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#139 Bill Nye/Ken Ham religion debate in Off Topic

@sleej William Lane Craig is really dated (The bust of his modern arguments are still based on his cosmological argument from the late 70's early 80's) he dismisses the brute fact concept for the universe simply existing (within an Everett's MWI model or any multiverse model) yet when arguing from a "self-reliant" argument there usually just comes the question where does god come from. And if you dismiss the brute fact argument only to basically use a form of brute fact, it generally isn't a compelling argument.

And he doesn't really argue against a lot of atheistic models that use a MWI or multiverse point of view.
Nowadays the more common religious arguments aren't for the western attributed theistic god but a lot more vague higher power Gods.

posted about 6 years ago
#70 Bill Nye/Ken Ham religion debate in Off Topic

Smobo the problem is once you concede that they aren't true stories (which the old testament claims they are) you open the door to arguments like the documentary hypothesis and once that death trap gets opened the concept of the "theistic" (omnipotent omniscient all good. elf existent separate, eternal etc) disappears and with it the basis for the new testament and Christianity kind of falls apart. Since the documentary hypothesis can arguably be used to interpret the old testament as a bunch of tales about a plethora of different gods. Some accounts for as high as like 6-7 different gods.

posted about 6 years ago
#51 Bill Nye/Ken Ham religion debate in Off Topic

I think the topic is actually kind of important to debate (teaching religion in like high schools or junior Hugh's) but this debate in particular sucked (Ham was way too biased towards a Christian view of god). A good number of people are unaware of the modern day philosophical arguments of religion (don't confuse it with theology nor Judaic or Christian views) it's saddening, so it probably should be taught in schools . Hell even most college philosophy of religion courses are out dated a lot of states like Illinois still usetext books that argue the "theistic/personal/Judaic" western world god(s) when that stuff has been outdated for like 15 years (including Rowe's book). The arguments in current philosophical are tend to promote critical thinking and general open mindedness.

posted about 6 years ago
#148 Players you wish came back to invite/their respect in TF2 General Discussion

DLman. years ago I thought I was decent at the game than he completely destroyed the pub server I was on. Looking back it's nothing super impressive but at the time I thought just being able to do forward rj's was impressive.

Some Guy later told me he was a 6's player which is how I first heard of 6's.

I wish Buffalo bill was still around as well as the other more obvious choices.

posted about 6 years ago
#18 morningfox lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He's a solid enough player, haven't played with him enough to comment on his personality.

But what is "French studies?" Is it like study of the linguistics and dialects of the french language? What exactly is it and what jobs ask for it/involve it? I knew a transfer student that had been majoring in something with a similar name and his credits were super spread out in multiple fields.

posted about 6 years ago
#59 How are you celebrating new years? in Off Topic

Studying some bastard decided tomorrow would be a good day to test interns on the companies ethic agreements and shit.

posted about 6 years ago
#20 PS4 in Other Games
LogicPersona 5 is coming to PS3

Thank you for the clarification I can't really think of many PS exclusive titles but I'm sure there'll be a few (I'm not saying exclusive console-wise but more so wont he on PC)

posted about 6 years ago
#13 PS4 in Other Games
RadmanWhat does the PS4 offer over the PC, other than being in the living room?

I don't quite know if this is true (I'm on my phone waiting for the train, can't look it up right now)

But I think metal gear solid l, dynasty warriors, warriors orachi, persona 5 and other mainly Asian games aren't getting ported

Though I believe rtk games are ported in non English.

posted about 6 years ago
#59 chicken bone on my doorstep in Off Topic
I'm not talking about career paths, I'm talking about what a person has to become when's they have kids. Your life, your choices are all now about your kids and no longer about yourself. The things your parents had to sacrifice to raise you is something you can't understand until you're a parent yourself. Your brother could not have kids and be a good parents doing odd jobs like he is now. You're forced to find secure work and housing.

I guess it depends on what you call being a good parent? By like 10 or so I was self estsufficient(excluding financing)and before that my oldest brother was basically like momma goose, at 11 or so he would cook for be and my brothers whenever our parents were gonna be gone for a few nights. I mean I do not know what you call being a good parent. My parents could leave us alone for
days on end and we'd be fine. I guess the first 7-8 years is a sacrifice since they aren't self self sufficieet, but if you really love your kids and such is that really a sacrifice?

My father doesn't he sees it all as a privilege but I guess that's just a difference of outlook.
Also please excuse any shitty writing errors this is all on mobile.

posted about 6 years ago
#55 chicken bone on my doorstep in Off Topic
kuzaOnce you have kids you grow up pretty quickly. And no longer get to improvise anything, it's all planned down to the minute now. It's a lot of work :( And I bet your parents know more than you think. It's impossible to understand what your parents went through until you have kids of your own.

Really? My father always says being a parent and the "career" buy a house etcetera etcetera life style was one of the easiest and 'safest' hence why so many people flock to it. He always says my brother who lives a kind of nomadic life(travels works as everything from translator to migrant worker etc) is the roughest.

But my dad is a huge philosopher nut (mostly existentialism) so my upbringing and education wasn't exactly conventional.

posted about 6 years ago
#20 Scoutman looking in Recruitment (looking for team)

he's an amazing scout, i've never seen him mess up a roll out while playing scout.

posted about 6 years ago
#324 ESEA and CEVO in TF2 General Discussion
Mr_Owli can tell you that there are quite a few people who will play where the invite players play, because that's where the best competition is. Like it or not, they do hold a pretty sizable portion of the community in their hands,

If that's true and they are "leaders" (is that a fair term to give them, given that they have a sizeable portion of the community in their hands?) isn't their moral, or social responsibilities as leaders to do what's the best for everyone in the community? And since ESEA has acted unethically(breaking of consumer trust) shouldn't invite responsibly lead us away from ESEA?

Forgive me if there's something i'm missing, but if they are acting for the very best interest of their followers (as leaders usually should do) shouldn't they give up ESEA/ESEA lan. i mean i don't know lan won't magically make tf2 into a super E-sport title, so is its use pretty much for invite players? And if invite players just want to act out what's best for themselves(and not their followers which you apparently stated they have) shouldn't we just say fuck them?

I honestly don't care, however it seems like the defense for ESEA is invite players want a LAN, and therefore others should stick around to keep funding it. And apparently others actually will stick around just because invite players tell them to/stick around themselves?(that's just what i got from you saying other will follow them)

posted about 6 years ago
#40 does our education system suck? in Off Topic

Honestly the means are out there for "elite" students to get their way through the system, there are competitive enrollment high schools that have great teacher, just as there are a select few college's that actually have great professors(not just filler professors, but ones that are actually on the forefront of their subject.).

And well for everyone below the "elite" it's kind of just filler, you have to realize you're one of 300 million, individualized special education just isn't practical. And hell for some people all that a "proper" education would do for them is push them a bit farther and let the comprehend differential equations in stead of Business calc or whatever. And it just doesn't matter that much since you can probably find millions of others who can grasp differential equations withing the education system we hav. You could argue they could go farther, with a more specialized education system, but apparently the goal is to push your very best as far as they can go, not push a large amount of mediocre and semi smart people as far as they can go.

If you ever read "Surly you're joking Mr. Feynmen " he kind of talks about how within the physics field which is an insanely small percentage of the population, there's even a smaller group of the truly elite physicists and how they were assembled at los alamos together and what not, and how it's like an insanely small amount of physicists that are actually "progressive" and the rest just kind of filler who can comprehend the subject but for whatever reason can't extend it.

posted about 6 years ago
#43 Favorite movies? in Off Topic

The departed
fun with dick and jane(1977 one, new one is alright)
Batman with adam west(it's just so goofy)
the legend of the drunken master
grand Torino
blazing saddles
robin hood men in tights
monty python and the quest for the holy grail

and my very favorite would be: the best of youth. It's kind of a mini series but it's fantastic.

posted about 6 years ago
#193 rip invite in TF2 General Discussion
Lights_really doubt a GM at LA Fitness of all places makes 6 figures @_@

I wouldn't be that surprised... <- that's managers to be fair.

I know a few WM employees making 6 figures, to be fair they work a fuck ton of hours, and are super hard workers but still. Also quite a few non union operators demolition crews etc that i've worked with have had people making like seventy grand mostly cash in a year.(don't know NY cost of living or taxes, but after all taxes and social security and shit 100k is probably close to 70k.

It's rather strange that quite a few jobs with high qualifications like professor, clinical researchers and such can sometimes make quite a bit less than good old manual labor.

posted about 6 years ago
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