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#75 TF2 update for 8/21/20 in TF2 General Discussion

personally i think it's good that this got removed but claiming it makes no difference to jumping (specifically airpogo) online is just simply wrong and i dont know why you'd try and double down on a topic you have no knowledge of

posted about a year ago
#59 Environments - TF2 Edit in Videos

its pretty dumb deleting your videos but the fact that this was a collab effort makes it so much worse

posted about a year ago
#206 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster

racism isnt real observe this graph

posted about a year ago
#7617 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#124 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion

trust me guys if we just stick it out for a few more years with no promod and no whitelist the pubbers will unite and take 6s by storm and well get a valve major amnd well all be professional gamers

posted about a year ago
#58 Med speed buff removal EU DMIXES in TF2 General Discussion
KZb4nny explaining why medic speed buff is a good thing

i have no proof for this but i assume b4nny asked for the med speed buff to be implemented
why would valve introduce a feature that only helps medics when they heal a scout? when have you ever seen a medic and scout combo in pubs? i know he went to valves offices so i assume he suggested it thinking that faster medics = faster games. unfortunately when medics rarely die you end up in a lot of stalemates. i remember when losing a mid hard meant getting wiped and almost certainly losing a round - now your med just sprints to last like usain bolt and you have a nice little last stalemate

posted about a year ago

no kaptain?

posted about a year ago
#4 How do I improve my movement in TF2 General Discussion

jump maps help your movement a lot. I'd recommend these maps in this order
Tier 2: summer eons
Tier 3: bomb above
Tier 4: stretch vanilla
Tier 5: legion

posted about a year ago
#7487 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted about a year ago
#157 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion
FuxxMouldFuxxPerhaps the apparent insensibility is why this is getting downfragged but tbh this is likely the truth. People turn blind eyes to shit all the time to "avoid drama", sometimes even going as far as covering up for them. There are different degrees of severity, but it's unquestionable that all of these are bad moves. Inaction is not a virtue, quite the contrary. People are getting abused, it's time to hold your peers to higher standards. If you don't then you're a fucking coward.
the thing is it's harder than that because these situations can be so different.

you can make the argument either way but frankly if you're told something in confidence then if it comes out then that's a serious breach of trust and what you're doing may later save a victim, or it may not - but you're causing direct harm to the current victim, who may be dealing with it in their own way. Outing them as a victim can be really highly damaging because when this kind of thing happens your sense of self can be really knocked, and having everyone know can be further trauma. It's not the same for everyone but taking the reigns from the victim is highly disrespectful in my opinion.

then on the flip side you have that if it's a rumour of who the aggressor was, but you don't have it from the horses mouth, that's just hearsay and the rumours can often be completely different to whats happened, especially in a case where someone may have more influence and may be spreading a completely different version. in real life I knew someone who was spiked and assaulted and a popular person spread that some guy had been seen in the room, and it was a long time before anyone discovered the reality was that it was one of the popular persons friends all along and some innocent person took the flak for years.

inaction might not be a virtue, but is it a virtue to bring something to attention and cause new kinds of damages and potentially not even help in any way? The problem is these situations are really complex and there is no one flowchart or set of rules that you can follow in order to act in the right way.

what we can all do with 100% certainty is be as supportive as we can and make sure our minds are open when someone actually does come out with this kind of thing. the rumour mill has something going on, as tob wrote about, and it's heartbreaking and gross that it's being/been brushed away due to a lack of support.

People are being abused, it's becoming an issue that warrants higher scrutiny. It's time the community takes a hard look at itself and realizes how shameful this situation is. You have pedophiles and rapists in the higher echelons of the community and if that doesn't scream problematic then maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. The solution is exposure, even if the victim would disagree with that. The solution is ostracization. The people doing these things are respected members who others deposit trust into. If these people were robbed from their respect then this problem would be mitigated. It is your view that is flawed, because in your efforts to respect one victim or avoid drama, another person gets victimized. You need the drama, you need the cleanse. Furthermore, Tagg himself admitted that he feels somewhat responsible because he knew what kind of a person Dashner was and instead of taking the moral stand he took the bystander effect. Everyone in that position ought to feel shame for their inaction. It was not they who committed the crime, but they failed to uphold a moral duty. That is telling and I'm sure this will ruffle the feathers of a lot of people, but some uncomfortable truths have to be told. This systematic protectionism is responsible, at least indirectly, for abuse.

it's incredibly easy to take this standpoint when it's not you or your friends who'll be affected by information coming out

it takes a lot of trust to tell anyone about this sort of thing. breaking promises you make to someone about something so personal and going public is a great way to make sure no one ever speaks up

yes you have a moral duty to make sure more people don't get hurt but you also have a moral duty to not hurt your friend already in a fragile state. it's up to the victim to speak up

posted about a year ago
#337 BTS TF2 insanity in TF2 General Discussion
indrayo why did dashner delete his tftv account lol

posted about a year ago
#7259 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

maybe including mumble overlay wasnt the strat

posted about a year ago
#11 The Elevator in TF2 General Discussion

you can get a heavy on the ring on gully last (red side only) by jumping off a tele

posted about a year ago
#50 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion
OlghaBut thing is, se7en is worldwide known as one of the best team of the world + a very fair-play team to play against, so you know they won't try to troll you in scrims, result is, if they offclass, you know that's a strat.

we only ran heavy to snake mid when rolling teams 4-0 in scrims so they'd think it was just me bm'ing

posted about a year ago
#4 any way to fix snakewater skybox glitch in demos? in Videos
the old final1

posted about a year ago
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