_dneg' versions in the TF2 files, so just inverting the color of the black/gray ones should suffice, which can even be done with CSS filters.

Alternatively, using the image with the white kill icons you already found as a image sprite with the coordinates and dimensions found in tf2_misc_dir.vpk /scripts/mod_textures.txt

posted 3 days ago
#3 TF2 DOF in Videos

Are you using HLAE or any other tools/plugins to achieve this? you might have to render multiple passes and do some post processing/editing in your video creation software to get an affect that resembles DoF

posted 3 days ago
#11 twiikuu's Log Combiner in Projects

Direct upload from there to logs.tf would be nice, the sharky one has died since hosting expired and the spyro one requires java to be on your system.

posted 3 days ago
#2 stream & name change in Requests

Has already been done as you requested 3 weeks ago, the name change to 'dima' on the forums is not possible, as that's already taken.

posted 2 weeks ago
#6087 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

@ jul1an123: check the hud animations for HudHealthBonusPulse, which needs to also set the bonusimage to visible or change the alpha

@ edin: SpectatorTournament.res for the team player overviews on the left side, paired with clientscheme.res for fonts/borders and some custom materials to make them look like that. Also spectatortournamentguihealth for the health in that panel. Additionally more custom textures for the control points at the bottom.

@ Teddy:1. the stuff from /quests goes inside a wrapper, which is ui/econ/questnotificationpanel_base.res and then the Border in 'MainContainer' (assuming you want to change the ingame notification one)
2. I've yet to figure that one out myself, it has been done before, but never properly been documented, they are some borders in clientscheme that are used for those buttons.

posted 3 weeks ago
#4 get rid of birthday balloons in TF2 General Discussion

These are things that need to be set on the server either through configs or even at boot; possibly can be ignored by changing date of the server to not be in the 'TF2 Birthday' timeframe.

Additional convars:

tf_birthday               : 0   : , "sv", "nf", "rep" :
tf_birthday_ball_chance   : 100 : , "sv", "rep" : Percent chance of a birthday beach ball spawning at each round start
tf_force_holidays_off     : 0   : , "sv", "nf", "rep", "launcher" :
tf_forced_holiday         : 2   : , "sv", "rep" : Forced holiday, Birthday = 1 Halloween = 2
posted 4 weeks ago
#9 Insomnia65: Day 1 in Events
funhaver1998why u lot stream it on essentials when u streamed it on tftv every other year surely however minimal this would effect viewers/sub emotes and shit and theres literally no reason not to keep this consistent?

Couldn't be more wrong, i58 was the last one on the TFTV channe;, i61, i63 and now i65 are on Essentials and even before it was on TFTV the event was streamed on the VanillaTV channel...

posted 4 weeks ago
#4 LUKASTANK need qck+ in Q/A Help

Look here: jun0 i65 shop

posted 4 weeks ago
#22 Moscow LAN 2019 in LAN Discussion

Currently on my way to Moscow to help observe this LAN.

Only brought 1 packet of stroopwafels for the production crew, sorry gamers.

posted 1 month ago
#83 CastingEssentials Spectator Plugin in Projects

For STV spectating and demos (and consistency) also add the following:

  • ce_cameratools_fix_view_heights 1: Sniper POV (and other classes) are correct(ed) when recording from STV demos
  • ce_weapon_skin_downsample 0: force high res texture to load of skins instead of downsampled ones
posted 1 month ago
#5 Custom Killfeed Icons in Videos

any plans of doing the custom/consistent pack ones too?

posted 1 month ago
#12 New Better Server Configs in Projects

Why have different _custom configs per gamemode and not just adopt the setup ETF2L uses where your base config execute the custom config, which is executed when you run your gamemode ones.

The only reason I could see those being useful is possibly for whitelists, but if you already have access to the server to be able to edit the configs I would assume you'd change them in the regular gamemode config, or simply rcon and use tftrue_whitelist_id instead.

Also the GOLDEN I personally would rename to 'gc' (and lowercase for consistency) and also not have it set the servercfgfile to be itself, but revert back to the 'non golden cap' version of that gamemode.


In an ideal world with consistent rulesets for 5CP, and KotH between 6s and HL you could actually have 'tfcl_koth' as base koth config which is then executed by your tfcl_hl_koth or tfcl_6s_koth configs which then also 'say' in chat that the one for that specific gamemode has been executed with possible win conditions.

posted 1 month ago
#6039 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization
megshow do i edit this thing? https://imgur.com/ly3zPQU.png


posted 2 months ago
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