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#9 The least serious democall ever, part deux in Videos tick 26000, POV demo
I shoot a pile of stickies right at my face
youtube clip featuring my squealing. tick 36500, POV demo
Cool arrow airshot
Another youtube clip

posted 2 months ago
#2 Australia competitve in TF2 General Discussion for 6s or for HL. There are newbie 6s pugs that are hosted by members of the ozfortress community, if you join the ozfortress discord someone will be able to get you an invite. Next summer cup starts on the 12th so you may be able to get on a team that way, otherwise next season is scheduled for early Feb start so teams will be looking. I think there were 5 teams formed from the newbie pugs last season so that's probably a good start.

posted 2 months ago
#25 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects
AelkyrPeople are already using the report function as a skip button with less votes required, which seems like a flaw to me.

Hove noticed this a couple of times so have removed report and made it a mod only command for now, I go through the clips that have been reported after the stream and see if they should actually be reported, not a massive chore.

skip votes count towards report votes as well apparently. seems pretty abusable

That's really strange. After a clip is reported it will automatically skip it however. I think what was happening is I wasn't resetting the report vote after it passed so it was still keeping the last votes.

I have pushed the vote command, just need to test it and hopefully it will be live sometime today/early tomorrow. Requires 25% of viewers for now, will change if people think it is too high.

posted 6 months ago
#21 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects

Nope not dead, stream will be live in a bit.

More updates!
Have made some changes to the backend code to make it a lot cleaner. Now a UI for displaying individual clip info/queue etc. for all clips (sorted by most recently uploaded)
Most recently uploaded clips are also displayed on the home page
In case anyone hasn't seen, skip/report has been changed to be 20% and 10% of stream viewers (rounded up) need to skip and seems to work as expected. I'm not sure if 20% is enough but it seems alright. Feedback on tweaking the numbers is most welcome.
Have code in place for voting so should be up and running soon enough (making it so it will not require the clip to already be in the db).
Analytics (times skipped, played, total clips played etc.) coming soon as well.

Unfortunately can't get the stream to run at 1080p with the hardware its running on which sucks :(

posted 6 months ago
#12 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects

Some updates/clarifications:

  • Skip/report now work properly
  • Attempt to ad block (seems to partially work)
  • Clips are now randomised and can be randomised again at any point when required
  • Potential fix for video quality
  • Opened some API endpoints to view some video data:
  • I'm not trying to make money off of this project, I obviously can't turn other peoples hard work into my own so I won't be enabling ads or subs (unless people want). Currently there are no costs involved but in the future there probably will be with ongoing hosting/storage. Generally would be less than $5-10 a month so nothing major

Hopefully will now be able to start a bit of a schedule for a bit (similar to the times above), and should be able to start streaming at better times for Europe as well once I know that things are stable enough that I don't have to keep an eye on the stream.

Thanks everyone for your support on the first stream.
Keep uploading clips!

posted 6 months ago
#10 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects

Yes I realise that is a problem. I can do it it will just require a reasonable change from how I'm currently doing, I'll see what I can do

posted 6 months ago
#8 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects

Thanks everyone who has submitted clips already! Really appreciate it!

Planning to go live tomorrow about 6pm EDT ish and run for the whole day. You can still add clips when the stream is live, not sure how many clips the stream will get through but will see.

Hope to see you all there:

posted 6 months ago
#6 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects
ZestyI'm glad someone decided to do this. Was actually thinking about this the other day and something I realized is it might be against the twitch TOS as you're exclusively streaming content made by other people. Look into that before trying it because it might be fine, streaming on another service is also always a possibility.

Yea that was something I was a bit worried about as well. I had a read through before starting the project and I believe it is fine as long as the creator gives permission to share the content, i.e uploads it to the site. It may be a bit of a gray area though. The stream shows the name of the clip and the creator (not uploader) so I can give attribution to the creator. Am more than happy to take clips down If someone sees a clip created by them that they do not wish to be shown.
Originally I wanted to start off with just having demos/stvs but the amount of work required was a bit too much for the time I had available. I have a better Idea of how I'd like to do it now that I have the bulk of the app complete.

posted 6 months ago
#1 stream request in Requests

Please could you add to the stream list, name, global country


posted 6 months ago
#1 Automated Frag Stream - Introducing in Projects

Inspired by this thread and TempusTV I finally got the time to start developing this project. The idea is simple, upload some TF2 clips, see them on stream.

All that is needed is to start uploading clips. These can be YouTube videos or Twitch clips (I've had to make Twitch clips max 30sec though for reasons which is unfortunate), they can be full frag videos or just small ShadowPlay clips or sick airshots or 6ks, anything goes as long as it's TF2. They don't have to be created by you, feel free to post someone else's frag video as long as they are ok with it. Eventually I hope to add support for STV/POV demos so they can be converted to videos as well as normal videos, these types of clips can be uploaded they just won't appear on stream yet.

You can also see the state of the clips you have uploaded as well, and delete them if you no longer want them played.

The site is live at for uploading clips and the stream will be live at once there are enough clips uploaded. There is a Twitch bot as well so clips can be skipped and/or reported if need be.

Source code is here and here if someone wanted to set it up for CS or something, or to help fix things.

Thanks to PancakeLarry for open sourcing the TempusTV code for reference, and the people in the other TFTV thread for inspiring me to make this.

posted 6 months ago
#9443 stream highlights in Videos

posted 7 months ago
#4 ozfortress Season 24 Highlights in Videos

Phat video as always Beater!

posted 11 months ago
#2 SQL Database Connections w/Sourcemod & DigitalOcea in Q/A Help

Have you changed the


file in


(i think) and changed the


to (Restart the mysql service after that change) Spent ages trying to do the same. Also need to create a user that listens to all addresses so

CREATE USER '<username>'@'%' IDENITIFIED BY '<password>';


GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '<username>'@'%';

or whatever. I think that should fix it.

posted about a year ago
#7636 stream highlights in Videos

posted about a year ago
#6619 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
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