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#429 Ban Pred and Degu in Off Topic

I used to drop the occasional hard R because I'd become desensitised awhile back. The thing that actually made me realise that that was shitheaded behaviour was getting banned from one of the only worthwhile Aussie BF4 servers for racism. Really made me think "Oh shit this actually isn't OK and most normal human beings take offense to this, I'm gonna stop saying offensive shit now".

And thinking about it isn't this basically how you'd parent a shitheaded kid? If a kid is being a turd you pull them aside, put the fear of god into them, and put them back out there. Otherwise they know they can get away with being a turd. I mean this is just basic parenting sometimes you have to be firm to cut shitty behaviour out.

So honestly people with the capability to ban shitheaded community members should probably just fucking do it. Someone actually saying "Hahaha all your MGE hours are worthless how does it feel" might make them step back and think about their actions. Atleast it did for me.

posted about 4 years ago
#11 How true is this? in Videos

FPS does affect airstrafing in Half Life 1, which is why Half Life 1 speedruns are capped to 100FPS (higher framerates give you more speed for the same airstrafe). I've tested 100FPS and 500FPS airstrafing in HL and its extremely noticable. I've never noticed the same kind of difference in TF2 so I highly doubt local framerate affects your airstrafing (as said in the video, this SHOULD all be done server side).

posted about 4 years ago
#151 No Hats Mod in Customization
FilbertianCan we get a version that keeps the stock cosmetics (like the original hats even when someones wearing a different hat)
TL;DR: Its possible but buggy and takes fucking ages for even a single hat.

Actually, if anyone knows anything about scripting it might be possible to automate the process for replacing a hat using this method. No idea if that's possible with the .mdl decompilers out there. I'd be keen to work with someone who knows how to do this.

posted about 4 years ago
#9 cool dane video in TF2 General Discussion

Worth noting his stats for area in square metres are wrong. He's calculated squared kilometres correctly, but then divided by 1,000, not 1,000,000 to convert to square metres, so the average TF2 map isn't 342m^2 (a large house), but 342,000m^2.

Cool video though.

posted about 4 years ago
#22 best videogame soundtrack? in Other Games

I thought Dishonored's soundtrack fitted the rest of the game's aesthetic pretty well.

posted about 4 years ago
#49 List of Broken Contracts in TF2 General Discussion

The Helltower bonus objective for reaching the Bombinomicon twice only seems to register once, but when you turn it in you still get the star, even though your progress is 1/2.

posted about 4 years ago
#21 List of Broken Contracts in TF2 General Discussion
SirDuckJetpack stuff.

I'm also fairly certain you don't get points for extinguishing pyros lit by the Gas Passer. I've got the +1 bonus by extinguishing pyros a few times without getting anything added to my contract.

posted about 4 years ago
#19 "Gaming's Biggest Mystery SOLVED!" in The Dumpster

Shut down by the literal author of Half Life lmao

posted about 4 years ago
#15 How you like it in Off Topic

Like this.

posted about 5 years ago
#177 worst steam profile in Off Topic
yauchI'm very sorry in advance.

I saw the top half and thought it was regular degeneracy.
Then I scrolled down.
I was not prepared.

posted about 5 years ago
#73 No Hats Mod in Customization

Hi friends, I've tried poking around with ways to solve the headless pyros etc while still removing hats. Here are my findings:

Attaching bodygroup models to the main model in the .qc file: Editing the QC file trips sv_pure 2 up straight away. I don't know anything about preloading but this basically doesn't work.
Joining the character body and bodygroup models together in Blender and recompiling the model: Breaks eyes on the model and crashes the game when joining sv_pure 2 servers 90% of the time (it worked once but when taunting half the parts of the character stretched towards the origin of the map, and the rest were in the complete wrong place so the character became a swirl of body parts. I think this is a problem with decompiling animations because I recall the same thing happening when playing animations in Blender????). Very strange that this doesn't work and I suspect it might be due to decompiling/recompiling character models being super fucky.

So the only option seems to be old method I discussed here. I did a really bad job explaining my method so I'll do it here because it wouldn't really be feasible for one person to go through every hat using a body group with this method.

You'll need a decompiler. Everyone uses Crowbar these days I think. Decompile every class model from the .vpks (you'll need to extract them using GCFScape first). You should end up with a bunch of .smd files. You can use an addon to allow Blender to import these (not sure where to find this anymore because it keeps getting outdated and moving around or something). The SMDs should relate to the base class model, and all the bodygroups. The key to this method is replacing the SMD of the hat that disables a bodygroup, with the SMD of the bodygroup it replaces. Do this by decompiling the hat (make sure to check the .qc file for any problems. Usually the directory path is missing some characters for some reason. Look in GCFScape for the correct directory), and replacing all the SMDs (there'll probably be a few for different LODs. Make sure to replace the LODs with the appropriate bodygroup LODs. They're named lod0, lod1... etc so its pretty straight forward) of the hat with the SMDs of the bodygroup(s) it disables by changing the filenames of the bodygroup SMDs to those of the hat SMDs. Then, recompile the model using Crowbar. For hats with different styles, make sure to replace every SMD. Some hats disable multiple bodygroups. Due to Source engine Nazi Space Wizardry, this is an easy fix. Import the 2 relevant bodygroup models (ie: the models of the 2 bodygroups that are disabled) into Blender, highlight both models by shift clicking (I think), and join them with Ctrl+J. Export the now-single model, and rename it appropriately. Don't worry about textures, somehow the Source engine applies the correct textures for each model, even though they're now just a single model (see aforementioned space wizardry). Just put the new hat files into a VPK like with the normal no-hats-mod. Repeat this process for every hat that disables a bodygroup (vomit).

Feel free to ask for any clarification. It'd be pretty cool if a bunch of people worked on this to get it up to date but it doesn't work half the time for some reason (like, some hats just show up. And not the usual offenders like the Pyro mask) and the fixed hats only use red team textures (this could probably be fixed by editing the .qc file but that fucks with sv_pure so yeah) so it might not be worth the time idk.

Edit: TL;DR: Decompile character model and hat > replace hat SMDs with bodygroup SMDs from character model > check hat .qc file for decompile errors in the file path (happens with my version of Crowbar that I can't be bothered updating) > recompile hat > put new hat files in VPK. Repeat for every hat that disables a bodygroup.

posted about 5 years ago
#33 Yet another unlocks survey in TF2 General Discussion

Will be interesting to see what people think about banning/unbanning items that don't make a difference. Personally I'd ban them because that cuts down on stupid variables you can't predict but need to consider.
ty for making this survey though, its a good idea.

posted about 5 years ago
#10 better ranking system? in TF2 General Discussion

CS:GO uses a "modified" version of Glicko-2 FYI.

posted about 5 years ago
#17 guide to mechanical keyboard in Hardware
reakoIf I want to build a custom keyboard, where would you recommend I begin?

Was going to make a typeup of how I went about making my custom but it was fucking massive so I'll just link all the resources I used to make mine:

Some cool build guides (notice how both of these boards use the sandwich design):
Portal Keyboard
BrownFox (precursor to the very popular WhiteFox which had a Massdrop groupbuy not too long ago)

Information of the stages of building the board:
Handwiring guide
Programming guide

Super useful resource HUB containing vector/CAD files for a bunch of different keyboard components, from switch cut-outs to 3D keycap models.

I found it handy to immerse myself in the build process so searching for custom builds on /r/mechanicalkeyboards is a good way to absorb information and get some inspiration.

And as JarateKing mentioned, this shit is expensive. The required parts are:
Laser cut body pieces (price depends on where you get your stuff cut and from what material. Around $50USD???).
Switches (depends on where you source them from. Cherry switches WERE around $.50 a switch for around 100 switches a year or two ago but the place I bought them from doesn't even sell switches anymore so I don't know what's going on there).
Diodes (insanely cheap. You'll want 1N4148 diodes, 1 per switch).
Some sort of thin wire (free if you look in the right places, like the trash. Shouldn't be too expensive new).
A microcontroller (Teensy 2.0s are around $20USD).
Keycaps (literally could cost anything).

So you're looking at a couple hundred for a basic custom board. It might be possible to build one for less than a fancy GaM3R board with super useful features like RGB LEDs (a custom board gives you access to the firmware sourcecode so the macro capabilities of a custom are far superior to a gaming board) but compared to cheap keyboards from China using knockoff Cherry switches you're going to be spending more money. Its super fun though and you can customise EVERYTHING.

posted about 5 years ago
#21 Club Penguin closing in Other Games

Shiet I still remember getting my first pin it was that old as fuck Jetpack one. Game turned to shit when they added realistic hairstyles and everyone was trying to start relationships and shit man I just wanted to grind gold on that minecart game and get the disco floor.
e: haha my username was from Club Penguin wowie.

posted about 5 years ago
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