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#11 favourite fragmovies ? in Videos

posted 1 week ago
#11 TF2 update for 11/15/21 (11/16/21 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion
I'm assuming we might be getting community CTF map(s) with some custom player/intel interaction for Smissmass this year, not sure why they would prioritise the issue this much otherwise unless it was just a very easy fix to implement to help map makers.
It's a nice thing to have, but it's just frustrating that issues like these remain open for years:

posted 1 week ago
#16 EU Newbie Mixes - Powered by & TF2IsPwn in Projects

Still looking for coaches :)
Edit: Also, if you think it's possible that you can do a shoutout about Newbie Mixes during your stream, on Twitter etc. to help bring more attention to us and getting new players interested, please reach out to me as well!

posted 1 month ago
#40 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion

Adding onto this, be aware that most stores might be closed on Thursday and Friday (not sure if that includes supermarkets) as those days are public holidays in Denmark, so don't forget to bring important electronics like ethernet cables or power strips, adapters etc.:
I remember us being a bit unprepared last time because Maundy Thursday is not a public holiday in Germany.

posted 1 month ago
#10 Ask Delphi in TF2 General Discussion

posted 1 month ago
#7 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#5 MAJOR TF2 update for 10/5/21 (Scream Fortress XIII in TF2 General Discussion
lol wtf

Edit: It's not restricted?? Or is that an error on this page.

posted 1 month ago
#67 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion
nablaSince this is known and acknowledged it should also follow that the rule includes ways for players who are clearly not malicious to have some sort of forgiveness so that a moment of negligence doesn't result in them being banned for an entire season over two warnings they incurred potentially four years ago.

A moment of negligence is not being punished though? You aren't getting banned after your first infraction, you only get a warning unless it was a playoff match iirc. If you still fail to record demos after that there is something wrong with your config setup, hard-drive, you simply don't care, or you just forgot about the rule again after being warned about it already.

Wait, oh...

RGL 10/15/2020 10/15/2020 Failure to Submit Demos: 1st Offense
RGL 10/2/2021 10/16/2021 Failure to Submit Demos: 2nd Offense

Now this discussion makes more sense.

posted 1 month ago
#60 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion
brodyrandom demo requests dont really make sense given how broken the demo recording systems are and how small the league is

It's rare that a demo recording ends up being corrupted in a way you cannot fix it anymore, the only time you really have to worry about it is if you think your hard-drive might fail in the next few months and at that point you should have a backup ready anyway or just get a new drive. Also just as a PSA, rejoining the match after a timeout will not restart the recording automatically with P-REC, so make sure to always start a manual demo recording once you rejoin the server.

brodyantlers should be given somewhat exceptional treatment given that his problem is directly caused by his efforts to do volunteer production work for RGL

This thread is just so weird, there were some events about RGL league staff being inconsistent in the past where I agreed with the complaints, but now you guys complain about RGL NOT being inconsistent? So you want some players to get preferential treatment over others because they support the league in some way etc.? That's a slippery slope and you know it. "Hey, that guy always casts some of our matches, let's overlook this demo infraction; hey, this guy is a 6s admin, let's just forget about them harassing others multiple times; hey, this guy donated $100 last week, let's overlook the time he used the Spy decloak script in the official." etc. you get what I mean.
This just seems like someone who has more backing in the community/is more "popular" got banned and you don't agree with it, I doubt this thread would exist otherwise and you couldn't care less about the actual rule itself. Admins shouldn't be biased in their decisions, don't be biased yourself.

posted 1 month ago
#50 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion
Air_arguing for random demo checks under the logic of "it discourages cheaters because they might get randomly requested" is incredibly stupid. maybe in a real league, but with rgl you have an anti-cheat team that watches 3 dozen mxr demos and concludes he isn't cheating, there is a 0% chance of them discovering a cheater off a random demo check, short of someone spinbotting in the first 30 seconds of the demo

Random checks help to make sure that everyone follows the rules and records without exceptions. When you do a lot of random requests, it will be harder to tell who is getting investigated while at the same time make more people aware that this rule exists. If you don't do that, you make it clear that you only target suspects. Public outcries like "please ban player X, they obviously cheat, you are taking too long" in threads like these poison a case and that will only ever help cheaters as well. But you'd also be surprised what you can find in a single, random demo. ;)
And perhaps sometimes an AC case isn't as easily solvable as it seems at a first glance; there could be explanations for moments where someone who doesn't know what to look for can reach premature conclusions. A player that got banned a bit later is still better than someone innocent getting banned for something that ended up being nothing.
You don't want scenarios like alfa's UGC ban to be a common occurence, right?

posted 1 month ago
#32 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion

Failing to provide another demo less than 3 months after your 2nd infraction is kinda on you tbh. Like at that point you should make sure that your P-REC is correctly installed + set to notify you that it is recording, or you switch to the in-game demo system if you cannot get P-REC to work.
It's a given that players who are known to not upload demos multiple times before will get another request in the future.

Phantomdefinitely need admins to use reason with the requesting demos thing. if someone is a suspected cheater or something then sure, but I have a warning for the rest of eternity cause i got requested and didn't have the demo due to reinstalling windows even tho my team got 4-0'd by sandblast

Infractions last for 4 years, the same as it is on ETF2L. The fact that only a select amount of players ever collected 3, 4+ demo infractions makes me think that 4 years isn't too long of a time period either. It used to be a permanent infraction in the past, but the game is old now and it would punish older community members more. I don't think your PC or hard-drive will fail 4+ times in 4 years.

Players must store POV demos for at least three months after the last match of the event, such as a season or a cup, that match was played in. Upon request by a staff member for a particular demo, they must supply it.
Demo offenses that are 4-years or older are reset and do not count towards a player’s future penalty. Players that have a past cheating ban do not have an expiry with demo offenses.

What I can say is that demo requests should be made relatively close to the match, even following the rule above admins should still try to request from for example a week 1 match while the season is still on-going, requesting that same week 3 months (or even more) later should only be done in very extreme cases.

MoermanPls only demo request when you suspect the player to cheat. So RGL, antlers and tftv shouldnt go through this misery in the first place.

So you or someone else that is being investigated by the AC team will know exactly when that is the case?
I cannot state enough how important it is for AC that players are forced to record and keep their POVs, and having a lot of random requests and clear punishments help to make sure players know and actually care about the rule. STVs are rarely valid replacements for POVs.

posted 1 month ago
#4 TF2 update for 9/16/21 in TF2 General Discussion

Previous Snakewater version here if needed:

posted 2 months ago
#513 Formula 1 Megathread in Off Topic

“I think dad and me, we would understand each other in a different way now simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport, and that we would have much more to talk about. And that’s where my head is most of the time, thinking that would be so cool. I would give up everything just for that.”


posted 2 months ago
#6 Upcoming Tip of the Hats will not feature TF2 in TF2 General Discussion

From their trello board:

Jason BaxterDecide what type of content will be shown on-stream. There has been discussion of having one game a day and excluding TF2 for this year due to a shared general lack of interest in the game [...]
I think it's safe to say we can expect people to be disappointed when they find out this is likely going to be the first event with extremely little or even no TF2 content, but it is what it is for now.

They also seem to be thinking of rebranding in the future:

Jason BaxterWe've briefly discussed the idea off/on of rebranding for various reasons.
This would also include a color/logo/naming rebrand.


posted 3 months ago
#3 Name Change in Requests

Thanks! The current link is, though I did still show up in the sidebar when I streamed with the new link iirc. I can change the URL in a month, I'll bump this with the new link once I have it if needed.

posted 3 months ago
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