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#19 Several gaming organizations drop overwatch in Esports
Cyanicthere's only so much you can force a game with little depth to be competitive i guess.

The depth of the game doesn't really matter, hearthstone has a strong scene. fucking vainglory has a thriving esports scene and its literally an ipad game

the issue here is that blizzard is slowly killing their own scene through the way they're controlling competition, announcing a dev-run league and then saying next to nothing publicly for at least 6 months, making it city-based franchising for reasons that are extremely untested in esports (and actively killing sponsorships now apparently), and shutting down successful tournament series for.... some reason? because they have to approve anything with a 10k+ prize pool

posted about 7 years ago
#1613 ESEA-O S24 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

apt wrote the exact same thing you did and it took me a third as long to read

posted about 7 years ago
#3 Ping spikes in game in Q/A Help

Go to network and sharing center in control panel, click on your network connection and then the Details button and find IPv4 Default Gateway (it's probably but it can be different)

Open command prompt and type "ping (the IP you just found) -t" and watch it for 5-10 minutes

If you see spikes, it's your local network. If you're on wifi that's most likely the issue, and the easiest solution is a wired connection.There are ways to make your wifi connection more stable but nothing that will equal a wired connection. If possible check the same pingtest on a wired connection, if you get spikes on wired to the gateway it could be a router issue or something

If you don't see spikes from the first ping try "ping -t" and watch it again in the same way. If you see spikes with that it's probably on your ISP's end.

posted about 7 years ago

There was about a month between #1 and #14

posted about 7 years ago
#16 Gamers Assembly 2017 broadcast team announced in News
dashnerI can't speak French how fucked am I

if u know how to say "bonjour", "ça", "merci", and "parlez-vous anglais? je ne parle pas français", and do some research in how to acquire transport from ur airport (paris?) to poitiers, ur probably fine, these days a lot of people there know more english than you do french

posted about 7 years ago
#15 pie_hero confirmed cheater in Off Topic
JammyI've played games of TOXIKK, CS:GO, Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield,

Obviously I can't get stats for OW or Battlefield but just out of curiosity:

TOXIKK: 5.8 hours on record
CS:GO: 928 hours on record, csgostats says 617 played
CoD: 20.6 hours on record between mw2 and blops3

so anyways

posted about 7 years ago
#13 pie_hero confirmed cheater in Off Topic
pie_heroNOT AGAIN

should've gone 55/-1 instead i bet that would've satisfied him

posted about 7 years ago
#18 UFC in Off Topic

last night was pretty much a 1-fight card for me and it got cancelled. I watched a little bit of it but just wasn't interested, I really like wrestling matches and Khabib/Furgeson looked like it was going to deliver. Watched a bit of Evans/Kelly but just wasn't interested enough to keep watching and tuned out. Heard that the main event wasn't that great so I don't feel like missed anything anyways

Khabib/Furgeson is cursed dude i swear

posted about 7 years ago
#45 nrg dream tf2 team in Other Games
KonceptHonestly I'd like to possibly see a re-buff of zenyatta's discord orb and/or ana nerfs since the dps heroes and opposing team can't exactly get through 3 or 4 tanks without an opening pick onto a healer or vital tank

I'd rather see ana nerfs before any kind of healer buff tbh, it's mostly her heals that make trip+ tank possible and theres already way too much power creep between the 4 of them. 30% damage boost is still really good and trance is insane, it's really just that ana is so much better

posted about 7 years ago
#19 Dota 2 7.00 announced in Other Games
bleghfarecedit: holy shit the gameplay patchnotes are so fucking long it makes gun mettle look like a haiku

Doesn't help that thanks to talents they had to list literally every single hero, let alone other hero changes and map/item changes

posted about 7 years ago
#5 Capcom Cup 2016 in Other Games

the last time there was an all-american winners finals for an SF major was at evo '08 for 3rd strike

the last time an american won the main SF game at a world championship was in TWO THOUSAND AND TWO

posted about 7 years ago
#48 PASS Time Tournament in The Dumpster
VulcanFUNKeVulcanthe way you are using objectively is the same as "better"
Because that's what he said????? You realize I'm not agreeing with him right????
please tell me the difference between "liberty launcher is better than stock"
and "liberty launcher is objectively better than stock"

Holy shit dude? Hes saying that ROB said "liberty launcher is objectively better than stock" not saying that he thinks so in fact he completely disagrees

honestly what are you even trying to argue at this point could you like... form a complete sentence and explain what you think hes fucking saying

please go back to the 2nd grade where they teach reading comprehension because you need it

posted about 7 years ago
#15 planet earth 2 in Music, Movies, TV


possibly the greatest scene in nature documentary history

posted about 7 years ago
#12 TF2 update for 11/2/16 (11/3/16 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
jdmHaha why did they make it so you can shoot people from in your spawn

I can only guess that a team body blocked players in spawn, and if so, thats hilarious

I've seen plenty of C&D spies on the healthpack over the pit on ghost fort, so seeing an entire team go and block the other team intentionally seems like a natural evolution of that

posted about 7 years ago
#132 NA TF2 LAN at Esports Arena in January in LAN Discussion
CaydaSo excited for this, cu@ for sure!

Unsolicited flight advice below:
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For those inexperienced with flying: keep in mind that flight booking prices will fluctuate. The general time window for booking the cheapest domestic flights is between 30-100 days beforehand. I tend to book around 50-70 days out, and it's always worked out well. I believe for international flights, you need to book much further in advance. I have no idea what the best time window is for those, though.

Basically, don't wait until the end of December/January to book flights, and you should be fine. You may be able to save like $100-$150 if you watch flight prices carefully, though. (I like to track my flight prices with Google Flights.)

Also, if you have to book a flight with a layover, a good rule of thumb is to give yourself at least an hour between flights. This is particularly important if you have a layover at a large, unfamiliar airport.

Doesn't look like lan is in the cards for me this year but here's more unsolicited flight advice, since I've done a lot of it:

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Also on booking flights, if I remember properly they're often cheaper in the middle of the week, and use incognito! Sites will keep track of how often you look at flights with cookies and sometimes will bump prices if they know that - use incognito to get the actual, real price.

If it's your first time flying, show up an hour in advance at least for domestic flights and probably more for an immediate international flight, or a flight out of a major airport. It can take awhile to get through check-in and security.

If you're flying internationally, give yourself way more than an hour for a layover - customs can take forever and international flights are more prone to delays; besides, 99% of international airports will have stuff for you without leaving security. I had a decent 2ish? hour layover coming back to the US once, but because the flight was delayed before departure, we missed our connecting flight in DC by minutes. Don't be like me.
posted about 7 years ago
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