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#92 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire in Other Games

Heads up in case anybody hasn't gotten the game yet/preordered both games at toys r us for the charizard plush, if you pick up your games today or tomorrow they're doing a buy 1 get one 40% deal on 3ds and wii u games. I got both games and the plush for around $67. Awesome deal!

posted about 7 years ago
#25 When did you start playing TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

A couple people I knew in high school picked it up and I had another friend let me try out the game on his PC.
Downloaded it and started playing myself in April 2011.

posted about 7 years ago
#2 OBS Game capture only showing a black screen in Off Topic

If your game is on full screen, try putting it on windowed mode if it isn't already. Game Capture typically has issues with fullscreen.

posted about 7 years ago
#13 an issue with your computer is blocking vac etc in Q/A Help
defythis was a reoccurring issue for me as well

basically had to do everything in that post and now its gone for me, those are the only things that actually worked the steamclient.dll did nothing at all, verifying game cache doesn't help either your best bet is just to put all those commands in run one at a time, (do one then restart etc) but dont load tf2/steam yet when you do reboot

Did every step, with restarts after each where its noted. Jumped on a server, played for less than 5 minutes before I was kicked with the same message :(

posted about 7 years ago
#11 an issue with your computer is blocking vac etc in Q/A Help
atmoShooshHowever when i try to perform the steps Enable Kernel Integrity or Enable DEP the command prompt says element not found? So I'm guessing this may be the issue but how do I fix it.The commands that you enter are supposed to delete some system flags. But they have already been deleted in your case which is why it is saying not found.

I got this problem yesterday after I updated to Windows 8.1. I tried the fix in dflame's post and it worked temporarily but then the same thing cropped up again a few minutes later.

Not sure what the solution is.

Problem came back today.. same thing as you.
Deleting steamclient.dll did nothing. I'm running out of things to try at this point :/

Any help?

posted about 7 years ago
#8 an issue with your computer is blocking vac etc in Q/A Help

Having this problem as well. Tried everything on steam support and listed by users.... Just noticed it yesterday for the first time, has been happening ever since.

I tried joining servers in csgo as well and got the error "Not connected to matchmaking servers"

This seemed to have fixed it!!

Next day... the error is back :/

dflamealec_dflameEDIT: Also, I've been looking around for the last 15 minutes or so and some guy said to follow these instructions:
1. delete everything in the steam installation location except for "steam.exe" and the "steamapps" folder.
2. restart you pc
3. run steam from the installation folder (you could try running this as an administrator even though he didn't say to in his instructions), not from the desktop shortcut. (an update will be downloaded)
4. verify the integrity of the game cache
posted about 7 years ago
#23 Let's keep this going. in TF2 General Discussion

Could we have a central or west coast LAN attempt to do what GXL just did for the tf2 community? I'm sure there are a lot of guys from other parts of the country that missed out simply because it was too far or too expensive, myself included. It'd be awesome if we continued having LAN's like this, I'd love to go sometime and meet people.

posted about 7 years ago
#20 Legend of Korra in Off Topic

For all of those that just watched the first and second season and then stopped, I highly encourage you keep going. Book 3 was absolutely fantastic and rivaled the original ATLA seasons. Season 4 is pretty damn good so far too :D

posted about 7 years ago
#18 September 25, 2014 UPDATE in TF2 General Discussion

A big thing to look out for on this update:

Traders: be aware of a bug where item effects will not show up with unusuals on the Steam Community (including the Steam trading interface). Example:[1]
Third-party backpack viewers (such as,, etc) are not affected, sole exception being TF2B.

Unusuals do not show their effect names right now, so be careful you don't get scammed. Another example:

posted about 7 years ago
#22 Favorite MSN Messenger emoticon? in Off Topic

posted about 7 years ago
#192 BlackHUD in Customization

Will there be an updated version coming out soon?

posted about 8 years ago
#280 GXL LAN Fall 2014 in News

Had to refund my ticket today as I probably wont be able to afford airfare for the event :(
Sucks.. I was really looking forward to it.

I hope to see a TF2 event of this scale on the west coast sometime! I would love to go to that one

posted about 8 years ago
#97 ESEA S16 LAN - Day 1 in Events


posted about 8 years ago
#146 MAJOR TF2 update for 6/18/14 (6/19/14, Love & War) in TF2 General Discussion

The thing that sucks the most is demo effects all of us that play on teams, whether you're the demo or not. This is game-changing.

posted about 8 years ago
#93 game of thrones in Off Topic

posted about 8 years ago
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