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#5635 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

So, most of you have likely seen those numbers on the default HUD that appear next to your health bar and your metal count whenever you grab a medkit or an ammo box, respectively, right?

Well, I wanna know how to change their color -- preferably without basing off of some custom HUD that could ruin something else -- and, if possible, make it so that said numbers stack in case you get 2+ medkits or ammo boxes in a row.

posted about 2 years ago
#110 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

Always a pleasure.


posted about 2 years ago
#108 nerf pyro in TF2 General Discussion

I'm really getting a laugh out of the dichotomy we're having in this thread; people using logs (some even using damage logs, of all things) to make a point about Pyro being too strong on one hand, while on the other, not realizing through other logs of the same person that they're usually performing better than their Scout teammates even while not a Pyro.

Friendly reminder that:
A) Literally anyone with a Shotgun can ambush a person better than a Flamethrower Pyro can, and they can ambush someone just as well as a DF Pyro.
B) Any of the three "damaging" 6s classes can pull similar results, especially Soldiers and Demomen when it comes to damage dealt; you're not convincing me with these Pyro logs when I've seen things like 12.0+ K/D ratios coming from the rawest of raw 6s meta.
C) Scout -- the actual Fox of TF2 when it comes to pure 1v1 potential -- has all the tools in his arsenal to make the Pyro look like a flat joke; a Scout always has and always will beat a Pyro 1v1 at the same level of skill, much like how he can beat anything not named a Sentry or a Hacker.

While I will concede that the Pyro's airblast on the Flamethrower primaries is absolute bonkers and that his flames could use a tad more see-through, complaining about the Pyro's AOE damage like it's out of this world is like asking me to emotionally slap you in the face with the JJJameson Laugh clip from that Spider-Man movie for how ridiculous you sounded just there.

posted about 2 years ago
#7 Snakewater 2nd CP Zone Render Game Crash in Q/A Help
mastercomsTry without -nops2b.

Also a bit unrelated but I would recommend setting video options within the options window rather than with your launch options. (-full, -w, -h)

That... actually fixed it; I don't know why the foggy appearance breaks only that specific section of that specific map, but it does. Additionally, I tried to switch the "r_pixelfog" command around, just to be sure, but it didn't matter one bit.

It's rather unfortunate that launch option is unstable, as I actually liked the foggy aspect it gave to most maps. I guess it can't be helped then...

Are the video launch options actually detrimental by any chance? They were pretty useful back when I was toying around with the dxlevel one, and I'd like to keep them around if they don't disrupt anything worthwhile.

posted about 3 years ago
#5 Snakewater 2nd CP Zone Render Game Crash in Q/A Help
loserline49I use to have a problem like this, whenever I loaded onto the map pl_swiftwater I would just instantly crash, and it was only on that map. For some reason changing 'cl_new_impact_effects' from 1 to 0 fixed it for me, I dunno if it would do anything here but you could try it

Well, not only was it set to 0 beforehand, but setting it to 1 didn't fix it, so that's not it.

telephone_fantry deleting snakewater from the maps folder then verifying the files instead

Quick question: is the game file verification affected by Steam Cloud? If so, that was basically pointless.

If not, then it definitely didn't fix it, so it's something the map uses for that specific CP Zone that exists somewhere in another file, in that case.

joshuawnwhat are your launch options? i remember having this same exact issue when i used an old list of mastercoms' launch options, and getting rid of one of them fixed it.

"-full -w 1920 -h 1080 -nosteamcontroller -nops2b -noff -softparticlesdefaultoff -reuse"

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Snakewater 2nd CP Zone Render Game Crash in Q/A Help

So today I just found this really nonsensical game crash whenever I tried to play Casual on Snakewater. After a bit of testing, I managed to break it down into the following points.

1) It's (practically) exclusive to Snakewater: not only does the crash always happen regardless of the server or of a player's action, but no other official 5CP or even aesthetically-similar map featured the same kind of crash, if any at all. Furthermore, while both the U13 and Final (official) versions of Snakewater have the very same crash, the U14 version didn't have it for some reason.

2) It's directly linked to both of its 2nd CP Zones: the crash only occurres near the 2nd CP Zone -- both of them, actually -- and neither the Last CPs nor the Mid one (uncapped or not) produced similar results; in fact, you can walk around the general 2nd areas just fine so long as you aren't trying to look at the CP Zone, which brings me into...

3) It's consistently related to your screen rendering it: unlike most server crashes that happen off-screen due to someone doing something unexpected, this game crash always happens whenever your screen tries to render the above CP Zone. It doesn't matter whether the screen renders it on a POV camera or even a spectator one; if it renders it, the whole game crashes.

I honestly don't know what's in the map that causes this crash to happen or even why it only appeared now, so yeah, it'd be nice if some people could give ideas on how to solve it -- or at the very least confirm it's not just my PC being a fuck-twat.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I already tried verifying my game files; it's all fine, but the crash still happens anyway.

posted about 3 years ago
#71 ETF2L bans wall bugs in TF2 General Discussion

might as well ban soldier alongside pyro, heavy and engineer

why just pander to scout mains when you can turn team fortress 2 into scout fortress 2 amirite

posted about 3 years ago
#15 The Sparkle Gang signed by TFCrew in News

I'd argue that the whole "High tier divided in divisions" thing happening wasn't necessarily for a good reason, but even then, my post wasn't meant to be taken seriously (or at least not the first half of it), and I think we can all agree anyway that promoting 6s (to the casual side) isn't really a glorious work for anyone involved.

So really, why are we debating over this again?

posted about 3 years ago
#12 The Sparkle Gang signed by TFCrew in News

When TF2 players sponsor other TF2 players, you really know the comp side has hit the bottom, LUL

In all seriousness though, props to Mr Dane for doing the dirty work of promoting 6s.

posted about 3 years ago
#28 so about that quickloadout change bind... in TF2 General Discussion

Besides the whole "Medics keeping ubercharge on loadout change" shenanigans, the whole problem with the loadout change bind abuse is directly connected to the way spawns are made in maps; you see, in most comp maps, spawns are made so that the supply cabinets are far away from spawn doors and super close to spawn points. This is the main problem.

Let's take Process' Spawn for example: say you're at the spawn door and in need of health/ammo/metal, why should you walk all the way back to the cabinet and back again to the spawn door when you can just instantly teleport from the spawn door into the spawn point area -- which just *happens* to be at the same distance as the supply cabinets, be fully recharged and just do half of the total walk for half of the time taken? It's simply more efficient that way to use the loadout change bind, and it's why Engi offclassers abuse the hell out of it when building a Sentry.

While yes, we should definitely push Valve to get rid of all Uber when a Medic changes loadout, we should also put more attention into the spawns itself when testing comp maps so that loadout change bind abuse isn't as rewarding to the user.

A definite golden rule for this dilemma would be like so: Spawn Door >> Supply Cab >>>> Spawn Points; it'd make it so just walking back to the Supply Cab would be over twice as fast to do so as just using the loadout change bind, and would make it so the loadout change bind is only really useful when you're stuck at a forward spawn or if you'd rather walk all the way back from teleporting at the spawn door than getting finished off and wait to respawn.

And most importantly, that'd only really leave with the "ubercharge kept on loadout change" problem for Valve to fix; no need for roundabout rules, no nothing of the sort.

posted about 3 years ago
#161 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
I disagree with your original premise, and most of the points you conclude after. powerjack + detonator is by far more well-rounded and consistent of a combination than any other combination of pyro secondary and melee.

For instance, you seem to think pyros will be able to bomb the enemy team, but no they won't... It takes too much time to switch to the jetpack and to switch back to your weapon, you will already be dead by then, and not to mention a scout on highground would have denied you already. Pyro is closer to being a generalist than ever before but not in the way you are suggesting.

You say that a JetPyro can be easily denied by Scouts almost like if Soldiers didn't already face that problem to begin with. Not only that, but it *is* possible to switch back from the Thruster to your Primary before you land, so long as you're willing to give a wider arc to your jump in order to do so.

But I will grant you this: if the Thruster's switch speeds were cut in half, then the Dragon Fury/Thruster/Powerjack set would make the Pyro at the very least as viable of a Roamer as Soldier.

posted about 3 years ago
#158 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion
CollaideSergeant_BrownMuch like many others here, I could make paragraphs worth of theorycrafting about the DF and how it together with the Thruster and the Powerjack could make the Pyro almost exactly as good of a Roamer as a Soldier[...]I would argue that the thruster is nearly completely useless as long as the powerjack is allowed. You switch weapon faster with the powerjack, you can always use it, you can use it both for long and short distances. The only thing it doesn't really do is give pyro more vertical mobility, which can probably be adequately substituted with the detonator (jumping) [not to mention the other qualities of the detonator].

Yes, the Powerjack is objectively better than the Thruster if all these 3 conditions are met: 1) you can flank someone quickly (AKA flanking a demoman behind the Process rock while you're on the other side); 2) said someone doesn't see you coming (AKA said demoman not placing stickies on his side of the rock); 3) your situation happens in a cramped location (AKA Process PC room). If any of these conditions aren't meant, then you're better off using the Thruster or not switching off your Primary in the first place.

Fact of the matter is, the difference in distance travelled between the Thruster and the Powerjack is practically unnoticeable (we're talking at most 1 second here); the only difference is that one sticks you to the ground like a slower Scout that can't doublejump and is only good at rollouts, and the other gives you enough air time to actually approach people with minimal retaliation, nevermind the fact that both can be equipped at the same time so you get the best of both worlds regardless.

No, what really matters here is the Detonator vs. Thruster debate, and even then the Thruster wins by a landslide most of the time: the Detonator Jumps cost about as much HP as a Non-Gunboats Rocket Jumps for only half of the latter's height gain, half of its useful jumps are only accessible by C-Tapping (something that I still consider to be an exploit given how most people would rather script-scum it in order to get consistent at it) and it's such a bad Flare Gun in itself that the goddamned Manmelter sounds more appealing by comparison -- it's a Jack-Of-No-Trades through and through.

Meanwhile, the Thruster trades away the "Worse Scorch Shot" part of the Detonator in exchange for Jet Jumps that have as much height gain as Rocket Jumps for no HP cost, all the while reducing fall damage down to an insignificant fraction of what it usually is in the process. Even if you were to take its horrible switch speeds and the lack of a proper Secondary into account, the Thruster still trumps the Detonator in most cases, but especially so in 5CP Midfights where a JetPyro can literally offset its Primary's biggest weakness by "bombing" a Medic/Demoman from one side of the Mid area to the other.

posted about 3 years ago
#138 December Global Whitelist Changes in TF2 General Discussion

I honestly don't know where ETF2L found this "72% of people" that want to keep the Dragon's Fury banned, since not only it was banned from basically everything comp-related since its release, but from what I can see here, nobody really knows what to make of it as a whole -- and it makes sense: how could any of us even know what to make of it if the only "competitive" experience we can get out of it is through MGE 1v1s?

Much like many others here, I could make paragraphs worth of theorycrafting about the DF and how it together with the Thruster and the Powerjack could make the Pyro almost exactly as good of a Roamer as a Soldier, if not an even better Roamer, but as it currently stands in here, the debate for/against it is just too controversial for the DF to stay banned without even so much as a sliver of actual comp experience to back it up.

posted about 3 years ago