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#37 prom in Off Topic

Do you like the girl and you would want to be more than friends? Are you using this as the ice breaker (my assumption is yes if you are using the King of Hearts lol)...or do you want to go just as friends? Have you talked about prom nonchalantly to see if she's interested in even going..has SHE dropped any hints? For most girls, prom is a huge fucking deal...but some just think of it as an event...know your battle and set realistic expectations of how to confront it.

If you do infact have feelings for her, try to at least find out if they are mutual back (ask around...her friends / mutual acquaintances you can trust). The last thing you want to do is get rejected and have this totally backfire. This could also ruin your friendship, as girls are notorious for becoming uncomfortable around guys that they know like them and don't like them back.

^^That exact scenario happened to me when i was a junior and my heart was fucking broken. I lost a great friend...she still talked to me but not like before. It was horribly awkward from here on out. I spent the better half of that year listening to terrible emo music as well. All in all a 1/10 experience.

Now if she does like you back...then it's a pretty cool thing to do, and you'll probably get brownie points for going out of your way doing something unique like this.

If you just want to go as friends, then just straight up ask her to go AS FRIENDS with no shenanigans.

posted about 6 years ago
#66 THE REMATCH IS REAL in TF2 General Discussion

posted about 6 years ago
#46 Scout LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

sal is a great, dedicated player and one of the friendliest guys i ever played with. Hope you can find a solid team buddy. If not maybe i'll come back next season and we can sandbag open again :p

PS: As far as the "we are bad on badlands" comment from tic...we (qf from last season) truly were terrible on badlands. Most of us asked any of the teams we scrimmed (reglardless of win/lose) for what we were doing wrong. We only got by on that map as good as we did because of our dm...our strats were terrible. I'm 100% sure that wasn't meant as low blow by any means to sal or your team.

posted about 6 years ago
#22 new blog post in TF2 General Discussion
BLoodSireThat would be cool if this means we get new player models. I also would really really really like some iteration of the TFC sniping mechanic in TF2. Doubtful as that is

Don't forget...what was it about 5 or so years into TFC we got new models. I'm sure this thought has probably passed through many peoples minds.

Also, if semi charged shots to the legs made the guy you shot walk slower like TFC...omg would be so much fun. Also bring back spy tranquilizer gun, best weapon ever.

posted about 6 years ago
#96 rip sven in TF2 General Discussion
downpouridk, could never stand watching his stream because i always felt it wasnt a real person
like he was trying to hard or attempting to not be himself in order to have a popular stream or something

I'm going to have to agree with this - i caught the stream a couple of times, but it almost felt like he was trying to be the TF2 version of Sodapoppin (plz god no). The whole creating your own too cool terms like "baby back bitch" and constantly saying that and yoloswag were extremely annoying to me. In the midst of all the bs, you could tell there was some genuine feeling in regards to helping his viewers in game, but i think he was just trying too hard to be popular to the twitch crowd. I dunno, i don't recall him talking or acting anything like that when we played together. He seemed to be genuinely focused on the game and a lot more relaxed. I'm sure the stream persona was mostly an act...but even putting an act on for certain people will eventually get tiresome...maybe that's just what happened with him.

posted about 6 years ago
#66 How did you get into competitive TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

Played competitive TFC from 99-05. My teammates and I from the same clan decided we wanted to pursue TF2 competitively, and a few of us got in the beta. Been playing off and on since then whenever i actually have time to commit...still enjoy both playing and watching the game this many years later.

posted about 6 years ago
#13 BenQ XL2420Z in Hardware

Interesting, thx for the update. I'm probably going to hold out until the official G Sync monitors come out in Q2 and see the comparison. If those are as good as i've been reading, it will really come down to a matter of price. The modded monitors with G sync now are around 550 to if they do drop to $400 i'll most likely just get one of those. If not the z series looks to be a solid upgrade.

posted about 6 years ago
#36 suicide. in Off Topic

I went through a horrible bout of depression in my early 20's. Talking really does help (as cliche as it sounds), and even if you don't go to a therapist, just talking through it even with strangers or on a forum can help tremendously. I actually confided in a few of my really close teammates from TFC when i was struggling with mine. Just being able to vent took a huge weight off my shoulders. This community has always been pretty tight, and we've rallied together for some really good causes. Everyone gets dealt a shit card at some point in life boogie. I used to think of it this way after i got through it - compare my lowest point in life to someone who didn't have a choice. For example a child born with an incurable disease. They don't know what it's like to even feel healthy. They know they are going to die, but they make the best of what they can while they have time. Don't sell yourself short in that sense, as you are young and have a ton of opportunity for what lies ahead.

Suicide is not the solution - you are robbing yourself of any chance to make things better. Also what's to say things won't get worse if you take your life? What if there is a hell, is that really where you would want to be? Do you know what's on the other side - no one truly does. You can go off of what any different set of religion says as far as an afterlife...but i don't know anyone that has came back to life and said "hey guys here's what it's like!". People can go on and on about theory's, but you DON'T know what will happen. Here's the thing, you're going to die someday anyways - so what's the point in rushing it? You have time in this life to make it better - whatever is making you feel this way, now is the time to rid it out of your life.

posted about 6 years ago
#116 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic
I understand that delivery fees don't go to the driver and that the driver is not reimbursed by the employer for burning gas and maintaining his/her own vehicle.

That's part of the reason i don't mind leaving a nice tip. I guess this is because i was dirt poor at one point in my life, and i saw how my roommate struggled from being a delivery man.

All the drama regarding tips in that setting could have been avoided by charging a 20% service charge on the total bill and allowing the employer to distribute the money

I took my family to Disney for my son's birthday in the fall, and did one of those character breakfast events. It was $100 for 3 people (ugh), and on top of that they add an automatic 18% gratuity fee to the $100 turned into $118 before i even thought about leaving at tip. Even then i have no idea what the actual employee gets. I've noticed several restaurants even around where i live have started doing that. I'd much rather just leave a nice tip then being forced to add something on when you don't know if the company is screwing their crew. That is a great idea though, IF the employer is actually dividing it up.

posted about 6 years ago
#52 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic

My roommate in college worked as a delivery driver for Domino's for 3 years. I believe his base wage was barely $2 at the time (late 90's/early 2000). He was told from his boss for every $10 order you should expect a $3 tip from the customer (as long as you are on time and nothing happens to the food).

The surrounding area's from our school he use to deliver to were mostly high class - he almost always got 1 dollar tips from those people, even for $20 + orders. He always said the people that were the best tippers were the more average/middle class people he delivered to.

posted about 6 years ago
#13 ESEA Invite Teams in TF2 General Discussion

If any of the unpaid teams need a backup (preferably soldier), i'll happily use my open winnings to pay the entry fee. After a full season of starting after several seasons off, i literally have no desire to start again whatsoever. Will be more than happy to spec scrims, help out however possible, and make jokes and jokes and jokes on mumble.

posted about 6 years ago
#20 ESEA open in TF2 General Discussion
for money? superb attitude

You do realize that the winnings of ESEA LAN pretty much cover the cost of the trip/stay right? 3/4th place players that travel any significant distance will lose money unless the community helps fund them.

As long as I've known plat, he's one of the few players that truly has a passion for competition. Even back to when we were on a team together climbing our way up the ranks, he had more drive than anyone i played with. People can either love/hate his attitude, but he has always stayed true to what he stands by and never changes his tone. I think him offering money out of his own pocket as incentive to help keep competitive TF2 alive is an admirable thing to do.

posted about 6 years ago
#10 ESEA open in TF2 General Discussion
There's a reason the ex-invite sandbaggers are where they are

Hey, fuck you plat i can't help that i'm terrible.

posted about 6 years ago
#711 ESEA's possible demise? in TF2 General Discussion
what happens when finals get fucked up by ddos? like, for example, 1 player on a team gets obviously and blatantly ddosed, will there be a reschedule or will that team be forced to scramble for a backup? what happens if 4 of their players get ddosed?

It's called the shit-show that was the open finals the past 2 seasons. LAN has always been the definitive showdown for the top teams, it will really suck to not see that happen. Can you have a high level finals without LAN - yes. Will it be as exciting to watch or participate Add on the fact that the trolls will be out in even higher levels than an open/im level finals then god only knows how it will go down. We we're upset enough the first time we attempted finals and the server got ddos'ed 3 times...i could only imagine what it would be like for a large prize pool and finals match to determine the best team in NA.

I'm not trying to defend what ESEA did by any means. If lpkane would have just manned up and admitted what he KNOWS he willingly did, he could have at least semi-redeemed himself. Instead, we child like behavior in responses, 10 year bans, and worst of all him not admitting they wronged their player base. On the other side, we have guys like killing and kalkin (and now tri), who honestly did their best to take care of and provide us with the best service they could. It sucks they get completely shit on because of the actions of others. They were running our service, and we're doing a good job. ESEA dying is probably the worst thing that could happen right now to anyone still passionate about TF2 being competitive.

I just have this really bad feeling that midway through the CEVO season, it's going to start to fall apart and everyone will have a collective "oh shit" moment. I honestly hope i'm wrong...wish you all the best of luck.

posted about 6 years ago
#105 Help with new team name please! in TF2 General Discussion

i stop playing and you guys can't even think of a name?!? Fine i'll help.

Option 1:
Team name: Not Sandbagging
Tag: 0-16

Option 2:
Team name: Only playing for fun
Tag: ToTH (i made a funny heheheheheheh)

Seriously though, don't use TFC names. Tictacks Tactics was a great name, stick with that.

posted about 6 years ago
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