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#1 LFT Pocket Soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)

I'm looking to try play Div 2. I've done a lot of demo reviews and work on my mechanics and I still plan on working on all of that while on a team. I'm always willing to do team demo reviews/map reviews whenever needed and I'm trying my best to get better almost every day.
I also prefer to main call

Previous shit people have said because I haven't made a general LFT thread:
Discord: SkosGo#5603

Currently on a team

posted 5 months ago
#15 SkosGo LFT Main Pocket Soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)

Ba bump :)

posted 5 months ago
#4 please pass it down :) in Off Topic

posted 6 months ago
#6 Big Cash LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Genuinely one of the smartest tf2 players I know. Turned me from a fucking idiot dumb baby player to a player that understands the game 10 fold what I did when I first started playing. An all around good player and a great pickup

posted 6 months ago
#45 Great TF.TV Fit Challenge in Off Topic

posted 6 months ago
#1 SkosGo LFT Main Pocket Soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)

Played IM last season and I think my mechanics are good enough to play in Main. My DM needs some work but its something that I am actively improving on right now.
I've been grinding this game hard and still plan to keep doing so. 3 days ago I beat my first T5 and about 2 days after that my first T6 if thats something that matters to anyone.

Discord: SkosGo#5603

posted 6 months ago
#39 Will there ever be another in Off Topic

I have been thinking that I could possibly

posted 8 months ago
#7625 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 8 months ago
#555 Wut hud/crosshair/cfg thread in Customization
does anyone have the link to TrukTruk's old crosshair?
Crosshair 5OL

posted 8 months ago
#1214 worst steam profile in Off Topic
Gotta love my teammate. He do be the best

posted 8 months ago
#109 Yet another insane RGL ban handed out in TF2 General Discussion
pizza_fartsegundoCaptainZidgelI actually feel so bad for you, that you thought this in your brain and thought it changed anything, or was even valid (newsflash armchair linguist: language changes with context and time, English is not bound by millennium-old Greek suffixes, and you clearly knew what they meant by -phobic if you knew to find the suffix for hatred, so your pedantry accomplishes nothing). I hope you enter human society and form a connection with another human being one day.I'm sorry you are too stricken with ennui to truly care about the many travesties we have to bear when using the english language, such as the horrible choice of using "phobos" as a suffix. For instance, the second greatest philosopher ever, Charles Sanders Peirce, felt the same way about more conventional words like "philosophy" and "phenomenology", opting for "cenoscopy" and "phaneroscopy".
The term “phaneron” is one Peirce took from the Greek φανερός, meaning what is “visible” or “manifest”. The choice of this word seems calculated in a certain way to distinguish it from the “phenomenon”, or the “thing appearing to view”; that is, while the term “phenomenon” is limited to the object in question (and thus its import specified by whether one presumes realism or idealism), the manifestness of the phaneron embraces a wider range of possible meaning: for in what is manifest—and this interpretation is strengthened by texts of Peirce soon to follow—in what is manifest we have more than merely what comes upon us from without, but include also the provenations following from the activity of our own minds.

To quote Peirce:C. S. Peirce, Letters to William JamesThe phaneron, as I now call it, the sum total all of the contents of human consciousness, which I believe is about what you (borrowing the term of [the radical positivist, Richard] Avenarius) call pure experience,– but I do not admit the point of view of Avenarius to be correct or to be consonant to any pragmatism, nor to yours, in particular, and therefore I do not like that phrase. For me experience is what life has forced upon us,–a vague idea no doubt. But my phaneron is not limited to what is forced upon us; it also embraces all that we most capriciously conjure up, not objects only but all modes of contents of cognitional consciousness.
You can accuse me of appealing to semantics, but saying exactly what we mean is quite important.
knsumethis is unironically the single most stupid fucking thing i have ever read on this site lmaoSorry, but you are sorely mistaken. Nothing that spirates from my mind can be vis a vis "stupid" as since I have been tested on the WAIS scale for an intelligence quotient of over 150. What about you, friend?

You know this is most likely bait, but I want to believe he's being serious because it's way funnier that way

posted 8 months ago
#4 Easy T4 Jump Maps in TF2 General Discussion


posted 9 months ago
#1 Easy T4 Jump Maps in TF2 General Discussion

I've beaten just over 20 T3 maps and Im looking to grind out an easier T4 map. I know T4 maps aren't easy but my plan is to ease into some before going into the harder ones.
I play Soldier

posted 9 months ago
#18 CASUAL presents.............. Kung Fu Panda (DUB) in Music, Movies, TV

This is a masta pieca

posted 10 months ago
#5 LFT 6'S IM Pocket Soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)


posted 10 months ago
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