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#1 Can you customize crit sounds per class/weapon? in Customization

Want to understand scripting a bit more and finding out what and what isn't possible. This seemed like an easy to approach area where I could avoid getting confused and focus on learning what limitations there are (plus there's no way you could exploit this to any advantage due to these specific sound files going all garbly when you edit them).

Just for clarities sake as well, I'm not talking about specific weapon firing sounds which I know are unique. For instance rocket_directhit_shoot_crit.wav

What I mean is the crit_hit.wav (1-5) sounds that play when your crit attack lands.

Knowing that there are 5 crit sounds that play at random when you hit an enemy, it's probably possible to customize each of those so you could get something different than normal playing. Or changing them all to the same sound so you would get no variance. Seems like a simple customization, as the same files play no matter what class or weapons you're using.

What I'm interested about however, is whether it's possible to actually fuck around with that. Force certain classes to load different sound files than the others. As an example have those crit sounds be default for every other class, but when playing Soldier have a crit_hit file of him saying "Blammo!" being loaded instead when landing a delectable kritz rocket on a Heavy's face.

Now from my limited understanding I can't actually see a way how to do this, as this is probably something hard in the game code you can't mess with. I'm not sure there's any way you could actually script on a class change for the file path to change, or even have the game acknowledge and utilise a different naming scheme for the files at all considering that the crit_hit files are shared by all the classes. I believe you can do it with hitsounds, but that's only because they introduced the hitsound sets in the update some years back that you can replace. The crit sounds don't have another set you can mess with.

But some of you guys are ridiculously intuitive at discovering new ways to customize the game so I'll pose this shot in the dark anyway. Either way, would be interesting to confirm whether this is possible or not.

posted about 3 years ago
#3 Is it possible to switch out a hud's scoreboard? in Customization

So there is, thank you kindly! Opened a new thread cuz I couldn't find much info about splicing huds together. Figured it'd be easy to find in the future in a named thread if someone was interested in that.

posted about 3 years ago
#1 Is it possible to switch out a hud's scoreboard? in Customization

Loving radshud, but there's no 12v12 scoreboard. Any advice on how I could go about potentially splicing in a scoreboard from another hud, and if so what steps do I need to follow/files do I need to move? Seems less effort than trying to update the hud myself (which I have no experience in).

Pls and thanks

posted about 3 years ago
#3 Can you force first person spectate by default? in Customization
RaelynIt's a minor thing.
posted about 3 years ago
#1 Can you force first person spectate by default? in Customization

Specifically regarding casual modes as tournament mode enforces this automatically.

But yeah, whenever I die in casual or other community servers, it would be nice to have the game spectate players in first person straight away rather than defaulting back to third person all the time.

It's a minor thing, cuz obviously it's simple enough to just +jump to put it to first person. But yeah, knowing if it's possible would be neat.

posted about 3 years ago
#244 le economy crash in TF2 General Discussion

tfw when I tell everyone I'm playing the long con, waiting for my good boy hat, but I actually had zero crates and my paypal was locked off


posted about 4 years ago
#20 so uhh.. in TF2 General Discussion

What's actually the point of this? The game is 11 years old, the reality is that dreams of expanding the scene should be abandoned by now. Focus on players who are currently playing the format and don't make them use dumb unlocks they were always opposed to.

And if you're going to do that anyway, atleast admit you're doing it cuz you're bored.

posted about 5 years ago
#3083 PC Build Thread in Hardware

So ignoring TF2, GPU upgrade is the main component for increased fps? I feel stupid now. It's amazing what kind of fundamentals you forget when you've been trying to optimize a technical mystery like TF2 for the last 5 years.

Regardless, I recall in a thread I made over a year back to increase TF2 fps that my motherboard didn't support overclocking CPU's, so you suggested I get a new board, ram, CPU and cooler which averaged out to about £550 or so.

In your opinion is the FPS gained worth that £550 to overclock a CPU for any game outside TF2, or is it negligible in comparison to GPU upgrade + monitor and potential SSD upgrade? Would it be a better use of my cash to just upgrade the GPU for most gains (outside TF2)?


posted about 5 years ago
#3081 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Yo, looking to upgrade my setup. Got about a £1200 budget with a bit of leeway to go over. Looking to maximize fps and improve general gaming experience, specifically for first person shooters such as TF2, Overwatch and the new CoD (with frequent use of Shadowplay or whatever it's called these days). I don't really have any plans to stream, I just sometimes make some videos with vegas. In retrospect buying the i7 may have been a waste, oh well.

Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z 24" 144 Hz
Main Board: Gigabyte H97-D3H ATX
Processor: Intel i7-4790(Not overclockable) @3.60 GHz 8 CPUs
SSD: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB
Hard Drive: 1.5TB SeaGate 5900RPM
Memory: HyperX FURY Series 16GB 1600MHz
PSU: Corsair CXM 600W Modular 80 Bronze
Windows: W10 64-Bit
Case: Corsair CC-9011077-WW Carbide 100R Mid-Tower ATX

Feel free to use the budget to it's fullest to make the best available rig (if the budget allows, I would love to be able to approach the 240hz/G-Sync area of gaming, if not now at some point in the future). I appreciate any advice, thanks.

posted about 5 years ago
#14 i63 Twitch Clips in Videos


posted about 5 years ago
#6801 stream highlights in Videos


posted about 5 years ago
#108 It's coming home in World Events

Honestly, mad respect to the squad for getting this far.

We made constant mistakes after conceding and just kinda fell apart, Croatia really stepped it up. In the first half it was our game, but Croatia put their front foot forward and just made shot after shot. We couldn't retaliate at all.

posted about 5 years ago
#3 sony uploads entire movie on accident in Music, Movies, TV

There's a scene in the middle of it where the Cartel leader threatens the protag from the back of an SUV, kills and skins a rabbit after petting it like a Bond villain, then throws it at him as a warning.

This movie is fucking amazing.

posted about 5 years ago


curious girl

posted about 5 years ago
#33 ETF2L replacing Sunshine with Cardinal (also money in TF2 General Discussion

The philosophy behind introducing new maps is good and I have no problems playing this map in the season (despite the fact I think it looks like a clustered back-cap central).

The problem is that the philosophy is stupid when the team is removing other new maps. Sunshine was for the most part quite well received, and is a common map I see people scrimming/pugging often. It's definitely faired far better than Reckoner in that regard anyhow. If you want long term variance in the map pool, then it would have been in your best interests to keep Sunshine in the pool and instead replace a different map.

Imo Prolands or Granary were ideal candidates to be substituted for Cardinal for this one season, considering that Collaide confirmed that there is no intention for Prolands to be developed further, and you're not going with the newer version of Granary for reasons unknown. Based on Stinson's reasoning, it simply doesn't make sense that you'd remove Sunshine over these two perfectly more valid options.

Alternatively you could just stop making these out of nowhere decisions without consulting your community as Eemes said, but that's probably a preach to the choir based on history.

posted about 5 years ago
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