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#20 TF2 LAN EVENT IN GERMANY, 25.-27-11.2022 in LAN Discussion

TFConnect 2022 will be combining the efforts with the stream and raise money for SpecialEffect while providing additional content with YouTubers, artists and many more bringing a bunch of fun extra segments!

posted 1 month ago
#2 Localhost Shoutouts in LAN Discussion

Shoutout to all the talent that joined us on the TFTV & KritzKast stream to cast the other matches that weren't featured on the main stream.

Shoutout to reno and exa behind the scenes for quick responses on our off-site production questions

Props for the post event yomps shoutout <3

posted 7 months ago
#2 Change weapon bind help in Customization

Try this (should work for any class)

alias swap_primary "slot1; alias swap_weapon swap_secondary"
alias swap_secondary "slot2; alias swap_weapon swap_primary"
alias swap_weapon swap_secondary
bind mouse2 swap_weapon
posted 9 months ago
#38 Who is your country's most famous esport athlete? in Esports


posted 9 months ago
#9 crypto in Off Topic

Porn crypto tokens are all the rage obviously

posted 9 months ago
#2 twitch link change in Requests

Updated twitch link from lekkqt to lekkyi

posted 10 months ago
#2 Top 10 TF2 plays - January 2021 in Videos

Unfortuante that TF2 forces the birthday balloons/graphics stuff on you when recording frags during the Team Fortress birthday at the end of August.

posted about a year ago
#9 Bot(s) using yomps' name/profile in TF2 General Discussion

You should be able to check through Steam's 'Recently played with' when adding friends the actual steam profile of the account and report it. (Do not post it here because of witch hunting)

posted about a year ago
#5 Why isn't b4nny in the olympics? in TF2 General Discussion

Mental Gymnastics is not an officially recognized discipline by the IOC.

posted about a year ago
#23 rahThread: Supplying the TF2 broadcasting demand in TF2 General Discussion

I actually use the bearodactyl suggested setup, but with a single custom folder and symlink the casting huds from /tf/huds to /tf/custom/a_casting_hud, which contains the configs for the cast instead of having to rename/replace custom folder, but that is only useful if you don't play TF2 at and don't have wildly different playing/observing configs.

bearodactylif you wanna go crazy you can also do a symlink for your %APPDATA%\roaming\obs-studio folder so that you can have an entirely different OBS setup (stream keys, plugins, everything) for casting and for regular streaming, may be easier to just use the profiles thing in OBS but if you have all these batch files in one folder you can just double click all the casting related ones and it's super easy, then double click the ones to swap back once you're done

Actually using the existing launch-options to switch profile & scene collection for OBS in a shortcut (or .bat file) make a lot more sense than also starting to symlink there or create custom portable folders for each org/stream.

"%programfiles%/obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe" --startreplaybuffer --studio-mode --profile TFTV1 --collection TFTV1 --scene Music


And yes, I can confirm the hardest part about producing TF2 streams is team/player cooperation and the actual observing. I've been super spoiled with the ice hockey esports production I've been able to do the past months where the matches won't start until they have green light from production to start the search/match.

posted about a year ago
#2 Can you search for people on tftv? in Site Discussion

change the end part of the url of a user page


But since you can set your own username, they might not match with steam/league nicknames.

posted about a year ago
#37 shows to binge in Off Topic

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Californication, Dexter's Laboratory, SpongeBob, The Office, Letterkenny, Lucifer, Parks and Recreation, You're the Worst, Orphan Black, Silicon Valley, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

posted about a year ago
#309 Logs.tf match stats in Projects
NikCan someone explain how is this possible?
Looks like this https://logs.tf/2932021 is a changed version of this https://logs.tf/2931449. Not only names and some stats have been changed, but also killstreaks and chat messages.

Looks like someone did a find & replace for some name + steamids, as well as scores, and the chat:


(the right one in the screenshot is tampered with)

posted about a year ago
#7 Team Jerseys in Off Topic

1. teams need consistent and proper logos (looking at you EU teams)
2. the plugin that took care of that doesn't work anymore and/or doesn't come with template team jersey files
3. the team jerseys would be assigned per steamid, so doing stuff for regular season with mercs would suck
4. find an artist willing to slave away and make 9 class jerseys for 8+ teams

Not saying it can't be done, but even if you do the low budget ghetto solution with simple texture overrides you are basically screwed when teams decided to swap sides between maps (or even halves)

posted about a year ago
#3 how to resize things such as health and ammo in Customization

HUD editing: short questions, quick answers or Huds.tf Discord

posted about a year ago
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