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#34 What would you commit your time to? in Off Topic


posted 2 months ago
#15 How to overcome phobia? in Off Topic

I'm not an ex-phobic but I remember a little bit about phobias from school.

I don't know how available it is or how easy it is to do for yourself, but there's a thing called systematic desensitisation which is quite commonly used for treating phobias.

Essentially you construct a pyramid of scenarios involving what you are afraid of, so you would start off with something small like looking at a picture of a spider, ranging all the way up to something more extreme like touching/holding a spider. Over time you gradually expose yourself to these scenarios by working your way up the pyramid, this way you gradually build up a tolerance until you eventually lose the fear - its supposed to help if you memorise relaxation techniques to make the steps more bearable.

Hope this helps bro

posted 3 months ago
#16 Winger should be banned. in The Dumpster

just give it to the demoman bro

posted 3 months ago
#10 Brit tourists skip curfew in Spain in World Events
sagebased? based on what???

deez nuts

posted 4 months ago
#36 iranian war in Off Topic

Donald 'War Crimes For Israel' Trump

posted 6 months ago
#13 Can this person be banned? in Off Topic

what did they need help with

posted 7 months ago
#20 name my cat! in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
#8 Name my scattergun in Off Topic


posted 7 months ago
#33 Donald Trump Impeach in World Events

posted 7 months ago
#5 so aparently... in The Dumpster

posted 7 months ago
#8 gay in TF2 General Discussion
posted 7 months ago
#3 State of TFTV in Off Topic

posted 7 months ago
#1548 It begins! in Off Topic

Cheers in advance :)

posted 8 months ago
#45 we must stop being sexist on the teamfortresstv in Off Topic

posted 8 months ago
#199 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News

sometimes i wonder if the world would be a better place if TF2 was never made

posted 8 months ago
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