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#9444 stream highlights in Videos

posted 1 week ago
#4 ozfortress Season 24 Highlights in Videos

Phat video as always Beater!

posted 4 months ago
#2 SQL Database Connections w/Sourcemod & DigitalOcea in Q/A Help

Have you changed the


file in


(i think) and changed the


to (Restart the mysql service after that change) Spent ages trying to do the same. Also need to create a user that listens to all addresses so

CREATE USER '<username>'@'%' IDENITIFIED BY '<password>';


GRANT ALL ON *.* TO '<username>'@'%';

or whatever. I think that should fix it.

posted 8 months ago
#7637 stream highlights in Videos

posted 8 months ago
#6619 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 8 months ago
#21 Medic's Primary Problem in Videos

Paulsen had a fantastic idea for nerfing crossbow, I had a pretty similar idea but never really shared it and didn't have as clear of an idea of how it could work unlike Paulsen ( fantastic conversation from here). He had some other fantastic ideas to go along with it all in the vod. The problem with the crossbow is that the healing is instantaneous. Every other healing item heals at a rate like the Medigun, dispenser etc. This along with lowering the amount it heals for I reckon would make it a much more balanced weapon without being disgustingly overpowered. Having it heal at the same rate a level 1 dispenser heals at might be a good start.

Instead of loosing a 1v1 with a scout cos they got a lucky arrow shot at them, they would only heal a small amount in the time it took you to reload and shoot, while still retaining the ability for them to retreat and re-heal. It would still keep it usable enough for pocket rollouts etc as well.

Obviously the crossbow needs a nerf, too ingrained in the meta to be banned, and needles are just bad so need a buff (dunno how though).

Just my 2c.

Great video though Nursey.

posted 9 months ago
#7450 stream highlights in Videos

posted 9 months ago
#3 koth_waterton in Map Discussion

Have had a bit of a run around.

The water tunnel is very easy to get stuck on randomly and is hard to enter. It needs widening and clipping so that it can be walked into easily for it to work.

Obviously still alpha but needs a few health and ammo packs. A good place for larger ones could be around the water area.

This is a weird corner
Random overhang

Point has potential for lots of clipping issues on the top, especially the tiny nipple which will swallow splash. Have you considered being able to cap on top as well like bagel?

An opening here might be nice. Even better might be to shift over the sewer as well as the corridor

I felt that all the 2 sides of the rollouts could be better connected, as like viaduct, so that you can change the side you want to go out of if you want.

Here is a small album with some additional images and things that I think could be improved

Nice simple geometry which I think has the potential to work well. Keep it up!

posted 10 months ago
#32 Post a Medic demo, get a video response in Mentoring

This is an open scrim, ozfort. Name in game is Thermite (medic). Many thanks Slin!

posted about 2 years ago
#382 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

CPU: AMD FX 6300 @ 4GHz
GPU: AMD R7 360
Resolution: 1680*1050

UBUNTU 14.04 - AMD Proprietary Driver v15.2

Comanglia's Config

Shadows on (medium)
Gibbs off
Ragdolls off

No explosion smoke script -
Bullet dust removal script -

2639 frames 23.839 seconds 110.70 fps (9.03 ms/f) 7.306 fps variability
2639 frames 24.019 seconds 109.87 fps (9.10 ms/f) 6.573 fps variability
2639 frames 24.214 seconds 108.98 fps (9.18 ms/f) 6.014 fps variability
AVERAGE 2639 frames 24.024 seconds 109.85 fps (9.103 ms/f) 6.631 fps variability

-default -autoconfig (Explosion and bullet dust scripts disabled, fps config disabled)

2639 frames 30.531 seconds 86.44 fps (11.57 ms/f) 5.359 fps variability
2639 frames 31.061 seconds 84.96 fps (11.77 ms/f) 4.945 fps variability
2639 frames 30.853 seconds 85.53 fps (11.69 ms/f) 5.114 fps variability
AVERAGE 2639 frames 30.809 seconds 85.643 fps (11.677 ms/f)

Additional notes: running on an SSD

Windows 7 AMD Crimson Driver v16.11

Comigilas Config
Shadows on
Gibbs off
Ragdolls off

No explosion smoke script -
Bullet dust removal script -

2639 frames 25.138 seconds 104.98 fps (9.53 ms/f) 6.731 fps variability
2639 frames 25.040 seconds 105.39 fps (9.49 ms/f) 6.530 fps variability
2639 frames 24.985 seconds 105.63 fps (9.47 ms/f) 6.580 fps variability
AVERAGE 2639 frames 25.054 seconds 105.333 fps (9.497 ms/f) 6.6137 fps variability

-default -autoconfig (Explosion and bullet dust scripts disabled, fps config disabled)

2639 frames 34.209 seconds 77.14 fps (12.96 ms/f) 6.193 fps variability
2639 frames 33.300 seconds 79.25 fps (12.62 ms/f) 5.780 fps variability
2639 frames 33.479 seconds 78.83 fps (12.69 ms/f) 5.670 fps variability
AVERAGE 2639 frames 33.663 seconds 78.407 fps (12.757 ms/f) 5.881 fps variability

Additional notes: laptop HDD, reasonably new install (2 months)

posted about 2 years ago